When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

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When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open – Las Vegas pools are one of the main attractions of the day as Vegas has some of the best pools in the country with features like live entertainment, large gazebos, palm trees and more.

However, there are also some important points about Las Vegas pools. For example, many pools in Las Vegas close early following the pool season due to winter weather.

When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

But don’t worry, because we’ve got all the information you need to know, including the answer to the common question, “When do the pools close in Vegas?” We have

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Las Vegas pools are usually closed from October to March, although this is not a hard and fast rule. Some may change the pool season to only close during Vegas’ coldest months, November through February.

During the winter months, most resorts perform extensive pool maintenance, which, in addition to the colder weather, is why many Las Vegas resorts follow a seasonal calendar.

Las Vegas pools close earlier compared to other pools around the country. You can expect most Las Vegas hotel pools to close around sunset, which is between 5pm and 8pm depending on the time of year.

That’s because not only do Las Vegas hotels want guests to spend money at the casino, but they also have a greater responsibility to ensure safety after dark and nighttime temperatures aren’t ideal for swimming.

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However, you can often find hotels in Las Vegas that host nightly pool parties after their regular activities are over.

Most hotels with at least one pool open year-round allow non-hotel guests to enter their pool complex for a fee. That way, even if you stay at a resort that closes its pool, you can still have the luxury Las Vegas pool experience.

Another place where you can find a swimming pool at any time of the year is one of the Las Vegas day spas. Many have pools and hot tubs for which you can purchase a day pass. Plus, when you buy a spa treatment, access to the gym is usually included for you to use when you’re done.

When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

Although most pools are outdoors, hotels and resorts around the city are full of indoor pools. Since the indoor pools are of course not subject to the weather, they remain open all year round. However, keep in mind that the indoor pools in Las Vegas are usually not as great as the outdoor pools, although they are still great if you just want to go for a swim.

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Finally, you don’t have to face the unbelievably hot Las Vegas summer to enjoy a hotel pool during your stay. Many hotels have their pools closed year-round, and if you’re staying at a property where the pool is closed, there are alternatives to swimming. When you think of Las Vegas, sun-kissed pool scenes are one of the first things that come to mind. Things that come to mind

While the summer pool season is in full swing, many visitors don’t realize that the weather in Vegas can be downright cold in the winter. Due to the low temperatures, many resorts close their pools during the winter months.

However, many visitors, usually from colder climates, are not deterred by the cold weather and want to visit the pool in the city.

I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of Las Vegas pools on the Strip, downtown and off the Strip that keep their pools open in the winter.

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Bellagio: Bellagio’s stunning pool deck is open in winter and the two larger pools are heated to 84 degrees.

MGM Grand: The heated pool (their main pool) remains open during the winter months at the MGM Grand, although most of their 6.5 acre complex is closed.

Aria: The leaf-filled pool deck at Aria is open for business in the winter with water heated to 80 degrees. If you are staying at Vdara, you can also use the Aria pool, as Vdara is closed in October.

When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

MGM Park: At least one MGM park pool, usually their South Pool (pictured below), is open and heated to 80 degrees in the winter.

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Mandalay Bay: While most of Mandalay Bay’s elaborate pool complex closes during the winter, at least one heated pool is always open to guests. The pool it designates for use rotates depending on the maintenance calendar.

Palazzo/Benátská: During the winter months, the pool terrace remains open and heated. However, cabanas will not be available.

Wynn/Encore: Although portions of the pool may be closed periodically for maintenance, the pool remains open to guests during the winter.

Resorts World: The newest and one of the best pool complexes on the Strip stays open and warm all winter long. With 5.5 acres and 7 unique pools, this pool deck is a must. Notably, the southern end of the property features an infinity pool overlooking the Strip.

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The Mirage: Although the Mirage’s main pool closes during the winter, they keep their smaller private pool open and warm until the mid-70s.

Cosmopolitan: Cosmo’s Chelsea pool (at the south end of the property) remains open to guests during the winter and is heated to approximately 80 degrees.

The Plaza: The Plaza’s unique rooftop pool is open year-round and offers great views of D*Face’s “Behind Closed Doors” mural. A heated pool and jacuzzi will be available to guests.

When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

Circa: Circa’s Stadium Swim easily qualifies as the best pool on Fremont Street with 6 pools, 2 swim up bars and pool play. Adding to the appeal is the 143-foot screen, which is always set up for the big game.

Las Vegas Pools That Are Open In Winter

Downtown Grand: DTG’s Citrus Grand Pool Deck remains open throughout the winter, although food and beverages are not available. The rooftop pool gets plenty of sun and offers great views of downtown Las Vegas.

Red Rock: The Sandbar Pool Complex at Red Rock is open all winter and heated to 78 degrees.

Green Valley Ranch: The pool complex at Henderson’s luxury resort is open and heated in the winter. The pool’s operating hours in winter are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., weather permitting.

South Point: Although the pool is open year-round, they usually stop heating it in October. It will be uncomfortable, but if you don’t mind a cold bath, the pool at South Point is an option.

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If you’re crazy enough to take a dip in October, November, December, January or February, we hope we’ve helped you find a pool. Enjoy your swim – see you at the bar.

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When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

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I’m trying to find a place where I can just sunbathe. All Caesars pools are currently closed and I am not staying at any of the facilities listed. Anyone have any suggestions – I’m willing to pay (a reasonable amount) to get some sun.

@KEITH FORTNER try Circa! I know they let anyone in and charge a cover charge that varies by day. I recommend getting there early if it’s the weekend so you can claim some real estate.

Thanks for the link – Ceasar platinum player here – I’m from Oregon so I don’t get out there as much as the locals – however I play a higher risk game than most! I REALLY LOVE THIS RESORT FEE – POOL NOT OPEN, DON’T USE THE CLUB, THEIR INTERNET IS BAD AND I HAVE UNLIMITED 5G FROM AT&T, THE RIO RESORT TOOK ALL THE MICRO FRIDGES OUT OF THE ROOM, SHOW ME WHAT TO DO. Do I have to pay for my resort?? I stick my mouth out to let Caesars gambling know I want to go somewhere else that respects my game and my money – workers by the way – been coming for 35 years and never had a drink in my life. You tip at least a dollar, you need people like me – go boom! Dan Mard from Oregon The pool scene in Las Vegas is one of the most spectacular in the world, with many scenes featuring features such as waterfalls, wave pools, lazy rivers, real sandy beaches and unparalleled luxury.

Pool decks run the gamut from relaxing and peaceful on the one hand to opulent party environments on the other.

Las Vegas Pools: When They Open & Where To Find Them

Although Las Vegas is home to many pools designed to impress, there are others that leave guests wanting… more.

This got us thinking – can you use a pool in Las Vegas even if you’re not staying at a resort?

It matters Usually the answer is no and a room key is required

When Do The Las Vegas Pools Open

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