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Kisah Seram Hotel – Horror stories at Hotel Putra Palace Perlis. I saw a horror story earlier at Putra Brasmana Hotel Kuala Perlis. I once stayed at Putra Brasmana Hotel for 2 days and a really horrible and strange incident happened in that hotel. I am not the only one, there are many who have experienced horrors in hotels staying there.

I heard that the hotel is now trying to solve this problem. Note that this is not an easy problem to overcome in the case of microorganisms.

Kisah Seram Hotel

Kisah Seram Hotel

Coming back to the Putra Palace Hotel Perlis horror story, I also know some of the staff at this hotel. There are some strange stories in this story. Wisely, he also lives in that hotel and must have heard many stories.

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It’s so horrifying when I hear his story. All kinds of stories told. Among the customers who always see someone in a white shirt without a head in the elevator. It’s really scary. Who knows, you might end up in an elevator with this creature. As I am always in hotels, I am reminded of this every time I take the elevator.

According to my friend, the 9th and 11th floors where horror stories always happen are the 9th and 11th floors. So be careful who stays on this floor. There will usually be strange noises.

Another horror story at Hotelputra Palace Perlis in the hotel cafeteria. My friend said that this coffee is hard for people to see. I hear this many times. But now he is fine because the hotel treated him.

Anyway, while I’ve been hanging out at this hotel, I’ve never met one. Alhamdulillah, if possible, I don’t even want to run into this creature. Horror check oii…

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The post Horror story at Putra Palace Hotel Perlis appeared first on Faisal Fredly | Travel like a boss. At the beginning of this year 2019, in the month of February, we were visited by about a dozen men and women who wanted to seek treatment from us.

They seem to be a group of good friends. Some are married while others are still single. His age is approximately in his 20s.

A few days ago they gathered in large numbers and rented several rooms in a hotel in Bintulu, so that it would be easy for them to function like eating, telling stories, doing other relaxing activities, etc.

Kisah Seram Hotel

But they were also harassed by the ‘old neighbors’ who had settled there that day. In other words, the natives existed before the hotel.

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But I don’t want to tell this story right now. I end this story here. Maybe one day I’ll say it again.

Perhaps this story is also related to the hotel. That’s why this story reminds me of a case that happened earlier this year.

Their stories reminded me of an interesting experience I had.

Once, in 2014. If I’m not mistaken, I was approached by a man who worked in a hotel in Bintulu.

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Of course, later I understood what he wanted to tell me. But I’m afraid he doesn’t understand the English I use.

At SK Kampung Jepak, Mrs. Jean, Mrs. Tasha, Mrs. Aza, Mrs. Elsie, Mrs. Wani, Mrs. Bohari and Mrs. Roddy always laugh at my use of English.

But they forget that I was once teaching the 3rd grade students of SK Kampung Jepak entitled “How to make salted fish”. So much so that it’s the only word I usually mention at school.

Kisah Seram Hotel

Asking the man to use Bahasa Malaysia made our conversation a little less formal and more cheerful. I’m actually more comfortable with the situation. It’s good for me to understand what employees need.

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“Assalamualaikum Mr. Malik. I am Mr. Khalid. One of the managers of a hotel in Bintulu. I want to ask Mr. Malik to come to our hotel. I have been informed that Mr. Malik is a “ghost king.” More or less like the plague, I was informed by my other employees. Dili. They say that Mr. Malik can catch and cast out ghosts.”

“Valayakumsalam Mr. Khalid. First, call me Cikgu Malik. It’s simple and friendly. Second, I’m not a ghost king. The ghost king is actually Lakantullah Satan. I don’t want the title of Ghost King Mr. Khalid. . I want to be an ordinary teacher. . Thirdly, I cannot catch a devil because it is a miracle of Allah’s Prophet Sulaiman A.S. No matter who the person is and no matter how good he is, they cannot catch a devil.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Khalid. Tuan Khalid has done nothing wrong. What Khalid told me earlier is true. Only the designation is not accurate.”

I thought for a moment about some of the hotels we stayed at in Bintulu. I know the name of the hotel and where it is. I don’t want to mention the name of the hotel here.

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“Language is as easy as a teacher. During this year, visitors to our hotel often feel disturbed by something strange there. It affects the profitability of our company. Our customers are decreasing over time. Throughout the course, our customers are dwindling.

“Imagine that disruptions happen almost every day. No matter what floor they live in, someone is bound to get hit. But not everyone is affected. Lately, disturbances happen frequently.”

“But the problem with our business this year is that there are losses and profits for the teachers. Those who have losses continue. If this problem is not solved, we may close our hotel branch in Bintulu. All our operating costs are higher than the profit current. That’s why the hotel branch This is the last option before closing, we want to work first

Kisah Seram Hotel

What to do That’s why we want to ask the teachers to help us see what it’s like. If this problem is not solved, we will close the hotel immediately, professor.

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“Please throw it away, throw it away. Just don’t let the teachers come back to our hotel. I only care about one teacher. If this hotel closes, I can go back to the peninsula. My employer is the same but I have moved to another branch. But what what about the teachers under me?” “They have families, parents and children to support them.”

I was very impressed when Tuan Khalid explained to me his concern for the workers under him. This is a human value that a leader must possess. Hard as hard and easy as easy.

“Okay sir. God willing, I will think about it first. I will come if there is free time. First we will see how the situation is and then we will discuss what we should do. Then I will talk to my friends.”

“If you don’t mind, would it be okay if only one teacher came to our hotel first? It’s not that I don’t trust my friends. But I want to protect the name of the hotel and the reputation of our hotel. I’m afraid that the story of our hotel will come out later “.

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“Teacher, don’t worry. My friend will come with the teacher later. Then, if there is a teacher, my friend won’t be so scared later.”

I was silent for a moment. How can Tuan Khalid’s friends trust me when I am as scared as they are. Maybe even more.

While watching the western ghost story called “Mom”, I was the one hiding behind Alisha. Frightened by mom’s story, the ghost would suddenly come out and make me jump in surprise.

Kisah Seram Hotel

I did not give any answer in the form of agreeing with Tuan Khalid. I just asked Tuan Khalid to call me the next day.

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Actually, I want to pray Istikhara Sunnah first to ask God for guidance. Whether I have to come or not.

After some time after the conversation on the phone, I was ready to perform the Sunnah Istikharah prayer. Words of the Prophet SAW;

Jabir bin Abdullah R.A. Hadith of He said: Rasulullah SAW once taught us Istikhara in all matters, just as he taught us the surahs of the Qur’an. He said:

“If one of you has a strong desire to do something, he should offer two rak’ahs of prayer that are not obligatory prayers and then pray;

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“Oh God, I ask you for guidance with your wisdom, I ask for judgment with your power and I ask for your great mercy because you are really powerful and I have no power, you know when I don’t have it, and you are the one who knows the unseen… Oh God, if you know that this matter (and then directly mentions the matter in question) is better for me in religion, in life and in the end of my affairs, or you say: in the near future and in the future, then fix it. I and for min Make it easy. Then bless me to complete it. If you know that this matter is bad for me in religion, life and the end of my affairs, or say: either in the near future or in the future, then keep that matter away from me and keep me away from it. And set it right. Where it’s good for me. Then make me a person who’s happy with the decision.”

“And seek help (from God) through patience and prayer; and prayer is too burdensome except for those who are humble.”

And that is what I did when I started the Sunnah Istikharah prayer. So that my prayer really reaches God and God answers it in a beautiful language and in the language of love.

Kisah Seram Hotel

Also, to better understand what God warned me about the results of Istikhara before and not what I asked for.

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“And the soul and its fullness (the creation), then God inspires that soul with wickedness and (the way of) righteousness.” (Surah As Shams: 7-8)

That night I offered two rak’ahs of Sunnah Istikhara Namaz. when

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