Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

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Places To Stay In Beacon Ny – Why go: Beacon NY grew up as a mill town. Tucked into the foothills and squeezed between waterfalls and the navigable Hudson River, factories harnessing these rushing waters have blighted the landscape. According to Beacon’s most famous resident, the late Pete Seeger, industrial waste turned the Hudson River into a “canal.”

As capital and industry fell, so did the beacon. But when the shuttered Nabisco Box Printing factory was carved into a contemporary art museum to house facilities too large for the MoMa or the Guggenheim, Beacon was back on the map.

Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

Opened in 2003, DIA:Beacon gave culture hounds a reason to head upriver for a day. The Roundhouse Boutique Hotel in Beacon Falls gave them a reason to stay.

Hotel Beacon, New York

As more and more people arrived, aspiring artists, chefs and retailers did the same, creating the perfect art, shopping and late night wine and beer getaway.

For many years in a row, Beacon topped our list of top Northeast US destinations in 2020. See who else topped this spot last year.

Visit the Dia Art Foundation’s 300,000 square feet on the banks of the Hudson River and you will be forced to face the question – what exactly is “art”?

Polished and renovated for huge contemporary art installations, this former paper mill opened in May 2003 and attracts art students, historians and casual curios to its lofty halls.

Boutique Hotels + Unique Stays For A Weekend Getaway In Upstate New York

Over twenty masters of visual art from the 1960s and 1970s are depicted in a space so vast that it would take several hours for a relatively fit person to cover it.

Mansion-sized galleries include Andy Warhol’s shadows, Donald Judd’s minimalist wooden crates, Saul Levitt’s grid-like drawings, Dan Flavin’s neon light work, and gruesome body parts and spiders from the tortured imagination of Louise Bourgeois. Thu – Mon 11:00-18:00, $12 adults, children under 12 free.

What is this Scottish castle ruin doing in the middle of the Hudson River? To find out, take a castle tour offered by the Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. Oh ok. I’ll give you some background. This was America’s first Army/Navy Store “Storage Depot”. As a teenager in the 1960s, entrepreneur Francis Bannerman was looking for ways to make money.

Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

Using a grappling hook to pull rope and scrap from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, he learned he could resell these government supplies.

Upper West Side Hotel Deals

Within a few years, the young Bannerman had amassed a mountain of Civil War surplus, including trumpets, buttons, swords, scabbards and uniforms in addition to military ceremonial – so much so that he opened a successful store in Brooklyn.

But Bannerman needed a remote location to house his growing collection of explosives. In 1900, during one of his Day Liner trips up the Hudson River, he discovered the island and bought it for $1,600.

Originally from Scotland and a lover of castles, Bannerman commissioned an eco-style warehouse to be built using a variety of local bricks, cobblestones and rocks; A series of six buildings that ended up looking like the seat of the Scottish King.

When Francis died in 1916, Bannerman Island passed to his children. Two years after the state of New York purchased the island from the Bannerman family, in 1969 the castle burst into flames that reached a height of 260 feet above the roof of the warehouse.

Beacon, N.y.: Quaint City Rediscovered

Wooden floors, planks of old ships soaked in flammable creosote, created an inferno that burned for three days, leaving the castle an empty, weed-covered shell. There are plans to stabilize what remains of the warehouse and restore the main residence.

Take a 2.5-hour tour aboard the Estuary Steward, a tourist boat that will take you to the island and take you on a fascinating trip among the ruins. Boat departures from Mashoa Wharf on Saturday. and Sundays May-October 12:30 p.m., $35 adults, $30 children. RSVP required, tickets are selling fast.

How many canoe sheds have won architecture awards? I guess not much. But this canoe harbor on the Hudson River won the 2013 AIA (American Institute of Architects) Honor Award and is as cool as it gets.

Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

From the pavilion, walk to the edge of the long 15-acre former industrial park to stroll around George Trucks’ Steel Stairs sculpture. The park is open every day from evening until dawn.

Top Hotels In Beacon, Ny

If it’s a nice day or evening, make your own craft with Mountain Tops Outdoors. You can hire by the hour or by the day – pop into the shop on the high street or book a kayak and pick it up at Long Dock Park. Or sign up for one of the dozens of group rowing sessions held during the summer.

Check the website for dates and fees. Kayak rentals $20 per hour, $50 per day; 2 hours on Wednesday night with sunset $20, Castle Bannerman $100. Check the site for others. (Prefer to stay on the beach? Rent a bike from Cold Spring Bike Rental & Tours)

It’s almost a mile up and a good lung-expanding workout. But the views of the Hudson River and the valley are worth it from the platform at the top. Double the trip to the fire tower for a better view and some exercise. Hikers will want to tackle the intense 7.7km loop – rated 10 out of 10 for difficulty.

Buy something crafty at this exclusive craft shop or make something yourself. You can sign up for Annie Sloan’s chalk drawing class offered five times a month.

Hudson Valley Accommodations

“Play” basically means everything. It’s an incredibly awesome store where boomer nostalgia meets millennial nods. This is not “politically correct” at all. You’ll find everything from climbing earrings to Moomin Valley savings banks, coloring books for adults, and even Vincent van Gogh headphones. Plan to spend some time here: you won’t believe what you’ll find.

You won’t find a finer selection of “bitters”, barware, homemade soda syrups or loose leaf teas at better prices than this little shop on Main Street.

Owned by a bartender who couldn’t find proper tools for his trade, he solved the problem by opening his own shop.

Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

And what’s better than a bunch of bitters? charity! More Good donates 10% of net profits to Generosity Water – an organization dedicated to ending the clean water crisis in developing countries.

The Patio Grill At The Roundhouse

This “designer vinyl art store” appears to have originated online in Brooklyn, New York. You will find mini works of art, stationary items and paper items such as the “dismantling book” made of recycled materials ($8), a shelf full of vintage cameras including the original Kodak brownies, and lots of Polaroids among the abundance of colorful plasticine accessories.

A little over two years ago, entrepreneur Michael O’Heron received his engineering degree and turned it into his passion: brewing beer. When he discovered a strain of yeast on native blueberries, he used the newly discovered strain to create his trademark Saison-ish

Or any number of brews from this small craft brewery named after the Hudson River – a tidal river right outside the brewery’s window that flows in both directions.

Pop in for delicious pub food and beer, and bring your kids (juices and healthy drinks for them). O’Herron offers games for families who just want to spend time together at the end of the day.

The Inn And Spa At Beacon In Beacon, New York

At Denning’s Point, New York State distillates include Whiskey and Maid of the Meadow vodkas, Beacon Bourbon, Great 9 Gin and Denning’s White Rye Whiskey.

Come, watch the process, take a tour (and have a few sips) and enjoy the live blues jam sessions on the second Saturday of every month from 4-7pm.

Local, fresh, colorful and aromatic food and drinks of plant origin; Even meat lovers rave about the Buddha bowl and “pork” tacos.

Places To Stay In Beacon Ny

You’ll find blues, soul, rock, world music, open mic and more at this restaurant/venue in the middle of Maine St. lighthouse. There is something happening almost every night. Just check the website for the latest information.

Photos: Former Industrial Site Turned Luxury Hotel, Restaurant In Hudson Valley

When “Who-vians walk through the door, there are cheers of delight,” says Pandorica owner Shirley Hutt, who closed the site’s “cup and saucer tea shop” and opened a restaurant dedicated to all things Doctor Who in 2014.

Fans from all over the world flock to the New York Beacon just for this restaurant: it’s the only Dr. Who in the world.

On television off and on since 1963, Doctor Who has a fan base that ranges from 7 to 70. So it’s not unusual for entire families of fans to gather together to eat fish fingers and parchment (a favorite meal). “The art, the cutlery, the furniture, the menu items are related to who,” says Hot.

This little hole in the wall only sells popsicles – in flavors you didn’t know existed. Try “Mount Beacon” – a mixture of mashed banana, peanut butter, dark chocolate and Oreo cookies. Only $4 each!

Chic Upstate New York Hotels Reopening

This place, at the foot of Main Street close to the Hudson River, gets “crazy busy” in the summer. But on a Sunday at 4:00 PM in the off-season, you don’t have to wait too long for one of the best (and best) tacos in the country. Ask for the amazing BBQ Smoked Brisket Taco ($4), stuffed with shredded beef and chopped onions and topped with a sweet and spicy sauce. You won’t be able to stop at one.

Homespun Foods is so good they offered the owners a franchise

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