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Knock Shrine Hotel – The history of Knock began on August 21, 1879, when fifteen people from the village of Knock in County Mayo witnessed an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint John at around 8 o’clock in the evening. The Evangelist, the Lamb and the cross on the altar on the gable wall of the parish church. Witnesses observed the Apparition for two hours in the pouring rain, praying the rosary. Although they themselves were saturated, not a drop of rain fell on the gable or the vision. There were fifteen official witnesses to the apparition, most of whom were from the village of Nok and its surroundings, aged between 5 and 74. Each of the witnesses gave evidence to the commission of inquiry in October 1879. The commission concluded that the testimony was credible and satisfactory.

Many healings and graces are associated with visitors to Our Lady of the Knock, and those who claim to have been healed here still leave crutches and sticks at the place where the apparition is believed to have taken place. Every Irish diocese makes an annual pilgrimage to Mary’s shrine, and the nine-day Knock novena attracts ten thousand pilgrims every August.

Knock Shrine Hotel

Knock Shrine Hotel

Today, Knock Shrine is set in one hundred acres of beautifully landscaped gardens with winding paths and a variety of flowers, shrubs and trees. The complex consists of five churches, including the Chapel of the Annunciation, the parish church and basilica, the center of the religious book, the motorhome and campsite, the Knock Museum, Café le Chéile and the Knock House Hotel.

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Services at the sanctuary include organized pilgrimages, daily masses and confessions, anointing of the sick, counseling, prayer guidance and youth ministry.

Make a pilgrimage to Knock and then stay with us at the McWilliam Park Hotel, just 10 minutes from the temple. Fill in the information below and we will be happy to send you an offer. If you want a private trip with a driver or on your own, just specify below. One of our experts in Ireland will contact you within 24 hours. For faster service, call us toll-free within the US: 1-800-664-7474

Experience peace and spiritual essence as you seek refuge in the heart of County Mayo. Whether touring the west of Ireland or exploring the Wild Atlantic Way, Knock Temple in County Mayo is highly recommended as a stop for all faiths,  a place of hospitality, community and delightful events.

This is a special reserve in County Mayo that everyone can enjoy, whether you are visiting as an individual for much-needed space, for spiritual renewal, on holiday with family or friends or on a day trip with a pilgrimage group. Discover the Christian heritage of Nok Temple and the sacred space of beautiful churches, artistic features and special areas.

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Knock in County Mayo became famous for the apparition that took place on August 21, 1879, when the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, St. John the Evangelist and a lamb appeared next to the gable wall of the parish church. The phenomenon was witnessed by 15 people between the ages of 5 and 74. Since then, 141 years ago, people have been coming to Nok looking for medicine, peace and prayer. The beautiful grounds and gardens offer a peaceful place for prayer or contemplation.

Pilgrimage is a sacred and ancient tradition in Ireland that has long held a special place in the hearts of Irish people. In the Middle Ages it was one of the most popular forms of personal piety, practiced by men, women and children of all social classes.

Knock Shrine is a place where old and new traditions mix. Pilgrims to Knock join others in seeking to experience God’s presence and gain some quiet time and space to reflect and rest. This is a place where the pre-Christian practice of walking and praying in “circles” is still practiced.

Knock Shrine Hotel

Pilgrims are still given holy water to be safe – The Knock holy water tradition dates back to 21st August 1879. The water consecrated in the Nok shrine is valued and preserved by Nok pilgrims and few leave Nok without filling a container to take home with them. In front of the Apparition Chapel there are 18 open fountains for holy water. Crafted from white Portuguese limestone, Imogen Stewart’s 18 Holy Water Fonts feature carved relief depicting scenes from the Bible and the lives of saints related to water.

Archmor House B&b, Knock

For many years, pilgrims have traditionally stopped at the original stone from the gable wall where the apparition took place. Several people claimed to have received the medicine. Healings were always attributed to the Mother of God, who received either an old stone from the gable wall, or water consecrated on the spot. People come to find comfort or to pray for the pain they have experienced. Capstone is still a big part of treatment.

Delve deeper into the history of Knock Temple with a visit to the award-winning Knock Museum, located in the gardens to the south of Knock Basilica. Discover the personal stories and first-hand accounts of ghostly witnesses to the incredible sight of a wet August evening in 1879 and learn more about their lives in the small village of Knock. See the many personal and intimate letters about treatment and view Winn’s collection of photographs of canes and crutches left as a token of appreciation on the gable wall. Two different papal chairs can be seen in the museum’s collection: one used by Pope Saint John Paul II during his visit in 1979, and the other used by Pope Francis during his visit in 2018.

If you are staying longer, Knock House Hotel is only 20 minutes from Knock Airport in the West of Ireland and 10 minutes from Claremorris Railway Station. The hotel is located on 100 hectares of picturesque grounds and is less than five minutes’ walk from the Nok temple and basilica. It is the perfect place for a peaceful and relaxing holiday. A comfortable and elegant hotel awaits guests here with a warm welcome and excellent local cuisine.

Ireland has a long history as a place of pilgrimage and retreat. It extends to 7

Reflect, Pray And Stay At Knock Shrine

Century, when hermit monks looked for quiet valleys and lakes for quiet contemplation. The island of Ireland has stunning scenery and a sense of immense pride, making the whole country a special place to visit at any time of the year. County Mayo, Ireland’s third largest county, is located on the Atlantic Ocean, offering the longest coastline and many attractions and activities to enjoy and discover.

No matter what intrigues you, whether you’re looking for soulful reflection or just a beautiful place to simply take a deep breath, Ireland’s beautiful scenery and scenic routes will find the answer.

Contact our dedicated travel service to plan your next trip to Ireland and discover the sights, sounds and picturesque scenery of the island of Ireland. You can also email or connect with us on Facebook.

Knock Shrine Hotel

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Windows are wide open, a cacophony of silencers wafts through the hallways, and makeshift street rows air out wholesale-priced rugs and mats to the kind of cooking usually associated with station cooking.

Senior manager Catherine Cullini shares the feeling of excitement and anticipation in the team at the prospect of the visitors returning after a very difficult period for the Pilgrims and the team.

“We sorely miss the energy and aura that is unique to Knock and, as a result, part of the hotel experience – returning guests are getting in touch, all hotel facilities are coming out of hibernation, and all teams, new and old, are being retrained to meet the new demands of perspectives of Covid to ensure everyone’s safety. This is truly a magical time for all parties involved.”

Kilmore Pilgrimage To Knock Shrine Returns

Parish Priest of Knock, Father Richard Gibbons, joined the team, expressing his own sense of hope and joy at the prospect of the hotel returning to host pilgrims – “closed doors are very inconvenient for the team and I am here in Knock – a long History and heritage of welcoming pilgrims to the shrine of our Blessed Virgin Mary is a heritage of which we are very proud and which burdens us from the point of view of responsibility for the preservation of this tradition. The opening of the hotel is key to that, and the team was key

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