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San Jose Costa Rica Del Rey – Bachelor Party in Costa Rica – It takes weeks or months to plan your trip to Costa Rica, and when the time comes, you don’t want to miss the perfect opportunity. The country is known for its many species of flora and fauna, white sand beaches, hospitable culture, and Latinas to give you a chance to party. This comes naturally, but where do you live? You are looking for a quiet yet beautiful hotel that offers everything you need. If what you want is close proximity to the major zoos and museums, Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica makes a great place to stay.

When you arrive, you need somewhere to lay your head while planning the next day’s tours or meeting up with friends for the evening. Not only are these rooms spacious, but they also have modern furniture and appliances that are essential to keep you warm, toasty, and toasty during your stay. The idea of ​​this amazing bed will have you wondering how many guests will be using the room, but there is no telling. You may not want to stay there if you want a more permanent place.

San Jose Costa Rica Del Rey

San Jose Costa Rica Del Rey

Perhaps you would like to break out of your usual diet, and have well-prepared local and international food. Del Rey Costa Rica has an excellent group of chefs who offer guests a unique menu experience. The taste of an old Costa Rican casado gives you an authentic feel to your dinner.

Demographics Of Costa Rica

Walking into the grand foyer will take you to where the action begins. If you’re shy, you may find it difficult to convince women that you haven’t spent a few hours with them. There are two main bars, the Blue Marlin and the main casino near the lobby which gets very busy at night. It is known that the reception area has several girls sitting next to the older women: usually they are Americans and even the casino will not hide beautiful women from you.

They are all beauties, who try to ask why they stay up so late at night. If you’re thinking of throwing a $100 party for a few hours, you’ll be surprised that most of them are in their league, and prostitution is a way to survive. When you go out for a drink at the bar, the bartender looks cool. It only takes a few minutes to see women from all over the place approaching the time with you.

You won’t be alone at Hotel Del Rey Costa Rica so it’s a great place to stay in Costa Rica. But remember, the women out there work for a living, and their time is money. Tougher than a Miami security check, Hotel Del Rey’s 6-foot-3 monkeys giggled at the entrance and scanned us before entering the hotel’s bar, Key. Largo. After checking in we followed a small corridor to the back of the bar. As in a Saint’s Nightmare or the Wet American Dream, the bar was filled with Latin women needing a paycheck. Entering such places triples the ego; The eyes, the smiles, the winks, the bodies turn toward you, and greet you with the thickest breath of sex. As you can imagine, these girls are not hard to find; and prostitutes, officially as one of the main tourist attractions in Costa Rica.

I arrived in San Jose last week tonight. They went to Arenal, Manuel Antonio, Quepos, did tourist trips: ATVs, Canopy trips, white water rafting, Hanging Bridges, tasted the best cuisine from different cities, flew in Cessna over the mountains, fought lizards for the food that fell, imitated the sound of a gecko , met foreigners from afar and talked about the usual ludicrous international laws and contradictions, slid up and down and around steep hills in a low-powered 4×4, and finally, drawn in by the beautiful women whistle-blowing construction workers. It looks like child’s play.

How To Get Laid In Costa Rica

When we enter Key Largo, we make sure we don’t make eye contact with several sick girls waiting for an hour’s removal and $100 cash; We went straight to the tavern where we found the old man laughing with his hands over two little girls. They sip their drinks and bob their heads for pure joy. We sit far enough away from the glee group and watch the salsa band play. On stage, two very beautiful girls dance in unison while singing on microphones; Red, yellow and green lights shimmered on their sweaty skin, adding to the cuteness. We order two Pilsens, take out Romeo and Julieta Robustos, light them and fill the air with black Cuban tobacco smoke while we wait for our friend Frank to arrive.

In front of the stage, a sixty-year-old Latino dances to the music. Her wet, unbuttoned shirt exposed her bulging breasts and stomach. He’s smiling and dancing salsa with what appears to be a man in a pink dress. His sunken cheeks and long jawbones and cheeks are visible, his black hair pulled back tightly, loose strands flowing behind him like air-conditioner streams behind him as he beats hard to the beat of a drum. Her skirt opens to reveal her pink thong as it is rounded up and pushed back into the old man’s arms. They dance happily among young girls who attract fat American men and old men on tables round the dance floor.

Below is an overview of Hotel Del Rey in San Jose, Costa Rica. Cameras are not allowed, so a pocket camera is the wrong form of camera

San Jose Costa Rica Del Rey

We read about the hotel online and were stranded at our hostel with nothing to do in San Jose the first night of our trip. One of the first things that came up in the search was: “San Jose nightlife.” Since almost every link has the Hotel Del Rey, we went there to satisfy our curiosity and find out why the reviews for this place say: “A must visit if you are in Costa Rica”, “An experience unlike any other”, “Be a king for a day or a week”, “The meltdown”. He is the best “. We didn’t expect it to be so ridiculously surreal – a sex scene with monsters. We were humbled.

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The hotel is located near the main street which is just around the corner. Standing, it appears white in its neoclassical form, the pale pink object pulling back the old concrete walls with white sheets over each window. A red neon light shines on top, which reads: Hotel Del Rey. It looks like any foreign hotel from the outside. When we walked through the folding glass doors they immediately took us in.

Quietly we scan the area. We don’t talk to each other but we act as if we are here. The lobby houses about thirty prostitutes. They sit, rest, or wait for the next task. Trains of girls pass us smiling and waving. We go to the hotel part as it is very small; Difficulty owing to looks and so many whistles from so many narrow boxes, curled, gray-lipped, gray-lipped girls, we dread to play about twenty games of craps before entering the lion’s cage of the bar. After traditionally taking our cash from the non-paying machine and licking our lips and looking and rubbing off our temporary nails, we decided to grab one beer and try to join the ranks of Viagra-induced zombies looking for their hourly fix. That beer turned into a six, a pack of cigarettes, three shots for Jack and a middle-aged American named Frank. We talked to him while watching one of the most beautiful girls in the country cut through the competition to sit and wait for her next turn; And we try to focus on what they’re saying when girls stand next to us and hear us groan and caress us or put her arm around our neck to play with our hair and ask, “Son, do you want a date?” “My girlfriend and I are the best, right?” “Three for one, my dear.” We laughed with them and bought them a drink but we didn’t want to go with any of them.

“You first night,” he turned to me with a smile. I try not to think about him yesterday or last week and the sweaty American oil I inhaled.

Frank spent the night with us talking about the girls he’d had and who he wanted that night, the different times and girls one could get through in one day, the guys and the skills of the innkeeper. My friend and I played great during the conversation, but the remnants of our innocence crumbled and crumbled because of what was happening.

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