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Isy Hotel Sdn Bhd – Hi friend? well how are you I hope you are safe and sound. Our trip to the hidden gems in Mersing, which was planned for this month, had to cancel the trip to Kundsang because covid has reached dangerous levels in Sabah. The AA flight was also cancelled. So we just announced a CC collection credit account. Only one hotel at Sutera Lodges Kinabalu cannot be cancelled! So lost RM420 there.

The sky is not always clear, one day before the transition, Klang province is declared PKPB! hell! how is it? All AB settled! Wait for the day to move! I want to raise you, SF you can’t leave the house, you can only go to a bad place. Twice sad! KK not happening, mercing is the same? Come on! Another thing is that I want to find a replacement! Then he called everywhere who was available. SN needs to apply 5 days before the holiday, ZR just wants to start on Friday. turned around already! Luckily I thought of HF! Try your luck, so it’s available and dare to go! Thank You Baby! We remember your service!

Isy Hotel Sdn Bhd

Isy Hotel Sdn Bhd

The day before our trip to the island, we stayed at the Seri Malaysia Mersing Hotel. The next morning just take the boat to Batu Jetty. Just take a quick walk around Mersing Beach that day and buy some food to take back to the island.

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At the government rate, to me it’s not worth the hotel even the free breakfast! Ha ha ha! The facilities are really limited but still feel lucky that someone sponsored our stay this time. So, there is nothing special to say! Thank You Baby!

Just put it, HF wants to rest because he is drunk on the road at the junction, he is dizzy turning around to come to Mersing from Kluang. Luck took all the nausea meds. No need to ask SY about this hangover cure! Because there is always food when you fish. You can find the medicine at the pharmacy.

Killing time to have dinner later after Maghrib, I just walk around the beach area near the back of Sri Malaysia Hotel. There is an Eshkol hospital in front of the hotel. I’m not even sure what Eshkol Hospital is, so I googled it. People, equipment, facilities and others can ensure that their use can be optimized).

The rajaka and cracker shop on the right is very tasty! As long as the sky serves, the evening wind, pghhhhhh! Let them unite and wow! Behind is a hotel. So you can reach it on foot. Running in the evening is also a shock. If you want to go to the Mersing ferry terminal, it’s not far. Not to mention the city of Mersing. It’s strategic! After that we went to Brother Joe’s Grilled Fish! Only 6 km from the hotel! Even the stomach is hungry.

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Not in the mood to take pictures of the store. Ha ha! Even if it’s not a weekday, there are still people. So you should get to the restaurant area before 20:00. How long to wait for. The sea breeze encourages a hungry stomach.

The next day we will have breakfast at the hotel. Curry mackerel and nasi lemak are good. Even the room here is not pleasant. Even hand soap comes in the sink, and is there a poster on how to wash hands right? But the hotel has run out of soap that can be filled in the sink at the cafe? Izzy…Izzy… Manager, please pay attention, okay?

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