Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

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Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open – Kent is never short of great places to stay or eat – with hotels and award-winning restaurants around every corner.

But unfortunately not every establishment in the area is compliant, and that’s exactly what Gordon Ramsay discovered when he visited Folkestone during an episode of his flagship show Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares.

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares sees the celebrity chef visit a failing restaurant each week, acting as a troubleshooter to help improve the establishment.

The Sandgate Hotel In Folkestone Announces Sudden Closure

Ramsay would visit the restaurant again a few months later to see how things had fared in his absence.

Back in 2005, Gordon traveled to the Sandgate Hotel in Folkestone – a 15-room seaside building.

The hotel is owned by husband and wife team Peter and Lois and it is losing £2,000 a week – resulting in Peter going back to work as an engineer.

Neither Peter nor Lois had ever run a restaurant or guest house before, and this was their first venture into the hospitality industry.

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Lois was already selling perfume at the airport, so running a food and hotel was a big step.

When Gordon arrived at the hotel, he was left waiting at the front desk for a considerable time before anyone noticed he was there.

Gordon Ramsay visited Sandgate on Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in 2005 (Image: Getty Images for Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appétit)

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

Gordon soon discovers that the hotel’s three restaurants, a bar, a terrace and a Japanese restaurant in the basement, are empty.

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Lois and Peter have revealed they stand to lose up to £250,000 and face closure by winter if summer doesn’t arrive soon.

First impressions are not great as you face some confusion trying to order from the Japanese menu in the main restaurant.

The restaurant manager told him he would have to go to the basement for that option, before the general manager came and contradicted him, saying he was welcome to wait.

Although there were three managers at the hotel during Gordon’s visit, only two managers were present in the restaurants.

Sandgate, Kent, Sandgate Stock Photo

After spending some time in the restaurants, Gordon discovered that head chef Stuart White is in charge of all the restaurants in the hotel, which has a total of 168 dishes on the menu.

The rice on the Japanese starter was undercooked and the a la carte chicken dish was missing key components.

Gordon turns to the waitress in the episode and says, “Take me waiter, I miss the b******,” because he knows he didn’t get potatoes with his meal.

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

He tried the chicken but decided it was too tough and not as good as the chicken, before finding he could only taste the thick tomato sauce running through it.

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Gordon went down to the kitchen and saw that the food was actually being cooked by an 18-year-old maid.

Executive Chef Stewart said he didn’t have time to taste everything, but admitted he finished and admits he’s no expert on Japanese cooking.

After his disappointing meal, Gordon heads to the beach to host a drill with the hotel staff to find out who they think is responsible.

The owners have so many employees working for them that no one knows who is running the hotel.

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Gordon gives Lois’s owner the hard truth that she needs to take charge and find more.

To show the management how the hotel is not doing well, Gordon orders Stewart and the food and beverage manager from the kitchen for the first time.

They witnessed chaos in the kitchen, with customers left waiting for their food for more than an hour.

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

After a team-building exercise, Gordon discovers that the Japanese restaurant is costing more than it makes and suggests the owners close it down for good.

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Gordon also found that staff were spending up to £2,000 a month on alcohol – money the business didn’t have.

To help Stewart regain his confidence, Gordon supports him in creating a new seafood-based menu – the two visit a local restaurant where they get a free snack of oysters in hopes of getting new business for the winter months.

The restaurant is full and the kitchen is busy, but unfortunately the service in the restaurant is still bad.

Stuart introduced an alert system to notify the wait staff when the food was ready, and Lois discovered that they were getting new customers and that the new seafood menu was selling out.

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Gordon sat down in the new one and took some food, noticed the good work and thoroughly enjoyed the sea bass food.

Unfortunately, the owners decided to take a break from the company and the facility was sold in 2006.

One person commented: “We took the family, just the five of us, for Christmas lunch, the food was excellent, the staff very professional, enjoyed it every time.”

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

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Residents see this dramatic change as “the beginning of Christmas” in the community, and it’s all for good reason

Gravesend native Chris Simmons appeared when he carried his role on the bill from 2000 to 2003 The owners of the Sandgate Hotel in Folkestone have confirmed the venue will cease trading but mystery still surrounds the reasons why.

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

In a Facebook post last night, hotel officials thanked the community for their support and culture over the past months.

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It read: “The owners of the Sandgate Hotel have tonight decided that the hotel will cease trading with immediate effect.

Dean, Dave, Jade, Nigel and the rest of the team would like to thank everyone who has given their support and culture over the last few months.”

He wrote: “It is with great sadness that I speak here rather than speak directly, but that decision is clearly made.

The hotel, located in Wellington Place along the Sandgate Esplanade, was loved by many and many former guests of the hotel expressed their displeasure at its closure.

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“We still have a hell of a lot to give and some exciting plans for the future.” Some human traits leave much to be desired.

Nigel Langdale, who also works at the hotel in the kitchen, paid tribute to his colleagues at the post.

“The best management team I have ever worked with and I will forever be grateful to Dean and Dave for giving me the opportunity to reign in my passion for cooking,” he wrote.

Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

“I really enjoyed it. We had a great response from the food we sent out, especially my scotch eggs and Sunday roast, with a great atmosphere in the bar.

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“Such a shame the owner has decided to close the site immediately and fire all current staff and team.”

“The good news is the owner said ‘they can call me when things come up and tell me to come back to work for them.’

The hotel, located on Wellington Place along the Sandgate Esplanade, was loved by many and many former guests of the hotel expressed their displeasure at its closure.

Steve Parrish wrote: “The future is bright for anyone with a little patience!” Who can predict the flood that changed the age of progress.”

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He wrote: “Noooo! You all gave the world a new life. We are so excited about the rebuild and have been ever since.

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Is The Sandgate Hotel Still Open

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The Sandgate Hotel

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