What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel

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What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel – In the early thirties, a young woman is about to get married in St. Clair Hotel in San Jose, California. Her boyfriend leaves her at the altar, and that night she hangs herself in a hotel basement. Today guests report hearing high-heeled footsteps against hardwood floors… even if the hotel has carpet.

“It’s a common thing to hear about,” said Eric Torkels, author of “Secret Hotels.” “The hotel has a very good history. Thousands of people have passed through them. Always be aware. And sometimes traveling, especially alone, can be uncomfortable.”

What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel

What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel

Some hotel ghost stories are stories of lost love, like a couple walking hand-in-hand on the beach outside the Don Cesar Beach Resort in St. Others talk about foreign pranksters, like the former waiter who stole a spoon from the General Morgan Inn in Tennessee.

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The Rosario Resort in Washington State was the home of California businessman Donald Rahim, who hoped his wife Alice would have a private property in the San Juan Islands. But she continued to live a glamorous life – playing cards with the boys and wandering around town in her red nightgown. Workers and guests have reported seeing strange situations and hearing mysterious footsteps.

“Usually these spirits have something to do with the history of the hotel,” says Mary Billingsley with Historic Hotels of America. “It could be the previous owners or people who walk in the door or be related to the place in some way.”

The people involved are famous and well-known. Guests of the Equinox Hotel in Manchester, Vermont report sightings of Mary Todd Lincoln and her son, both of whom visited the hotel during their lifetimes. Other stories involve stone workers, maids and day laborers and the guests who fill the hotels.

For example, in 1940, a guest at the Paso Robles Inn in California found a fire on the second floor of the hotel. He got off and ran and raised the alarm and died of a heart attack. But his actions led to the expulsion of all the hotel’s guests. Today, the front desk receives mysterious calls from room 1007, and one night a 911 call was made from an empty room.

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Some ghost stories are the result of more violent tragedies. Sally White, a former maid at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, was killed by her husband and her ghost haunts the hotel. Other accounts are peaceful. While the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver was under renovation, the switchboard received constant calls from room 409. However, the room was completely stripped; There was no phone, no bed, nothing. When the hotel manager stopped talking about Louis Crawford Hill, who was staying in the room, the calls stopped.

Billingsley, himself, has never encountered poltergeists in a hotel, but after hearing so many stories he is convinced that some hotels are really haunted. Colorado River. Today, it is one of San Antonio’s oldest businesses. (Photo circa 1860) Courtesy photo / Manger Hotel Show more Show less

4 out of 44 started with beer. William A. Menger, a German immigrant, founded San Antonio’s first brewery in 1855 with Charles Degen. They served beer to visitors at a bar near the Alamo Chapel. This photo from 1904 shows the interior of the Degens Brewery. Ernst Raba /San Antonio Conservation Society Show more Show less

What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel

5 of 44 As the story progresses, Menger gets the idea to open a hotel from dealing with men who are too drunk to find their horses, so they let them sleep on the tables in the tavern. This undated photo shows men riding donkeys at the Menger Hotel. San Antonio Express-News / File photo Show more Show less

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7 of 44 Manger Hotel opened on February 1, 1859 – less than 23 years after the Battle of the Alamo. In this photo, Alamo Plaza is seen in 1882. From left to right are Manger Hotel, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, the Gallagher Building (where RiverCenter Mall is now) and the tower of the Dulnig Building. Ernst Wilhelm Raba/-Show more Less

Using 8 out of 44 limestone in the area, the Menger Hotel was built for just $15,712. According to a note on the back of the print, this photo is in the courtyard of the Menger Hotel in 1864. San Antonio Express-News / File photo Show more Show less

10 of 44 Originally a two-story inn, it had only 50 rooms and was later expanded to five floors and 316 rooms. (Photo circa 1900) Courtesy photo /UTSA Libraries Special Collections Show more Show less

11 of the 44 tunnels connected the hotel to the brewery, and Manger led VIP groups on special tours of the brewery. Respect Show more Show less

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13 of the 44 died at the hotel in March 1871, and his widow and son took over the management. Courtesy photo / San Antonio Conservation Society Show more Show less

14 of 44 Sam Houston, Robert E. Lee and Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt were early proponents of the hotel. Menger’s famous guest list includes at least 13 US presidents, Oscar Wilde, Captain Richard King of the King Ranch, Roy Rogers and Babe Ruth. The booking book shown above is from the Manger Hotel and was used from 1878 to 1879. Billy Calzada /San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

16 of 44 Theodore Roosevelt first stayed at the Manger Hotel in 1892 during a spear hunt. William Luther/San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel

17 of 44 Six years later, Roosevelt returned to the Manger Bar to recruit his gang of rogue riders. In this photo, Theodore Roosevelt and his two Rough Riders on horseback in front of Mission Concepcion in San Antonio, 1898. Courtesy of UTSA Special Collections Show more Show less

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20 of the 44 staff and guests reported seeing a number of ghosts at the hotel. Among the most well-known spirits is Sally White, an 1870s chambermaid who was shot by her husband because he believed she was cheating on him. Staff saw a black woman believed to be Sally “dressed in a uniform and apron, with a band around her hair and her arms outstretched and covered in a fresh towel.” This photo shows the 1859 lobby. Photos courtesy of Manger Hotel. Show more Show less

22 of 44 Another haunting of the hotel is Captain Richard King, founder of the famous King Ranch, who died in Manger’s room now known as the King Suite. A ghost wearing a tie and a black hat, named King, has been seen many times, and the elevator in the first building always stops without knocking on the third floor, where the King Suite is located. Kent Canoes/ Flickr Show more Show less

23 of the 44 employees also claimed to have seen ghosts in the manger and on the third floor wearing a Davy Crockett jacket and “The Lady in Blue”, a woman wearing a World War II blue knit dress. Read more John Davenport/San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

From 25 of the 44, Manger had rooms designed for long-term guests. One of these residents was John W. “Bet the Million” was Gates, the gambler who introduced the barbed wire to the cattle industry. Respect Show more Show less

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26 of the 44 were temporary residents of Richard King Manger, rancher of the million-acre King Ranch in South Texas. He died at the Menger Hotel in 1885, and was buried in the Menger lobby. Eng English/ Flickr Show more

28 of 44 When the Manger Bar opened in 1863, the beer was cooled by the Alamo Madre Canal that ran through the hotel’s courtyard. According to a note on the back of the print, this photo is in the courtyard of the Menger Hotel in 1864. File photo Show more Show less

29 out of 44 later, the bar was one of the first places to serve frozen drinks. Robert Kolarik/San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

What Rooms Are Haunted At The Menger Hotel

31 of 44 Mango ice cream from Menger’s Colonial Room Restaurant is known as one of Bill Clinton’s favorite desserts. “Mango ice cream at the Manger Hotel is one of the great treasures of American life,” he said. William Luther/San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

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32 out of 44 farmers sent 40 gallons of mango ice cream to Washington, D.C. to inaugurate Clinton. Colten Parker/San Antonio Express-News Show more Show less

34 of 44 snapper soup made from turtles caught in the San Antonio River was another specialty dish at Menger’s Colonial Room. Respect Show more Show less

35 of 44 In 1924 a fire broke out in the kitchen and turned the Menger Hotel into a “big torch”. Total damage was estimated at $100,000 ($1.4 million today). Although the hotel has more than 100 registered guests, no one was seriously injured. Show more Show less

37 of 44 A week before the local premiere of “Gone With the Wind,” Feb. On January 1, 1940, the first ball was played at the Menger Hotel. Photo shows Haley Creighton (far left), Anne Laura Beckman and Ed Luck (center) and Kirby Atwood (right, center, back to camera). Photo published in San Antonio Light, February 4, 1940. UTSA Libraries Collection Show more Show less

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38 of the 44A members of the Historic Hotels of America, Manger takes care

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