Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms

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Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms – Invasive species are defined as “non-native and have a tendency to spread so that they cause damage when exposed.” You might say it looks like Gideon’s Bible in the nightstand.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks so, and is reaching out to hospitality companies with a big consumer request, asking them to accommodate non-Christian and non-religious customers by offering “Bible-free” rooms.

Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms

Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms

Gideons International “uses hotels and motels to attract hostages,” the American Hotel and Motel Association said.

A Comforting Word In The Hotel Nightstand

In early December, he sent a letter to several companies, including Wyndham Worldwide, Intercontinental Hotel Groups (Holiday Inn), Choice Hotels International (Quality Inn), Hilton Worldwide, G6 Hospitality (Motel 6), Marriott International, Best Western, Carlson. Rezidor Hotel Group (Radisson, Carlson, Country Inn) and Starwood Hotels and Resorts (Sheraton).

In total, the 15 companies we contacted are responsible for more than 33,000 hotels in the US and more than 4.1 million rooms worldwide.

“Those who must read the Bible every day will certainly be careful to travel with their copies. “The rest of us need a break from mindless preaching when we’re on vacation,” co-leaders Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor wrote on behalf of the 23,000 nondenominational members.

“Many of your guests are liberals—atheists, atheists, skeptics, or ‘doers’—who are deeply offended by being charged so much for believing in their own bedrooms. “Not only that, the Bible advises killing non-believers, apostates, homosexuals, “stubborn sons” and women who break the double standards of the Bible,” he said. As an organization whose members accept reason and science, they would prefer to place Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species above the meddling Gideons (although the letter does not require it).

Gideons Have New Bible Rivals In Hotel Bedside Li…

Calls on hotel companies to follow the example of Gansevoort Hotel Groups, which to provide a friendly environment has removed religious items from rooms, but provides such items upon request. Also, many commercial hotels ceased to serve as conduits for Protestant missionaries. Travelodge (UK) removed Bibles from more than 500 hotels last August “so as not to discriminate”.

Ask an Atheist: Theology Off My Biology: Catholic Health Care, Facebook Live Wednesday, Nov. 30, midday. Have you ever noticed that hotel rooms always seem to have a Bible somewhere in the room? Why this? Why are Bibles in hotel rooms?

The short answer to this question is obvious. There are Bibles in hotel rooms because people put them there. There is also one group that caused this much, the Gideons.

Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms

The Gideon Family happened when two businessmen named John H. Nicholson and Samuel E. Hill met one night while staying at a busy hotel in Boscobel, Wisconsin.

Newcastle Hotel Replaces Bibles With Kindle Versions In Every Room

That night the hotel was so full that the only way the two men got a room was to agree to stay in the same room even though they were not guests. While they were sleeping, they started chatting and realized that they have a lot in common. All of them were not only businessmen, but also Christians. Also, both men tried to find a way to unite Christian merchants into one group.

The following year, in 1899, Nicholson and Hill put their plans into action and called a meeting in Janesville, Wisconsin, under the pretense of “mutual recognition, personal preaching, and joint service to the Lord.” Unfortunately, the meeting was not full. The only people who did this were Nicholson, Hill, and a man named William J. Knights. However, he had everything he needed to get started.

A third man, Knight, came up with the idea of ​​calling his new group Gideon after the biblical figure from the book of Judges who was called by an angel to lead the people of Israel against the Midianites who were stealing their crops. of wealth. Although they were outnumbered, Gideon miraculously led his army to victory.

Over the years, the Gideons have evolved into a legitimate group. Since the group was focused on businessmen, many men who often went to work wondered how they could do more to fulfill Gideon’s goal of doing God’s work through faith, humility, and obedience on the road. Thus the idea of ​​the Gideon Bible was born.

Gideons Bible In Hotel Room On Bedside Table Editorial Photo

Mr. Gideon decided that by leaving Bibles in hotel rooms, he could have two goals: to be useful to some members of the organization, who will no longer need to carry their Bibles when traveling, and to others who use the room. may be interested in knowing more about the gospel.

Nine years after the formation of the Gideons, the group officially left their first Bible in a room at the Superior Hotel in Superior, Montana in 1908. Many are surprised to learn that the Gideon Bible is not actually the name of the Bible, but the name of the group that is now known. by leaving Bibles in hotel rooms. Gideon uses the King James Version.

Today, the Gideons have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, the organization has 270,000 members and supporters worldwide.

Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms

The group mainly distributes free Bibles and provides all of its operations on the basis of donations. They will provide Bibles to the hotel owner at a small cost when the hotel opens and will replace any Bibles upon request. They currently distribute Bibles in more than 194 countries around the world in 94 different languages.

Bible On Nightstand In Hotel Room Stock Image

Anyone who wants to join the Gideons must be a businessman or retiree over the age of 21 and in good standing with the church. Women are not allowed to join Gideon’s group, but Gideon’s wives can join them as helpers.

Although the Gideons are known to place Bibles in hotel rooms, the group does not stop there. They also distribute Bibles to soldiers, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, and schools.

In the United States, the group faced controversy because of what they did in distributing Bibles during school hours, and in 2009 the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Some British schools have banned Gideons, but the practice continues there.

The Gideons celebrated the distribution of their 2 billionth Bible in April 2015. The number of their distribution has increased dramatically in recent years, and it took them less than fourteen years for them to go from 1 billion to two billion Bibles distributed worldwide.

The Real Reason Hotels Have Bibles — And Why That’s Changing

According to the group, the average Gideon Bible lives for six years and will be read by 25% of the people in the room, although these figures have not been confirmed by external sources.

It is also good to know that it is not only the Gideons who leave Bibles in hotel rooms. For example, the Marriott hotel leaves copies of the Book of Mormon in many of its rooms. Some hotel chains offer Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Scientology books along with the original Gideon Bible.

So the next time you lie back in your hotel bed and open your bed for the night, you’ll know where the Bible inside came from.

Why Are Bibles In Hotel Rooms

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As Americans continue to fight the current pandemic, travel is increasing. This means that the airports are full and the traffic is increasing on the highways from Wednesday. It also means more people staying in hotels.

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Not anymore. Print is slowly dying, and newspaper readers have moved online in recent years. What about those Bibles? It also seems to be slowly disappearing. Last summer while on a trip to Washington, DC, I noticed my hotel room was missing a Bible.

Leaving the Bible slowly in the hotel

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