Time Capsule Hotel Penang

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Time Capsule Hotel Penang – Boutique and theme hotels are all the rage right now, what with the increasing demand for affordable accommodation in popular tourist destinations. Unfortunately, not many use their site to its full creative potential. Enter the Time Capsule Hotel – located in Penang’s historic Chulia Street, it is almost as literal as its name suggests; When you step out of your capsule after a good night’s sleep, you are transported to old Malaya.

Each capsule is made to look like a space pod straight out of a sci-fi flick, but of course, you won’t be in a 100 year long stasis while you stay here. So, basic hotel amenities such as a built-in safe, WiFi, charging station, TV and adjustable air conditioner are all packed into a compact rectangular space for your convenience. If you want to communicate with people, put them in recently married capsules. The storage space is divided into capsules as each guest will be given a personal locker to store their personal belongings.

Time Capsule Hotel Penang

Time Capsule Hotel Penang

You might think that a capsule hotel is for those who prefer to be alone – not so much here. There are many social spaces at the Time Capsule Hotel; Besides the expected lounge and cafe, its fourth floor – the comfort zone – is equipped with foosball, a pool table and two desktop computers for general use. The lobby also has a coffee bar, and if caffeine isn’t your thing, its outdoor seating area is next to a vape shop, VapeFace. Although the last public place should be the shared bathroom… jokes! The toilets are separated by gender and each has two bathrooms.

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The Time Capsule Hotel is the perfect new addition to the mass appeal industry. This is the middle ground for travelers who want to find something that is not a backpacker hostel, but also not a boring 3- to 4-star hotel.

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