Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

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Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees – Many years ago I had two beautiful weeping willows (Salix babylonica). They easily passed my two-story house and then several other houses. I really enjoy walking under the branches, looking at the world, as if looking through a pale green curtain. And they provide a great shade.

Then came a really nasty storm. The first tree and the second tree fell. This happened when the other trees—maple, oak, and pine—all survived.

Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

What happened? The answer is that the willow tree (native to Asia) has very shallow roots. When the wind really picks up, the roots can’t hold the plant in the wet soil, so it falls down. And mine aren’t the only ones I see.

How To Grow And Care For Weeping Willow Trees

Does this mean we shouldn’t plant weeping willows? Unnecessary. If you have an area that is protected from the wind, such as a hole, this could be an ideal location.

There is another problem with drooping willows. It craves water, so if you really want to grow this graceful, fast-growing plant, make sure it’s not near a septic tank, well, or underground pool, as roots can move along. that direction and damage the concrete.

Weeping willow grows well in USDA hardiness zones 6 through 8 (Long Island is right in the middle of zone 7). It especially likes to grow near water, but although hardiness zones are limited, it tolerates a wide range of soil pH levels. It is a great shade tree that quickly grows 30 to 40 feet tall, growing in width as well as height. Give this one plenty of space.

Another willow, cat willow, (S. discolor) is native to North America. The deciduous shrub first produces cathairs (or cat paws) in early spring. Many people like to cut branches from this stage of the plant and use them to dry arrangements or make wreaths. If you are cutting branches, don’t dip them in water as they will move on to the next stage, which is the flower.

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After flowering, this easy-to-grow plant produces green leaves. It was definitely bred for early kittens. Cat willow grows well in zones 4 through 8 or 9 (depending on breed).

Although most willows produce gray flowers, there is a rare variety (‘Mt. Asama’) that is dark red. The mourning willow (S. caprea ‘Pendula’) can be grown as a small ornamental tree 6 to 8 feet tall. Like most mourning plants, this tree is beautiful in winter when snow and ice cover the mourning branches.

Another common willow that grows well on Long Island is the patchy willow (S. integra). Like many other willows, the shrub grows quickly and can easily reach 15 to 20 feet in height and width. However, if you really like this shrub, you can prune it to keep it much smaller. In fact, the new shoots in spring have variegated leaves that make it really stand out in the garden.

Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

Spotted willow grows well in hardiness zones 4 through 9. It is native to East Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea. As with other types of willow, the flower is a cylindrical flower (a cylindrical flower with no visible petals). The ‘Hakuro Nishiki’ variety turns a very light pink in spring.

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Are willow deer resistant? Good question. Some sources say yes and some say no, so you’ll have to see what the deer are like in your area. Rabbits love willows, however, so you should take all the usual precautions to protect them from them. While willows in general prefer moist soil, some varieties can be partially drought tolerant once planted. They generally prefer sun, but are shade tolerant and grow well in a wide range of soil conditions.

Ellen Barcel is a freelance writer and master gardener. Send your gardening questions to [email protected] To contact the Cornell Extension Cooperative and its Master Gardener program, call 631-727-7850.

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Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

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Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

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Interesting Facts About Weeping Willow Trees

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Salix Babylonica (weeping Willow)

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Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

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Will Deer Eat Weeping Willow Trees

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Weeping Willow Art

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