What Can A Hotel Ask About A Service Dog

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What Can A Hotel Ask About A Service Dog – Knowing your guest personas is key to developing a marketing strategy that resonates with the right customer and leads to more bookings. Put simply, a guest persona is a biography of the typical guest that your property attracts. In this blog post, we cover different types of hotel guests you may encounter and how you can effectively target them in your marketing efforts.

Business travelers are invited on a mission and are in town with one goal: to work. They are not there to see the sights but are interested in local restaurants and cafes which they can use for business and pleasure. Usually your days are long and full of meetings. Most likely, they will want to return to their rooms to relax and have a quiet meal before starting all over again the next day.

What Can A Hotel Ask About A Service Dog

What Can A Hotel Ask About A Service Dog

Bleisure travelers, while also in town for work, are reserving time in their schedule for more leisure activities and tourism. They can extend their business trip to a long weekend and take a short vacation before going home. These types of guests require the same services as business travelers, as well as the amenities they can enjoy after work.

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Offer local coworking spaces or restaurants where business travelers can work or hold meetings. Post photos and information about how you’ve customized the indoor office to accommodate those who want to work from the security of their rooms.

Extend the negotiated discounted room rate over the weekend or add a few days before the conference to encourage guests to stay longer or arrive earlier, and even bring extra guests. Put together a “bleisure” package that includes things like discounted spa treatments, special personalized room service and a tasting menu from the hotel’s restaurant. Partner with local attractions and businesses to offer things like discounts at local restaurants and shops, or tickets to a museum or show.

Event attendees can be a mix of business and leisure travelers. Some might want to attend the conference and relax alone in their rooms, and others might want to explore more of the city in their free time. Most event attendees want to network with others and seek entertainment after the day’s events are over. This is where you as a hotel can differentiate yourself from the competition and offer participants unique experiences that they can only get by staying at your hotel.

Organize receptions and other social activities for event attendees and add them to your booking. This could include things like poolside happy hour, dinner at a local restaurant or bar, a dinner cruise, or other group activities at a local attraction. Offer special offers and incentives for event attendees who also choose to stay at your hotel, e.g. B. Discounts on additional nights or an exclusive culinary experience at the chef’s table in the hotel restaurant.

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The Boomer generation is at or near retirement age and generally has higher travel budgets than other types of travellers. Boomers in 2019 planned to take 4-5 leisure trips that would cost them more than $6,600, according to an AARP survey. Boomers are also more likely to organize their travel through hotel loyalty programs, with 65% saying they always or most use the program when booking travel.

According to the survey, the most popular types of travel in 2019 were summer holidays, weekend trips and multi-generational travel. When travelling, they want to connect with locals and have an authentic experience, especially when it comes to dining and sightseeing. Unlike other younger generations, Boomers tend to switch off when they travel and don’t spend time at work. Because of this, they are also less part of the bleisure travel trend that mixes work and vacation.

Organize tours led by locals and partner with restaurants to offer unique dining experiences native to your city. Emphasize accommodation amenities geared towards rest and relaxation, such as: B. the pool or spa. Add additional perks and rewards to your loyalty program to encourage travel, such as: For example, earning additional nights or triple the number of points during a certain period.

What Can A Hotel Ask About A Service Dog

According to a 2020 Travel Trends Report by Preferred Hotels, millennials are more likely to take “microcations” — shorter vacations — because they can better fit into their work-oriented lifestyles. Gen Z is also likely not far behind in this trend; A Priceline survey found that Gen Z has the worst work-life balance. Microcations also allow you to see more destinations, as millennials can do multiple microcations in a year instead of a single long trip.

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As an experiential age group, Millennials are looking for unique journeys that allow them to blend with local culture and experience new things. One study found that 75% of Millennials want travel experiences that allow them to learn something new. Another survey found that 55% of millennials would subscribe to the “bleisure” travel trend, which extends a business trip into a vacation.

Don’t just market your hotel. Market your travel destination. Focus on authentic cultural and local experiences that can only be found in your city. Put together a list of activities and excursions that cover all the local highlights and attractions and fit into a shorter weekend getaway or longer business trip.

Post unique photos of your hotel and destination on social media and promote interesting events or festivals taking place. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly – ​​millennials typically research and book hotels on their smartphones. If your website doesn’t load quickly and is easy to navigate, you may be losing it to another hotel’s website that offers a better user experience.

Generation Z is anyone born after 1995 and comprises approximately 32% of the world’s population. Like millennials, they crave immersive and experiential travel. However, they are moving away from the typical famous Instagram landmarks and looking for something new and more authentic. Gen Z are price conscious, but will spend more if it means they can experience life like a local.

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Flashpacking, a Gen Z travel trend, is like backpacking but edgier. This type of traveler is a device-heavy digital nomad who prefers things like a private room, air conditioning, and restaurant dining. Gen Z travelers are also foodies — 35% value dining experiences and 94% research where to eat before they leave, according to McCrindle research. Volunteerism and environmental awareness are also drivers of Gen Z travel decisions, and they gravitate towards sustainable brands that share similar values.

The 2018 Brand Tracking survey for Contiki, conducted by market research consultancy The Leading Edge, found that Instagram is the #1 platform for travel inspiration among Gen Z, with 50% saying it’s the platform they use looking for inspiration. Online influencers also play a role in the travel decisions of this digital generation. “The influencers that really make a difference are the ones who have carved their niche, know their audience and are telling compelling stories by aligning with relevant brands,” said Katrina Barry, managing director of Contiki Australia, in an article for CMO at Adobe.

“We believe the most effective way to attract Gen Z travelers is to take a more targeted and personalized approach,” said Michael Edwards, director of growth at Melbourne-based adventure travel company Intrepid Group. “That trumps discounts and perks when it comes to retaining that audience.”

What Can A Hotel Ask About A Service Dog

As a hotel, market your hotel and city as destinations that can give “food flashpackers” the authentic local feel they are looking for. Offer volunteering or community involvement options so Gen Zers have a chance to mingle with the local community and give back.

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Increase your social media presence with photos that showcase the unique experiences Gen Zers can have on your property. To gain a foothold with this generation, do some social media research and look for influencers who can be brand ambassadors for you. Create retargeting ads specifically designed to attract Gen Zers. Redirect them to a specific page on your website that showcases your off-site organized tours, boutique-style rooms, award-winning restaurants, or volunteer opportunities.

Many Millennials are now parents and, as seasoned travelers, want to share the same adventures with their children. The same AARP study mentioned above found that there is also an increase in intergenerational travel, as it was one of the top three types of travel planned by Millennials and Boomers in 2019. According to the same survey, slightly more Millennials planned family trips than Boomers. oriented trips.

With families and multi-generational travel, there are likely to be different travel styles and preferences within the group. The key is to have something for everyone. Do you offer babysitting services or a list of family care services in the area. Prepare yourself with attractions and activities for children and families, such as B. Discount vouchers for the zoo, aquarium or museums.

Think like a parent and provide in-room amenities that can keep little ones busy, such as: B. Play sets, books and fun snacks. Highlight your on-property amenities like the pool or proximity to the beach or parks.

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Families who travel together want shared experiences. A Trivago article suggests starting a kids’ club: a

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