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Spa Hotels Donegal

Spa Hotels Donegal

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Spa Hotels Donegal

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Hotel: Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa, Donegal, Ireland

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Other uncategorized cookies are cookies that are being analyzed and have not yet been categorized. We loved that we could stay not only in a guest house but in a great spa hotel. There are several spa hotels to choose from in Ireland, but the best is at Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa. This hotel is located in the northwest of Ireland in Donegal, Ireland, nestled in the woods near Lough Eske. Lough Eske Spa is an indulgent experience you won’t want to end. The Lough Eske Spa is only half the quality of the hotel, the hotel itself is one of only two five-star hotels in County Donegal, Ireland. Guests are assured that the service throughout their stay at Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa will be first class but world class.

Full Discount – We’ve got a great discount on a stay at Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa. As always, our opinions are unbiased and our own. Our post contains affiliate links. When you click on the link, you will be able to purchase the product at no additional cost, but we will receive a small commission. We would like to thank Lough Eske for their generosity and everyone who follows and supports us at all our amazing events.

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Solis Lough Eske Castle has a long history dating back to 1621. It was originally a castle when it was built and then Lough Eske Castle was built in 1861. Over the next 150 years, the castle changed hands and sometimes completely fell into disrepair. At one time, between 1930 and 1939, the palace served as a hotel, but one evening a fire broke out and destroyed the billiards and ballroom.

When the current owners bought the estate, the building was in a state of disrepair. For the most part, only the outer walls remain of the palace. Trees have grown inside the palace and are threatening to destroy the entire building. After 18 months of work and one of the biggest investments Donegal town has ever seen, the castle has finally become what you see here today. In 2017 Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa celebrated 10 wonderful years.

Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa has many rooms where guests can enjoy their leisure time. We felt like we were transported back in time. Resting in the salons made us feel as majestic as it is shown in Hollywood movies. Some salons have wood paneled walls, beautiful green or red colors, sofas with letters, golden robes and more – all look majestic. And if guests want to feel really luxurious, they can make an appointment for an evening in the salon.

Spa Hotels Donegal

As we briefly mentioned, Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa is one of five star hotels in County Donegal, so it goes without saying that guests receive five star hospitality. As soon as we entered the lobby, we were greeted with a warm welcome. The front desk representative went through all the details of our stay including our suite, dinner and housekeeping reservation. We barely lifted a finger when our luggage took care of it. But when we arrived at our garden, we received a handwritten note from the host, chocolate covered strawberries and a box of homemade macaroons. From the moment we arrived to the little special touches, we received nothing but 5 star hospitality.

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Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa has 96 rooms and 7 separate rooms. They range from courtyard rooms, garden rooms to presidential suites. Regardless of the room category, it is fit for queen and king! Perfect for a little prince or princess. Yes, this hotel is pet friendly. We wish we could bring our little girl Tiramisu to Lough Eske Castle Hotel & Spa – we know she’ll love it!

We had the pleasure of staying in the garden suite and enjoyed everything it had to offer. Garden Suites have a large space of 900-1000sq ft and a beautiful setting. Located in the castle grounds and opposite Lough Eske Spa. We loved the condition of our garden suite. The walk through the garden to and from the palace was very pleasant. We were also just meters away from rejuvenating at Lough Eske Spa. Although the Garden Suites were created during the 2007 renovation of the palace, the suites still retain the original walls of the palace and we felt like royalty.

Our suite made us feel more at home than in our own house. There is a magnificent living room with a Spanish fireplace, a full length mirror, a sink, a desk and best of all a double bed, four beautiful signs. Some of the stones leading from the bedroom to the bathroom were even hot! In the living room there was a comfortable sofa and two armchairs in the middle of the fireplace. While Christina is getting ready for the vanity, Adam will be doing some work on the table.

The bathroom was equally lovely with a large bath, overhead shower, double marble vanities and heated towel rail. Nothing beats warm towels after a nice shower! In addition to the warm towels, the stone floor was HOT! Visitors don’t have to go to Lough Eske Spa to relax and get the essence of the benefits, we found it in our own room.

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The whole room has tiled floors and we found the floor next to our sealed bed to be quite warm. It was comforting to walk barefoot in our Garden Suite. Although we do not require slippers, Lough Eske provides guest use of bathrobes and slippers. Needless to say, with our robes, slippers, Spanish fireplace, warm stone floors and towel racks, we were warm and cozy despite the cold rain outside.

Also known as Spa Solis, Lough Eske Spa continues to be ranked as one of the most popular spas in Ireland. They are rated in the top ten on Telegraph Travel and other sites. We understand why the Thermal Suite at the spa blew us away. The spa is located in the palace gardens in a beautiful Victorian glass building.

All guests have access to the pool, hot tub, locker room and boat room. For an additional fee, guests have access to the Thermal Suite, which we highly recommend. Thermal Suite

Spa Hotels Donegal

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