When Do Pools Open In Vegas

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When Do Pools Open In Vegas – When you think of Las Vegas, one of the first things that comes to mind is a pool view.

While the summer pool is booming, many visitors don’t realize that the weather in Vegas can be very cold in the winter. Due to the cold, many hotels close their pools during the winter months.

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

Many visitors, usually from colder climates, are not deterred by the cold weather and want to visit the pool while in town.

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I thought it would be helpful to make a list of Las Vegas pools on the Strip, Downtown and off the Strip that open their pools in the winter.

Bellagio: Bellagio’s spectacular swimming pool is open in the winter, and the two main pools are heated to 84 degrees.

MGM Grand: One heated pool (their main pool) is open during the winter months at the MGM Grand, although most of their 6.5 acre property is closed.

Aria: The green pool of the Aria Garden is still open for business in winter with 80 degree hot water. If you are staying in Vdara, you can also use the Aria swimming pool when Vdara is closed in October.

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Park MGM: At least one pool at Park MGM, usually their south pool (pictured below), is open and heated to 80 degrees in the winter.

Mandalay Bay: While many Mandalay Bay pool complexes close in the winter, they always have at least one hot tub open for guest use. The pool they plan to use varies depending on their maintenance calendar.

Palazzo/Venetian: The pool will be open during the winter and summer months. Cabanas, however, will not be available.

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

Wynn/Encore: Although some areas of the pool are closed for renovations, the pool is open for guest use during the winter.

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Resort World: The newest and one of the best pools on the Strip will remain open and heated all winter long. This is one pool weighing in at 5.5 acres and 7 unique lakes. Notably, the south end of the property features an infinity pool overlooking the Strip.

Mirage: While the Mirage’s main pool is closed in the winter, they keep their private Oasis pool open and hot in the mid-70s.

Cosmopolitan: Cosmo’s Chelsea pool (at the south end of the property) is open to guests in the winter and is heated to 80 degrees.

Plaza: The Plaza’s unique rooftop pool is open year-round and offers a great view of D*Face’s Behind Closed Doors. Guests will have access to a heated pool and hot tub.

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Circa: Boasting 6 pools, 2 lap pools and poolside sports, Circa’s Stadium Swim easily qualifies as Fremont Street’s best pool. Adding to the excitement is the 143-foot screen that’s always heard at the big game.

Downtown Grand: The DTG Citrus Grand Pool Deck remains open during the winter, although food and beverages are not available. The rooftop pool has plenty of sun and a great view of downtown Las Vegas.

Red Rock: The Sandbar Pool Complex at Red Rock is open and heated to 78 degrees all winter.

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

Green Valley Ranch: The pool at the beautiful Henderson home is open and heated in the winter. The winter pool is open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, weather permitting.

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South Point: Although the pool is open year-round, it usually stops heating in October. It won’t be comfortable, but if you don’t mind cold water, the South Point pool is an option.

Hopefully we were able to help you find a pool if you’re crazy enough to book one in October, November, December, January or February. Enjoy your swim – see you at the bar.

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Ultimately, I want to help people plan a better trip and save a few bucks in the process.

I’m trying to find something that is solar only. All Caesars pools are now closed and I will not be staying at any of the listed properties. Does anyone have any suggestions – I’m willing to pay (reasonably) to get some sun.

@KEITH FORTNER try Circa! I know they let anyone in and charge a cover that varies by day. I recommend getting there early if it’s a weekend when you can claim the property.

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

Thanks for the link – Caesar’s platinum player here – I’m from Oregon so I don’t get there like the locals – I play a higher game than most anyway! Very angry about this RESORT FEE – pool not open, don’t use the gym, their internet sucks and I have 5G from AT&T unlimited, the Rio resort pulled all the mini fridges out of the room, look tell me what I’m going to get for my hotel bill ?? I just shot myself in the mouth to tell Caesar’s gambling I’m going somewhere else to respect my game and my money – staff wise – it’s been 35 years since I’ve been here and I’ve never had a drink in my life, never tipped a dollar. you need people like me – go boomers! Dan the Man from OregonA pool in Las Vegas officially opens from March to October, surprisingly there are more than ten hotels with pools that are open and heated year-round.

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If an outdoor pool is one of the must-haves on your winter trip to Las Vegas, I recommend calling the hotel first to confirm it will be open during your stay.

While these pools are open, please note that many services will be limited (loungers, staff, food and bar).

You’ll also notice that very few hotels that are part of Caesars Entertainment (CET) stay open during the winter. So if you are specifically looking to score athletic marks, I would avoid CET.

From north to south, these hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have heated pools and are open in the winter so you can swim and sunbathe year round.

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The pool at Alexandria Sahara is open all year round except for weather (which means it may be closed on unscheduled days due to bad weather).

Resorts World’s goal is to have at least 5 or more of its 7 pools open year-round, making it the largest pool on the Las Vegas Strip. The Vegas Strip is open in the winter.

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

Wynn’s pool is open year-round, but areas may occasionally be closed for maintenance.

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But it’s a great pool, one of the best on the Strip, and worth checking out.

But if you plan on using the pool in the winter, I recommend staying at the Wynn because it’s a short walk from the Encore to the Wynn pool.

The Palazzo and Venetian pools are heated and open in winter, but cabanas are not available for rent.

The Mirage’s main pool is closed in the winter, but the private Oasis pool is still open, but with temperatures in the low to mid-70s.

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This is the pool you want if you’re looking for a pool party vibe in Las Vegas during the winter months.

The Aria pool is open year-round and they say it’s heated to 80 degrees, but most guests report it’s much cooler than that.

However, it is interesting in the cold winter months as it is beautifully decorated with many plants.

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

I think the Aria is a good alternative to the Bellagio if you can’t afford the room rates at the Bellagio.

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The pool at the Waldorf Astoria is open year-round and is a great choice for those looking for a quiet, low-key pool environment.

This is a high end hotel so the pool doesn’t seem to get much use during the winter months.

Park MGM offers one of its two pools year-round. Pool availability is subject to maintenance schedule and cost.

These hotel rooms are cheaper compared to Aria, Vdara and Bellagio, so Park MGM is a great choice for a center with a pool in winter.

Resorts World Pool Complex

The MGM Grand’s main pool is open during the winter months, but the rest of the pool is closed, including the lazy river.

But the good news is that this pool is adults only and is very selective during the summer months.

So, if you are often disturbed, you can relax

When Do Pools Open In Vegas

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