When I Met You In That Hotel Room

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When I Met You In That Hotel Room – Some hotels voluntarily claim to have the smallest rooms in Europe. Italian eremitos were almost proud of this feat, calling their rooms “seluzi”, cells intended to evoke the ascetic life of a monastery. It only gets more interesting from here.

The Eremito is one of Tablet’s most charming hotels – and the least hotel-looking.

When I Met You In That Hotel Room

When I Met You In That Hotel Room

You’ll find it on the edge of 3,000 hectares of protected Italian forest, in an old stone building that has been rebuilt according to contemporary safety and sustainability standards. It hosts guests, but this is where the similarities with traditional hotels end. Eremito’s monastic room is only nine square meters and contains no glass, only handmade ceramics. Dinner is served, but in a way you may not have experienced before. Electricity is not recommended and the internet is foreign. Candlelight flickered everywhere. There is very little to distract you.

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The lack of wi-fi – and telephones and televisions and mini-fridges – inspired most of the headlines about Eremito. But this place is more than a trendy digital detox. It’s a rare hotel in the Western world that caters specifically to solo travelers, and by the hotel’s count, solo visitors make up about 70 percent of its guests. (Don’t confuse single with single — Eremito isn’t about romance.) “Solo travelers come with something to settle,” Eremito’s most enthusiastic owner, Marcello Murzilli, tells Tablet, himself a philosopher with his steely gaze. and gray pizza. “Maybe they’re in love or work, maybe they’re tired and want to change their life. Or maybe they just want to break up and disappear because they’re a busy person.”

This isn’t Murzilli’s first effort to help lift an emotional burden. A former fashion designer, he created the infamous Hotelito Desconocido in the late nineties, which lured the rich and famous to the jungles of Mexico’s Pacific coast with the promise of a technology-free luxury experience. After fourteen years, Murzilli returned to his native Italy to do something similar. He wanted an Italian forest, and he found it in Umbria, the central and bucolic region of the country that was the birthplace of the medieval Saint Francis of Assisi.

The stone building that housed Eremito was nothing but rubble when he found it. Its origins are unknown, but Murzilli speaks with reverence of the historical and monastic spirituality of the region he calls home. For him, it was worth the five years to tear down the structure and rebuild it—incorporating the building’s original stone—in compliance with seismic regulations and a solar electric system.

The layout of the structure follows the original footprint, while the interior follows Murzilli’s imagination. The small rooms are meant to feel hermitage, and although most are solo visitors, couples stay together in spaces of the same size. Murzilli teases them on the French bed. “If my husband says the bed is too small, I say let him, because when he sees you, he likes a small bed.”

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About halfway between Rome and Florence, it’s an area that’s off the grid, but not a lost area. This is a social hotel. “We forget,” Murzilli muses, “when you go to a [normal] hotel you’re nobody. You’re a number. Here, it’s extraordinary. Within an hour, you know everybody.”

In the morning there is meditation, then yoga, then breakfast. Murzilli can recommend everyone to take a walk in the forest, and “this is the moment” real relationships begin to form. “People talk about personal things together,” he said. There is always a feeling, when you travel, that you have a short and fresh start. In Eremito, this is the main attraction. “No one is judging you here,” Murzilli insisted. And you’ll find yourself forming a deeper bond than you ever expected. Unlike Desconocido, where a night can cost more than a thousand dollars, the rates at Eremito are affordable, and tend to attract students who are very wealthy, or adventurous on their own path. “That’s what makes it special,” says the owner. “They can talk here about personal things because they come for the spirit, for the soul.”

It has been called a contemporary monastery, and the intimacy enjoyed here is Murzilli’s great pride. But this is a Tablet, and Eremito is more than a spiritual luxury. Ascetic like

When I Met You In That Hotel Room

Yes, the wrought iron bed frame accommodates thick linen sheets. Stone tables can overlook the green valley, and in winter there is underfloor heating. The bathroom has a marble sink and handmade soap to go with the large copper shower. Artisan ceramics made by local artisans, and a thermal spa with pool and steam room. Food is all vegetarian, sourced locally if not grown in the Eremito garden.

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The only place he didn’t talk was during dinner. Two hundred candles lit the room, while the food was appreciated, like a religious experience, without conversation. A visitor described the dinner – he based it on Ennio Morricone’s score from the 1986 film.

– full of “exaggerated gestures and cartoon facial expressions to show gratitude” for every step in the plate or pour of red wine. The four-course meal ended as it began, with the echo of the gong, which announced the move to the lounge for reading and tea by the fire. If the hospitality world takes the idea that luxury is a technological escape, it’s details like this that keep Eremito in a class of its own.

Whether you come for a few days or a week, Eremito is not about exploring the countryside – being there, with yourself, getting to know the perfect strangers around you – this is the activity. Most of those who come here know the deal, but Eremito is part of the Marriott collection, and Murzilli closes by describing the reception of people at Bonvoy who expect a high-quality room and get a nine-square-meter cell. After the initial shock, he found that they were still “very happy, because they found something very different.”

“I’m absolutely convinced, 100 percent, that this is the future” of luxury, he said. “We can’t change the world”, we can’t eliminate the pressure of technology from everyday life. “But for the party, we can.”

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Tablets are how you book the world’s most exciting hotels – places where you get an unforgettable experience, not just a room to spend the night. For more than 20 years, we’ve scoured the world to find hotels that stand out with their style, service and personality – regardless of price. Start your next adventure with Tablet, the Michelin Guide hotel expert. Explore Tablet Hotels Are you afraid of hidden cameras spying on you while you travel? In 2020, concerns about spy cameras in hotels and vacation rentals can no longer be dismissed as far-fetched.

Throughout 2019, breaking news revealed a growing trend, as one traveler after another discovered hidden cameras in their accommodations. Typically, these hidden devices have been cleverly embedded in seemingly innocuous objects such as smoke detectors, alarm clocks, phone chargers and even shampoo bottles and deodorant sticks. Last year, just a few places spy cameras were found included Sydney hostels, Airbnb in Miami and hotels from Tehri, India to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and from Zhengzhou, China to San Francisco and Minneapolis. In South Korea, a criminal gang was busted after secretly filming and live-streaming the actions of more than 1,600 motel guests.

Innovation and affordability are driving the spy camera explosion, says Randy Andrews, video security camera expert and founder of Logan Security Consulting, which makes the popular Hidden Camera Detector iPhone app. “Technology has gotten a lot smaller,” Andrews said. “We’re talking about micro camera lenses the size of a pinhead.

When I Met You In That Hotel Room

The smallest hidden camera Andrews had ever seen was embedded in the cross of Phillips’ head. “To the naked eye, it just blends in and is not visible at all,” he said.

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For many tourists, the most worrying trend is the proliferation of hidden cameras in the United States. “At first these cameras came from China and we saw them being sold on Chinese websites like Alibaba. Now, of course, Amazon and eBay are selling them boldly,” Andrews said.

Indeed, a quick search for “hidden spy camera” on Amazon.com reveals thousands of everyday items sold with built-in micro cameras. Most of these products cost under $100; for example, there’s a USB wall charger for $28.87, a smoke detector for $58.99 and a digital alarm clock for $76.99. Each item is designed to be inconspicuous, like a $49.99 hardover book or a $99.99 photo frame that looks innocuous sitting over a fireplace or on a bookshelf in a vacation rental hotel or suite.

Another reason for the spread of spycams is that they have become so easy to use. “In the old days, even four years ago, if you had a security camera and you wanted to see video online, you had to do complex firewall administration,” Andrews said. Today, the latest spy cameras will run on Wi-Fi networks and

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