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Letterkenny Hotel Deals – In the middle of the last century, the writing was on the wall for the Donegal railway network.

Sadly, the text proved too prophetic but the images and words live on and one of the latest creations will be revealed on Monday afternoon in Letterkenny.

Letterkenny Hotel Deals

Letterkenny Hotel Deals

In addition, it is on the wall and occupies a space on the gable of the Station House Hotel – an interesting wall which shows Engine No. 3 crossing the bridge on the day when the trains ran and doing its best to keep moving. time table

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The mural is the work of father and son artists, Kevin Gallagher and Kevin Jr. and was put on the train by the Letterkenny Community Heritage Group.

“This has been an exciting project and we are excited to finally make it official,” said team president Johnny McCullum.

The picture of the steam engine is based on a painting by a local artist, John Baird – a painting that hung in the Station House Hotel for years.

The owner of the hotel, Brian Gallagher, who will be presenting the event, was more interested in tearing down the wall when the heritage committee first approached him.

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“Everyone is welcome to attend and we especially hope that families who have been involved with the railways over the years will come along,” invited Johnny.

A moment that will evoke memories for veterans who can remember the rail deal – a juxtaposition of history and heritage.

As the late John McIntyre recalled in an article in the ‘Donegal People’s Press’, the last freight train to Gweedore (the station for over six years) left Letterkenny at 2.00 p.m. January 6, 1947.

Letterkenny Hotel Deals

“Something historic happened, which shows how he took another step to close the train traffic slowly before his rubber rival on the roads; It went smoothly and of course without a hitch.

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“There wasn’t a big crowd to say the last goodbye; no emotional problems; No voices of protest, regret or satisfaction – nothing to detract this holiday from any departure from the ship and its countless crew with a long and honorable tradition. Crew members left their desks for a few minutes, jokingly saying goodbye to the driver, fireman and security guard,” John said.

He said, “I couldn’t help but hear that the stationmaster himself, the former host and host John O’Neill, an ex-railwayman with long and varied experience, felt very sorry as he saw the last puff of smoke . engine, as it was hauling groceries around the bend to Oldtown. In fact, he told me very nicely, while acknowledging that things were going on, making it necessary to end the transportation of trains in this section Is. “

And there was a railroad worker who, John thought, probably felt the idea of ​​the party, even though he didn’t show it.

“Condi McNelis, who has been taking care of the guard’s car every day for nearly ten years, was in his usual calm as he delivered the last bag to the covered car and signaled the start of all preparations. Condi with normal working conditions Didn’t allow the lump in his throat to close the line. However, I wondered if he wasn’t trying to hide his feelings.”

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John also spoke to two other activists, although none came forward to see their names or pictures in the local newspaper.

“Driver Hughie Boyle and fireman Jimmy McNelis (the Condy brothers) went about their daily business on the platform as the train slowly lifted off the platform, and it seemed as though anyone was enjoying being in the ‘news’ or having their pictures taken.” didn `t come. .”

And what will happen in the future, Yohanna wondered in his article? “There are no certainties that can be learned,” he said, but what is certain, he said, is that the line has provided a valuable public service since its first flight to Burtonport in early 1903.

Letterkenny Hotel Deals

The future we are talking about will soon be here and the Railways of Donegal will no longer exist except in books and magazines, online (sic!) commemorative photographs and many exhibits. , they lived.

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The impressive mural at the Station House Hotel provides a representation of what it was like in Letterkenny and beyond.

And it will doubtless have a big turnout to show for it, when the last train left Letterkenny on the Burtonport to Gweedore line seventy-four years ago.

The Wild Rovers will provide the music for this Monday (30th) evening and the program will start at 7.30pm.

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