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The first people living in the territory of Bulgaria today were the Thracians, who, despite the defeat of other peoples, left traces in the entire Balkan region. The culture, language and self-creation of the Bulgarian people today have been strongly influenced by the Slavic peoples, who in the 6th century from Central Europe spread to the East and the Balkan Peninsula.

Sunny Beach Hotel

Sunny Beach Hotel

The Romans, Slavs, Byzantines, Turks have controlled the territory of Bulgaria, but the great power was left by the Bulgarians of Central Asia, whose power reached the territories of Bulgaria and Macedonia today (many so-called Macedonian Bulgarians).

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A special place in the history of Bulgaria is the compilation of the Slavic alphabet by the brothers Cyril and Methodius, and the baptism of Prince Boris I and all of Bulgaria ten years later. Bulgaria is the cultural center of all Balkan nations.

Bulgaria’s golden age ended in 1389 when the Turks defeated the combined forces of the Yugoslavs; the outcome of the war affected Bulgarian culture for the next 500 years.

Ayran is a Turkish drink made from Bulgarian yogurt. Bulgarian yogurt has many health benefits and its use is one of the secrets of the longevity of the Bulgarian people.

Europeans discovered this Black Sea coast for vacations recently. When the country was ruled by the socialist government for a long time, the exterior of the hotels resembled Soviet architecture, however, the interiors of the rooms and suites were completely renovated. In recent years, many new and modern hotels have been built with gardens and swimming pools. Hotel beaches are state property, so sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented for an additional fee.

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Price Generally, waiters and hotel staff are given a tip of 5-10% of the total bill (depending on the quality of service), but this is optional.

Transportation. Bulgaria has a bus and train network. There are buses, trams, trains and the metro in some cities. Public transport tickets can be purchased on board. You can also use yellow taxis in major cities. Most of them have metered devices that work at different prices depending on the time of day and day of the week, but it is recommended to agree on the price of the trip with the driver first.

It is forbidden. Taking pictures and taking pictures of soldiers and other national treasures is strictly prohibited. It is not recommended to drink water from the tap, it is better to use bottled water that can be bought in stores.

Sunny Beach Hotel

Products The most unique thing from Bulgaria is the rose oil and the alcohol it produces (20 degrees of strength for women and 40 degrees of strength for men).

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In the old villages – Bata, Emona, Erkecha, Kulev, Kaza┼íko – you always have the opportunity to listen to Bulgarian folk music and take part in historical events.

The most famous event in the region is dancing on coals (Bulg. “nestinarstvo”) – accompanied by trumpets and musical instruments, dancers dance on coals, carrying St. Mark of Constantine.

There are many health centers in the Bulgarian regions, which are popular among tourists who want to enjoy the sea and the sun, but also to strengthen their health with the help of various medical treatments. based on common solutions.

It is a small place on a narrow strait surrounded by the Black Sea and Lake Pomorje. It is located 20 km from the city of Burgas and 18 km from the old town of Nessebar. In the surroundings of Pomorje there are vineyards and fruit farms, as well as a 7-kilometer long beach, hotels of various categories, restaurants, cafes, places for water sports – everything is here for unforgettable holiday.

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St. Vlasa is a beautiful beach village 5 km north of the resort of Sunny Beach and 9 km from the town of Nessebar. In recent years, the village has developed and become a new destination for visitors to the beach – new hotels and better tourist infrastructure have been built there.

The natural features – the mountain, the forest, the sea and the southern side of the mountain – make it more healthy and good for a good rest. St. There are three beaches in Vlasa hui with a length of 1.5 km – the middle beach is the longest, on its southern side there is a small Camping beach, and the third beach near the marina “Marina”.

St. Vlasa is a quiet place, perfect for families with children and people who want to avoid noisy places.

Sunny Beach Hotel

Sunny Beach is a major resort on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, approximately 35 km from Burgas and 100 km from Varna Airport. This is the largest and most famous place in the country, offering European standard services and a good atmosphere. Sunny Beach is a great place to relax. The beach is 6 km long with fine golden sand, clear water, calm sea and fresh air. Many recreational opportunities are available here: flying, windsurfing, water skiing, speedboats, parachutes and gliders, perfect tennis courts, tennis schools, horse and riding school, bowling, mini golf, beach volleyball court. There are many casinos open for those who love gambling. It is reasonably priced with entertainment and children, a sports school, a 24-hour school to meet the youngest guests, various events, games, special events, restaurants that often offer allowance for children.

Sunny Beach Resort, Phan Thiet

On the beach there are more than 300 places of entertainment: restaurants and shops offering themes of tradition, shops, restaurants, night clubs day and night, various bars and the discos.

From the Sunny Beach, it is easy to reach the town of Nessebar, which is in the UNESCO Heritage List and attracts tourists with its unique character.

The Nessebar conference area is 2 km from the old town of Nessebar, 1.5 km from the new part of Nessebar and 6 km from Sunny Beach. Tourists are attracted to this area with a large sandy beach, good quality hotels that offer many services. It is a good place for holidays with children.

It is said that when God called the nations to divide the land among them, everyone came except the Bulgarians, who were working in the fields at that time. Everything is divided, but God, as a sign of respect to the people of Bulgaria for their strength, he gave a piece of paradise on earth, a big tooth in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, a place known since then as Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria is located in the south-eastern part of Europe – the Balkan Peninsula. Bordered by Romania to the north, Turkey and Greece to the south, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, the Black Sea washes its shores to the east; The coastline is 378 km long. The Black Sea is clean, calm, shallow, twice as salty as the Mediterranean Sea, and has no wild fish. Most of the area is occupied by high mountains and Balkan mountains in Bulgaria and all over the world. The southeastern part of the country and the coast of the Black Sea are covered with valleys and mountains. Bulgaria’s main river is the Danube, which borders Romania in the north.

The best time to vacation in Bulgaria is from May to mid-September. The country has a cold climate influenced by the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. In summer, the temperature is a little hot here, the air reaches 25-31oC, the water – 25oC. The mountain areas have 5 degrees lower air temperature than other parts of the country. To better understand the spirit of the country, it is good to go to the villages of Bulgaria, to meet the local people and understand the customs. Places to visit

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria (500,000 people), the largest city on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria and the largest city in the country. Varna is known as the Queen of the Black Sea, the city of tourist, cultural, business and education, the headquarters of the Bulgarian National Navy and a commercial city. The history of this city goes back a long way. The oldest gold objects in the world, made 4000 years ago, were found in the Varna necropolis. c. m.e. The finds are in the Varna History Museum. Also remarkable are the Roman Baths, the best-preserved evidence of the power of the Roman Empire in the third century. Today, Varna is a modern city with a beautiful location on the Black Sea. The wide range of museums, bars, restaurants, discotheques, shops will give young travelers and adults the opportunity not only to understand the millennial culture, but also to have fun. The Museum of History, Ethnography and the Sea, as well as the Sea Garden with a large aquarium and dolphinarium are very interesting.

Sunny Beach Hotel

Varna is an educational city, with 5 major universities, many young people attend every year. The world’s most famous dance festivals are in Varna, as well as the “Golden Rose” film festival, the “Golden Dolphin” film festival, and folk music competitions.

Hotel In Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Nessebar is located on a beautiful island about 120 km from Varna. The city, known as the Pearl of the Black Sea, originated as a famous fishing village at the beginning of the 7th century, and today it has grown into a large and beautiful city. Nessebar is like a rich city-house under the open sky, created by the history of different people for almost three thousand years. The Thracian culture flourished in Nessebar, and from those times, a part of the wall and gates in the city were preserved. Thrace was a dark kingdom, with no inscriptions, but it was known for a high level of culture. Spartacus was born to the famous Greek poet and singer Orpheus and the mathematician Democritus in Thrace. The city was known for its 40 churches and monasteries, only 10 of which survive today. height of the horseman. Despite the fact that the city has been conquered many times and passed from one ruler to another (Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Turks), the old buildings are still preserved. This unique museum is included in the UNESCO Heritage List and is one of the 8 pearls of Bulgaria included.

Balchik is a city and village on the Black Sea coast in north-eastern Bulgaria, 40 km from Varna. The city is spread over mountainous terrain stretching from the Dobruja plain down to the sea. The city was built 2,500 years ago on white cliffs and is one of the oldest Greek colonies on the Black Sea coast. Until now, water sources flowed from the mountains, which are said to be in Bulgaria

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