Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

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Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open – Taco Bell fans love Taco Bell, which may seem surprising given that consumers only spend an average of 3 minutes and 55 seconds with them. So we asked, “What if they spent more time together”?

Inspired by Taco Bell’s biggest fans, The Bell Hotel was a one-of-a-kind, full immersion experience chosen for them, but created for everyone. The result was a fully fleshed-out direction for Taco Bell that reflected the cultural zeitgeist and provided ample storytelling opportunities for multiple business objectives.

Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

How do you differentiate your brand as a category unit in a competitive segment with a lot of marketing noise?

Taco Bell Pop Up Resort Turns Hotel In California Desert Into A ‘tacoasis’

In a world where food is increasingly experiential, we created a fully-realized food-inspired taco stand that served as the backdrop to tell the brand’s countless stories. The Bell had everything a traditional hotel and resort would include, but all with a Taco Bell twist. From hot sauce-inspired pool floats and room key cards, to synchronized swimmers, to a gift shop with custom souvenirs and Taco Bell resort wear, to an on-site salon, to hot yoga and in-room breakfast, it’s all in the hotel was designed for fans and exclusively for the brand.

Since we already knew fans wanted to get married at Las Vegas Cantina Taco Bell, wear Taco Bell gear from Forever 21, and visit a futuristic Taco Bell from a major motion picture, we thought they’d love a vacation at a Taco Bell hotel. and the resort too. They did.

To further strengthen Taco Bell’s reputation as a fast food restaurant rather than a lifestyle brand, we created a place where fans could celebrate their love for Taco Bell, food and each other.

From check-in to check-out, The Bell was much more than a place to stay, it was a way to rekindle the brand’s love for casual and cult fans alike.

Taco Bell Hotel

The Bell gained attention months before registration, exciting fans with a teaser and limited details strategically covered by the media. Even celebrities, from Jimmy Fallon to Ellen DeGeneres, have been buzzing about this coveted, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After advertising the hotel, people went crazy. Eager fans created hype and anticipation, making reservations in two minutes and traveling from 21 different states to visit the “tacoazi” in Palm Springs, California.

Among them: a couple on their honeymoon, a couple who canceled their anniversary trip to Prague after making a reservation, and a couple who got engaged on the spot.

Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

People spent a lot of time with Taco Bell, whether they were in a hotel or not. With zero media dollars paid, The Bell appearances accounted for 75 percent of Taco Bell’s earned media impressions in the previous year.

Taco Bell Hotel Sold Out In Palm Springs Within Minutes

And while consumers everywhere actively avoided brand ads, we had fans running to The Bell. Over 80,000 people chose to communicate via email and we had over 2.2 million unique visits to the hotel landing page.

The experience was invaluable. After all, The Bell proved that even a restaurant known for its speed can slow down and spend time with the ones they love. Fall asleep in a room decorated wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling with Taco Bell artwork; wake up to a Taco Bell breakfast special delivered to your door; and floating in the pool on a giant packet of Taco Bell sauce that’s your raft are all just a taste of what guests at The Bell will experience this summer at Palm Springs’ unique pop-up hotel.

It’s a place where “taco dreams really do come true,” said Jennifer Arnoldt, Taco Bell’s senior director of retail operations, in announcing that V Palm Springs will be the site of this “historic event, August 8-12.”

“Any of our fans lucky enough to get a reservation will have bragging rights for the rest of their lives,” said Arnoldt, who spearheaded the creation of the pop-up hotel. “It’s really going to be spectacular.”

Inside Taco Bell Hotel At V Palm Springs: How To Book

Apparently, a lot of people wanted to book a stay at the first — and so far only — Taco Bell pop-up hotel. Reservations sold out within minutes of opening at 10 a.m. PT on June 27 at

“Honoring Taco Bell is truly unique, and today was one of the best displays of this fandom,” global brand director Marisa Thalberg said in an email. — The Bell: The Taco Bell Hotel and Resort officially sold out in just 2 minutes. We want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who came on this journey with us, and while The Bell is sold out, we’ll have more information about exclusive merchandise, food and more in the coming weeks. those who cannot appreciate the room can still feel the satisfaction of home.’

More than 70 rooms will be available when Taco Bell takes over V Palm Springs, 333 E. Palm Canyon Drive. Four types of rooms will be available: king-size bed with a standard view; king size bed with a view of the pool; two queen beds with a standard view; two queens overlooking the pool.

Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

Rates start at $169 per night and reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no minimum stay – book for one night or all four. But because of the scheduled events, officials say the event is best for guests 18 and older.

My Night At The Taco Bell Hotel

No day will be the same. Entertainment will include Feed the Beat artists, immersive films and the first-ever “Freeze Lounge,” inspired by Mountain Dew Baja Blast, which will offer cold drinks and a cool lounge.

Originally, they wanted a location within a two-hour drive of the metropolitan area to make it easily accessible. Another was the predictable weather.

“And third, we really wanted to have an attractive vacation spot,” said Arnoldt, who lives in Irvine but is a self-described “huge Palm Springs fan” who visits the area often.

The Bell Hotel is another example of why some of the world’s top brands love to come to Palm Springs, said Mayor Robert Moon.

We Snagged A Room At Taco Bell’s Epic Hotel In Palm Springs — Here’s What It Was Like

“The vibe of the fun city is irresistible to an audience whose brands share the same energy and vitality,” Moon said. “Taco Bell is a global brand whose young audience will have a chance to experience Palm Springs and share it with their friends, family and community.”

“The Bell Hotel provided incredible national exposure for how to find your tacOASIS,” said White, leaving the CVB’s theme of “Find Your Oasis.”

“We are so excited that Taco Bell chose our oasis for this very fun and creative activation. We hope they make it an annual event,” White said.

Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

According to Arnoldt, since the pop-up was announced in May, there has been a “huge, huge” response not only in the United States, but also in Japan, India, Australia and Hong Kong.

Cooking For The Taco Bell Hotel & Resort

“It’s been a global response, so we love that we’re giving our fans the opportunity to travel around the world to experience it,” she said.

Many hotels were considered before deciding on the V Palm Springs, she said, noting that the newly remodeled hotel’s size — 140 rooms — and layout were key.

“We’re known for providing really unique, cool experiences for our fans,” said Arnoldt, from inviting Taco Bell lovers to come to the test kitchen to try new dishes and partnering with Forever 21 on a fashion show for Taco Bell weddings . restaurants

“We knew our fans really wanted this immersive experience where it’s the culmination of everything. It’s about our food. This is about our music. It’s about commodities and everything in between,” Arnoldt said.

Taco Bell Hotel’s Menu Includes Fire Chip Chilaquiles, More: Photos

According to Arnoldt, the pop-up coincidentally falls on Splash House’s second weekend and is not held in conjunction with that event.

“This is not a festival. We approach it like a hotel and a resort. Yes, there will be music, but it’s not a festival at all. We approach it as one of the boutique hotels… on Palma. Springs area, Arnoldt says.

Guests will be immersed in Taco Bell on every level – through the decor, the food and everything in between.

Is The Taco Bell Hotel Still Open

“Once you get to the hotel, we’ll give you the key to the storage room and then we’ll take it from there,” she said.

Living Mas: A Night At The Taco Bell Hotel

Local Taco Bell franchise owners and their teams have been brought in to help with menu items, which will include classic Taco Bell favorites and many new items unique to the event.

She did not go into detail about the food menu, saying only that she plans to “delight our fans with food at every turn.”

There are currently no plans for another pop-up hotel, so this could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who can get a room.

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Forget The Ritz: Taco Bell’s Hotel And Resort Hits Palm Springs

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