When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

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When Do The Pools Open In Vegas – While the pool season in Las Vegas officially runs from March to October, surprisingly more than a dozen hotels have pools that are open and warm year round.

If one of your must-haves on your winter Las Vegas trip is an outdoor pool, I would recommend calling the hotel ahead of time to confirm it will be open during your stay.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

And while these pools are open, remember that most services will be limited (lounge chairs, service staff, food and bar).

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You’ll also notice that there are very few hotels that are part of Caesars Entertainment (CET) that stay open during the winter. So if you’re specifically looking to rack up some Player Rewards points, I’d avoid CET.

From north to south, there are hotels on the Las Vegas Strip that have heated pools and keep them open during the winter so you can swim and sunbathe year round.

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Alexandria Pool at the Sahara is open year-round, weather permitting (meaning it may close on random days due to inclement weather).

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Resorts World aims to have at least 5 or more of its 7 pools open year-round, making this the largest pool area on the Las Vegas Strip open in the winter.

The Wynn Pool Deck is open year-round, but parts of it may be closed for random maintenance.

But it’s a very nice pool, one of the best on the strip and well worth a visit.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

But if you plan to use the pool in the winter, I recommend staying in Wynn, since it’s a short walk from Encore to the Wynn pool.

City Of Las Vegas Summer Pool Hours 2022

Pools at the Palazzo and Venetian are heated and open in the winter, but cabanas are not available for rent.

The Mirage’s main pool closes for the winter, but the smaller private oasis pool remains open, but only heated to the mid-70s.

This is the pool you want if you’re looking for a Las Vegas pool party atmosphere during the winter months.

The Lion’s Pool is open year-round and is said to be at 80 degrees, but many guests report that it feels much cooler than that.

The 11 Best Hotel Pools In Las Vegas In 2023

It looks good in the dry winter months, because it is beautifully decorated with many leaves.

For what it’s worth, I see the Aria as a good alternative to the Bellagio if you can’t afford the Bellagio’s room rates.

The pool at the Waldorf Astoria is open year-round and is an excellent choice for those looking for a quiet, low-key pool environment.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

This is a high end hotel so the pool is not used much in the colder months.

Caesars Palace Pool: One Of The Best Pools In Las Vegas

MGM Park keeps one of their two pools open year-round. Which pool can be maintained depends on the maintenance schedule and the weather.

These hotel rooms are cheaper compared to the Aria, Vadri, and Bellagio, so MGM Park is a great choice for a central strip with a pool in the winter.

The MGM Grand’s main pool is open during the winter months, but the rest of the pool area is closed, including the lazy river.

But the good news is that this pool is for adults only and is highly optional during the summer months.

Pool At Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

So if it usually puts you off, you can keep calm and check it out during the winter.

Insider tip: If you stay at the Four Seasons (which closes its pool during the winter), you can use the pool at Mandalay Bay for free.

It’s also worth noting that this hotel (including the pool) is for adults only and patrons must be 21 or older on site.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

Insider tip: Even if you’re not a Circa Hotel guest you can still swim here for a fee – you just buy a day pass.

Stratosphere Las Vegas Pool

Insider Bonus Tip: If you stay at Hotel D, they give you free entry tickets to use the swimming stadium.

Insider Tip: There are also 12 pickleball courts on the pool deck! Hotel guests can reserve free courts, and free lessons are offered every Saturday.

You may get lucky with some pools choosing to stay open until the end of October, but by November, all seasonal pools will be closed until March 2023.

The aforementioned pools will remain open through late 2022 and the first part of 2023.

Las Vegas Pools That Are Open In Winter

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While summer pool season is lively, many visitors don’t realize that the weather in Vegas can be quite cold during the winter. With cold temperatures in mind, many recreational pools close during the winter months.

However, many tourists, usually from the cold weather, are not afraid of the cold temperature and look to see the pool in the city.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

I thought it would be helpful to create a list of Las Vegas pools on the Strip, downtown and off the Strip that keep their pools open during the winter.

Las Vegas Pools Open To Warm Weather, Impressed Guests — Photos

Bellagio: Bellagio’s beautiful pool deck is open in the winter, and both large pools are heated to 84 degrees.

MGM Grand: A heated pool (their main pool) is open during the winter months at the MGM Grand although most of their 6.5 acre complex is closed.

Aria: The flower-filled pool deck at Aria stays open for business in the winter with water heated to 80 degrees. If staying in Vdara, you can also use Aria Pool as Vdara Pool closes in October.

MGM Parks: At least one pool at MGM Parks, usually their South Pool (pictured below), is open and heated to 80 degrees during the winter.

Las Vegas Pool Parties Schedule 2022

Mandalay Bay: While most of Mandalay Bay’s stunning pool complex closes during the winter, they keep at least one heated pool open for guest use at all times. The pool designated for their use rotates according to their maintenance schedule.

Palazzo/Venetian: The pool deck will be open and heated during the winter months. However, booths will not be available.

Wynn/Encore: Although portions of the pool are closed for maintenance from time to time, the pool remains open for guest use during the winter.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

Resort World: The newest complex and one of the best pool complexes on the strip will stay open and warm all winter long. Weighing in at 5.5 acres and 7 unique pools, this is one pool deck that everyone should experience. It should be noted that there is an infinity pool at the southern end of the property that overlooks the strip.

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The Mirage: Although the Mirage’s main pool closes in the winter, they keep a small private oasis open and heated until the mid-70s.

Cosmopolitan: Cosmo’s Chelsea Pool (south of the property) is open to guests throughout the winter and is heated to around 80 degrees.

The Plaza: The Plaza’s signature rooftop pool is open year-round and offers a spectacular view of D*Face’s “Behind Closed Doors” mural. Both a heated pool and hot tub are available to guests.

Circa: Boasting 6 swimming pools, 2 swim-up bars, and poolside games, Circa’s Stadium Swim is easily described as the best pool on Fremont Street. Adding to the allure is the 143-foot screen that’s always lined with big games.

Pool & Cabana/daybed Reservations

Downtown Grand: DTG’s Grand Pool Deck remains open during the winter, although there are no food and beverage offerings. The rooftop pool gets plenty of sun and offers great views of downtown Las Vegas.

Red Rock: The Sandbar Pool Complex at Red Rock is open and heated to 78 degrees throughout the winter.

Green Valley Ranch: The pool complex is open at the luxury Henderson Resort and is heated during the winter. Pool hours in winter are between 10:00 and 16:00, weather permitting.

When Do The Pools Open In Vegas

South Point: Although the pool is open year-round, they usually stop heating it in October. It will be uncomfortable, but if you don’t fear the cold, the pool at South Point is an option.

Locals’ Guide To Free And Unrestricted Las Vegas Pools

I hope we were able to help you find a pool if you’re crazy enough to take the plunge in October, November, December, January or February. Enjoy your swim – we’ll see you at the bar.

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Photos Of Circa Las Vegas Pool, Stadium Swim, Opening Next Week

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