Mosler Safe How To Open

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Mosler Safe How To Open – Opening a safe requires tools, knowledge and years of experience. Dave McOmey started training as a teenager.

One of the most famous safes in the country lives in Kamas. But he is not a thief looking for big scores and takedowns.

Mosler Safe How To Open

Mosler Safe How To Open

Dave McOmey, 64, lives a quiet life outside of work. He speaks slowly, is hard of hearing and is married to his college girlfriend. But the father-of-six is ​​wanted by individuals and companies to open safes and vaults across the country. He has written a book that describes how a 15-year-old boy obsessed with locks became a star in the esoteric world of professional safes.

When It Comes To Cracking Safes, This Camas Man Is A Star

Richard Colwell, security engineer at Atlasta Lock & Safe Co. In Portland, he said, “He’s the guru.” He has been forgotten more than most of us know. “Dave is the one who sends someone to New York City to do the hard work that no one else can do.”

McOmie’s most famous deal — which he details in Safecracker: A Chronicle of the Coolest Job in the World — took him to Minnesota in 2016 to open a vault where Prince kept his unreleased music tapes. held in it. McOmey was told that Prince, who had died that year, was the only one with a composition for the three-tone vault door.

“A Century of American Mossler,” McOmey said. “It was a complete bank vault and he had paid for every possible upgrade.”

It was a “hard job,” McOmey said. He signed a non-disclosure agreement and could not discuss the cost or details of what was in the vault.

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“I’ve been in thousands of vaults, but his was the biggest vault I’ve ever seen,” McOmey said.

Born in Portland, McOmey discovered his passion as a boy when someone stole a neighbor’s bag containing his house and car keys. A locksmith’s wife came to his house to make new keys.

“I talked to him,” McOmey said. He never had a son and invited me to his shop. My parents used to take me there after school and on Saturdays. I worked for him all through high school.”

Mosler Safe How To Open

McOmey switched from locks to safes and vaults, learning how they are made, how they can be damaged, and how to open them. Word of the man spread in Camas and customers searched for him. He has written 24 reference books on safes and safes. All are industry bestsellers, he said, but he adds a caveat.

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He said: This is a small industry. If a book in this industry sells 100 copies, it is a bestseller.

McOmey has been a columnist for National Locksmith Magazine for over 30 years. Since 1992, he has run a safe club where industry professionals share ideas and technical assistance on safebreaking and safebreaking. And for the past 35 years he has traveled the country teaching locksmiths advanced courses in safe opening.

He said that people and leaders come to him for four reasons: A family inherits a treasury without composition. An employee of a company damages the safe so that it cannot be opened again. Then there are the scammers. Some attack an ATM by doing whatever it takes to get money, but disable the machine. In some cases, the thief tampers with the hinges, sometimes removing the plate and handle to open the safe or safe. or they damage it which activates the anti-theft devices in the safe or safe and freezes when the door is closed.

“So we have bank vaults, user error where the vault can’t be opened,” McOmey said. “This happens every week in a bank vault in this country.”

I’m A Locksmith, Got To Open This Safe Today. Pics In No Particular Order.

McOmey, who travels with a bag full of tools, said opening a safe isn’t like it’s portrayed in the movies, with the thief pressing his ear to the door to hear the sound of cups. If McOmi messes up a job, the door may never open. He said he has traveled hundreds of times to every state in the country for work.

She avoids calls from clients who are in the middle of a divorce — “I don’t want an ex-husband to come home and make the same mistake I did” — and people who say they have a safe in the trunk of their car. They have to be opened.

“It happens occasionally,” McOmey said. I tell them that I will meet them in the parking lot of the police station and open the safe. They tell me they will meet me there and never show up.

Mosler Safe How To Open

He spent his freshman year of college at Western Washington University before transferring to the University of Washington, where he met his future wife, another member of the college’s debate team. He earned a bachelor of arts and later a master’s degree, both in philosophy. His plan was to teach, but the job market had collapsed, forcing him to return to his first love – locksmithing – to make ends meet. Before starting his own business, he worked for Allied Safe & Vault in Portland.

City Liquidators: City Liquidators’ Mosler Safe: A Historic Tale

Although he’s a “good boy” now, McOmey admits in his book — to his eternal chagrin — that he used his skills in other ways during his freshman year. When he and his friend realized they weren’t ready for their midterm exams, McOmey picked the lock on a professor’s door and he and his friend searched the office and found the test answers.

McOmey continued to pick locks for the remainder of the school year. He could open most within 20 minutes, but one night he had trouble with a lock that he couldn’t open until 3 in the morning. Then he and his friend realized that the test would be an essay and they would have to stay up for hours researching the topic so they could each come up with different answers.

McOmey writes in her book: “Some kids mature as teenagers and are ready for college. “Obviously I wasn’t. And I was lucky I wasn’t caught – it would have changed the course of my life.

“At my age, I’d rather do light work in the Northwest than jump on a plane for crazy hard work,” he says. I currently have vaults open in Lincoln City, Vancouver, Beaverton and Gresham.

Antique Safes: Unlocking The Styles Of The Past

We may receive compensation if you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site. Mosler went down the drain about 5 years ago, but their safes are well known to anyone who knows safes and vaults. By “clamp does not move” I assume you are talking about the handle used to throw and retract screws. I assume the latches are already deployed since you can select the combination. However, the screws must be fully tightened, as a slight pull on the combination lock can prevent the lock screw from fully retracting, which then prevents the main screw from retracting. When you spin the number wheel for the first time, do you feel like you’re twisting something? In this case, the combination lock is equipped with a time delay that can be 15 minutes or more.

In this scenario, you dial the combination normally, set an egg timer, and after 15 minutes, pull back the nut and then throw the main screw. However, there is only a three-minute window to collect the locking screw. As for time delays and related mechanisms, many large chests have two or three movement delays, and a broken mainspring or other defect in the delay can prevent the bolt from retracting. Open the door and look for a rectangular box that is 6 feet or 8 feet wide and 4 feet or 5 feet high.

The coating should be partially transparent, revealing the winding holes, movement faces, and their individual displays. Is one or more moves below zero? If there is no screw connection and no time delay, there is a problem with the bolt that requires the services of a safe and vault technician. Installer (formerly) Inter Innovation LeFebure, which finished about a year before Mosler. 😀 We had an old safe for that. We sprayed WD-40 and hit it with a hammer. It worked, but I think danceswithcats has a much better answer than mine. 😉 Don’t hit the safe too hard! Many good safes, and Mosler’s is certainly a “good” safe, have a so-called glass lock. There is a piece of toughened glass in the locking mechanism, which, if broken, turns the original latches into a permanent lock. Usually a glass lock can only be activated by physical attempts to bypass the master lock by methods such as drilling or cutting with a torch or pry bar, but too much hammering can also break them.

Mosler Safe How To Open

Do not hit the arch too hard! Many good safes, and Mosler’s is certainly a “good” safe, have a so-called glass lock.

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There is a piece of tempered glass in the locking mechanism that, if broken, turns the main screws into a permanent lock. Usually, a glass lock is only activated by physical attempts to bypass the master lock through methods

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