Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

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Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles – The simple reason why you might find a Bible in your hotel room is that it was placed and paid for by Christians who want to spread the teachings of the Bible.

The hotel owners do not pay for the Bibles, they are offered to them free of charge, and they are usually called Gideon’s Bibles after the organization that puts them there.

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

But of course hotel owners have to agree that the bibles can be put in the hotel room.

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Hotel rooms have Bibles as a result of the work of Gideons together with the permission of the hotel owners.

The two traveling salesmen, John H. Nicholson and Samuel E. Hill, met because they shared a hotel room together.

These men wanted to find a way for Christian traveling businessmen like them to come together and work in the service of the Lord.

A few years later, in 1908, the Gideons got the idea to provide every bedroom in every hotel in the United States with a copy of the Bible. It was called “The Bible Project” and it was a great success.

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We are a body of believers dedicated to making the Word of God available to everyone and reaching souls to Christ together with the local church. Gideons

Since its inception, Gideons has been on a mission to deliver scriptures, spread the good news and reach souls for Christ.

They believe that a Bible placed in a hotel room can bring peace, comfort or even salvation to lonely travelers.

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

At the beginning of Gideon’s Bibles they suggest Bible verses that can be of help in various kinds of problems.

Less Than Half Of Us Hotel Rooms Now Have Bibles

They also sometimes have a place for the reader to sign and date their confession of Jesus as their savior. So in a certain sense, the bible in the hotel is a recruitment tool that can convert new believers to the Christian faith.

Gideons don’t just put Bibles in hotel rooms. They also put them in hospitals, domestic violence shelters, prisons, schools, colleges and military bases.

There are three main reasons why individual hotel owners would agree to place the Bibles provided by Gideons in their rooms.

First, an individual hotel owner can believe in the message of the Bible and support the effort to spread the messages and ideas of Christianity.

Why Are There Gideon Bibles In Hotel Rooms?

A hotelier cannot drink coffee himself, but still provides coffee in his hotel rooms for guests because he thinks it is good for business.

So, secondly, hotel owners may see a Bible in a hotel room as an amenity that customers want.

In this scenario, hoteliers place Bibles in hotel rooms because they believe that a sufficient number of guests would like, or at least not object to, access to a Bible during their stay.

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

Third, modern hotel owners may allow the placement of Bibles in hotel rooms simply because it has always been that way and they see no reason to change things.

More Hotels Are Checking Out Of The Bible Business

Now the increase of some hotel owners are starting to think “why not” and throw the Gideon’s Bible out of their rooms.

Although Bibles are provided free of charge by Gideons to hotels, hoteliers are increasingly choosing not to place the books in their rooms.

The world is changing and the Bible is a very old book that, while it has many positive messages, also has some parts that, let’s just say, have not aged well.

Gay hotel guests might not appreciate having a book calling for them to be killed for sleeping on the bedside table with their partner.

Tradition Of Hotel Room Bibles On Decline

And not many fathers today would entertain the idea of ​​stoning their daughter to death for having sex before marriage.

So for the modern hotelier, the hotel bible is a difficult choice. The comfort of one guest is another obscenity.

But others may seek other religious material such as the Koran, the Upanishads or the Tao Te Ching. Or they may object to any religious material being printed on them.

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

So it may be that the hotel bible will one day become a rarity. Daniel has not seen anyone for years:

Hattiesburg, Ms / Usa

But the hotel bible can still reach people who are open to it, so expect it to be a while yet.

Some people put money in hotel Bibles to encourage guests to open them and read certain verses of Scripture.

Gideons are evangelists, they believe that the messages found in the Bible can help people in various kinds of problems, and they try to convert others to the Christian faith.

Hotels do not pay for Bibles. They allow Gideons to put them up in the hotels. But more and more hotel properties choose to supplement the Bible with alternative religious literature or simply not provide holy books.

Holidaymaker Left Gobsmacked After Finding X Rated Message In Hotel Room Bible

If Microsoft provided all hotels with a free Xbox, you might see a lot more game consoles in hotel rooms.

The motivations behind the hotel room bible are basically religious and when it comes to things that religions do, “why” is not always easily answered.

Here is Rocky Raccoon by the Beatles, probably the most famous song to call Gideons Bible. Try it, you might just be converted into a Beatles fan!

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

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Religion News: New Hotels Won’t Carry Religious Books

According to a new study by hospitality analytics group STR, the percentage of hotels offering religious material in rooms has fallen by nearly half in the past decade — from 95 percent in 2006 to just 48 percent this year.

“It’s because the religious books don’t fit the personality of the brands,” Marriott spokeswoman Felicia Farrar McLemore told the Los Angeles Times when speaking about two brand property openings in Los Angeles this year.

Marriot International recently decided to provide religious materials to its Moxy and Edition hotel brands, which target millennials.

According to some industry experts, hotels are trying to appeal to younger American travelers who are less religious than their parents. The casual Bible placement also refused to offend guests of other faiths, industry experts say.

Bibles For Hotels

And there is a pragmatic issue at play. Many newer hotel brands are installing shelves instead of bedside tables with drawers, displacing the previously discreet home of the religious material.

STR officials noted that only 2,600 of the more than 8,000 hotels surveyed in their study answered the question about religious material in the rooms. Still, some religious officials say the decline is remarkable.

“The decline of religious material in hotels, as cited in the survey, is a reflection of growing secularism and independence in the world,” said Jeff Pack, the director of communications for Gideon International, the nonprofit organization that distributes Bibles in hotels through the whole world. country at the time.

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

The trend to remove religious material from hotel rooms has not affected at least one major notable brand. Rooms at the new Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. The property also keeps several other religious texts on hand upon request.

One Nation Under God

Travelodge hotels in Britain removed Bibles from their rooms in 2014 “so as not to discriminate against religion,” the company said. And Wyndham Hotel Group, Travelodge’s parent group, said there was no requirement to stock Bibles in any of its 15 global hotel brands. Christmas.

As Americans continue to deal with the ongoing pandemic, travel has once again seen a gradual increase. That means crowded airports and bumper-to-bumper traffic on most major highways starting Wednesday. This also means that more people will stay in hotels.

I’ve done my share of travel—both in the United States and internationally—over my two decades as a journalist. The few things you could always count on for much of that time was usually a newspaper at the counter

Not anymore. Print is slowly dying, and newspaper readers have migrated to the Internet in recent years. What about those Bibles? They also seem to be slowly disappearing. This past summer, while on a trip to Washington, D.C. was, noticed that there was no Bible in my hotel room.

Jeremiah 11:11 Bible Verse In Jordan Peele’s Us Explained

The phasing out of Bibles in hotel rooms is actually part of a steady trend across the country over the past few years. In 2016, Marriott International, the world’s largest hotel chain, typically provided both a Bible and a Book of Mormon in its rooms. But the company decided that ditching religious material was the best way to go at two of its hipper hotel brands like Moxy and Edition, both aimed at younger guests.

In fact, Bibles used to be everywhere in hotel rooms. A 2017 survey by STR, a hospitality analytics firm, found that 79% of hotels had religious material in their rooms—a notable decline from 95% of hotels surveyed in 2006. Indeed, as America becomes more secular and laptops and cell phones become more common, the need for a physical Bible in your nightstand is becoming increasingly obsolete.

Travel and Leisure reported that a majority of hotel franchises “allow individual hotel

Why Do Hotel Rooms Have Bibles

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