Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

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Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

An important part of a great wedding experience for any guest is a cozy and comfortable place to rest their head at the end of the night. you too

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A hotel block is a set of hotel rooms reserved at an agreed price for a group or event. Minimum blocks usually start with 10 rooms.

Collect money while they are at your wedding and make sure they are surrounded by other attendees so that the fun continues before and after the wedding reception. If you need to coordinate the hotel block. If you’re planning a suburban or destination wedding, this is a good idea, even if most of your guests are locals.

Her Victoria Ayers of Cescaphe Event Group said: “Sometimes people want to stay overnight and turn their wedding weekend into a long vacation,” she said.

Victoria Ayers is her director of client services for Cescaphe Event Group in Philadelphia. Victoria and her team help couples navigate the wedding planning process and book more than 800 rooms on their behalf each year.

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Ready to coordinate your hotel block for your wedding? Read on for everything you need to know, including how to get the best price and upgrade tips.

It depends on your guest list. “Find out how many people from your city will be attending,” says Ayers. “If 50% of her on your guest list is traveling, try to match that percentage.” Most guests travel as a couple or stay with friends, so for the total number of guests you need, about You will need half the number of rooms. , and some buffers. Example: If her guest list is 200 and 50-60% of her guests are traveling on vacation, she should book about 120 guests. This is her equivalent of 60 rooms, but it doesn’t have to be perfect. “If not everyone needs the room, the bridal party and other friends and family will fill the room,” she adds Ayers.

Please discuss accommodation with all members of your bridal party in advance. If they want to be part of the hotel block, you’ll want to give them due consideration (and make it clear you’re paying). If they want you to pay for their hotel room, don’t forget to offer a reasonably priced alternative).

Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

If you know the room number, you know how many blocks to reserve. Block sizes vary by hotel, but are typically between 10 and 30 rooms, with larger hotels offering larger blocks. Corporate chains like Marriott and Hilton typically don’t have more than 25 blocks, Ayers said, and rarely see more than 30 unless they’re privately owned.

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Ayres recommends calling her three to five hotels in the area to determine the lowest rates. “You’d be surprised at how different they are,” he says. All of these things can affect your room rate.”

Don’t forget to mention when the quoted rate expires: “Hotels usually only guarantee two weeks’ worth of rates,” Ayers says. After that, it may increase.

Use polite blocks whenever possible. “The politeness block is exactly what it sounds like,” says Ayers. “What the hotel offers you is courtesy.” With the courtesy block, you are not financially responsible for any empty rooms in the block. After a certain deadline, the hotel will unblock the unsold rooms and make them available to other guests. If you ask a hotel to book a number of rooms that far exceeds the block size allotted to them, for example, if the standard block size is 25 and he reserves 50 rooms, the hotel will ask you to sign a reduced rate. may be requested. In this case you

Financially responsible for rooms up to a certain percentage of unfilled large blocks.

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Turnover rates vary, but are typically around 80%, says Ayers. If he needs a block of 50 rooms, this means your party needs to fill his 40 rooms. If your party only fills her 35 rooms, you, the block creator, will have to pay for her remaining 5 rooms. Courtesy blocks usually don’t require a strict contract, but hotels can opt out of contracts or cancel payment information based on percentage of wear and tear.

Once you’ve secured a hotel block, add that information to your wedding website. If you are sending a paper invitation kit, you can also include the details in the residence card insert. Here’s one way she phrased the announcement.

[HOTEL NAME] has reserved a block of rooms for your convenience. Book your room online using the link below. You can also call the hotel directly at [PHONE NUMBER]. See [LAST NAME] Weddings and book your room by [CUT-OFF DATE] to receive your discounted rate.

Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

Once you have decided on your wedding date and venue, book early. This not only allows you to offer your guests the lowest possible rate, but it also allows them to start planning their trip as soon as they receive their cheaper itinerary.

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While your hotel block is convenient for your location (ideally in the city 15-20 minutes from the wedding venue), it’s actually more important that they’re close to each other. If you’re hosting an afterparty, it’s easy for people to get to the venue,” says Ayers. “Or if you’re providing transportation to a wedding, [the bus or trolley] should stop where people gather. It saves time in the long run.”

“Be open with the seller when choosing between the two hotel blocks,” Ayers said. “Ask if you can add more rooms to the block or lower the price. In Ayer’s experience, rates are between $10 and $30 per room for him, and he can add up to 5 rooms to the block.” .

There are also deals for you and your spouse (some hotels reserve a couple’s room for the night of the wedding as part of a block promotion), as well as side effects held at the hotel before or after the main event. Please inquire about discounted rates for your event. celebration. “If you order breakfast when you book the block, he can request a 10% discount at the time of booking,” he cites Ayers as an example.

When the hotel approaches you about the price, ask if they offer a ‘pickup special discount’.

Your Guide To Hotel Wedding Room Blocks

“Hotels will understand what that means,” Ayers said, explaining that “discounts” are special concessions given to couples to increase the percentage of rooms booked on the block. To do. Uptake is typically high (around 90%) and preferences vary. Ayers often sees the option for a couple to book an upgraded suite for both parents, or a suite at the price of a standard her room.

Take-out discounts can also be another reason to use multiple blocks if you want to get a little more crafty, and if you’re sure about the number of rooms your party will be booking. If you know you’ll be booking, you can extend the benefits to more wedding VIPs, such as grandparents or members of your bridal party.

We recommend considering all budgets when ordering multiple blocks. Some attendees are thrilled to spend a fortune on a five-star boutique hotel, while others want a more economical location. There should be at least a $40-$50 difference in price when choosing a block. Especially when the more expensive hotels run his $200+ per night.

Who Pays For Hotel Rooms For Wedding Guests

“The person who booked the room has to pay for it,” says Ayers. This means that it is not the responsibility of the couple or the wedding organizer to cover guest accommodation.

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You can call the hotel any time before your wedding to view and/or update your room list. The guest may not have been on the list to receive her bag of goodies as she may have booked through her credit card point or a third party her website rather than directly from the block.

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