Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

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Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open – Walk off the dock and head towards the Hotel, but don’t go in yet. Walk to the fountain on the left and pick up the “Little Mermaid” music box.

Once you enter the hotel, look to your left to find a map of the hotel (for guests). Here is the fully populated map:

Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

Walk up to the elevator on the far east side and grab the can of Thinner. Back to the first floor.

Lake View Hotel

Enter the West door of the “Toluca” Café. Through the door is a narrow hallway with a Mannequin or two at the end. Kill them and enter the door at the end of the hall. In the small supply closet are three boxes of Pistol Ammo and one box of Rifle Ammo.

Enter the restaurant to find the “Fish” Key on a table with a plate. Approach the piano to play a cutscene.

The room outside will now have two Abstract Dads. This Abstract Father is much weaker than the previous one.

You can find a Save Square on a chair in the northeast corner of the room, to the left of the Music Box.

Lakeview Signature, Trademark Collection By Wyndham

Go to the East side of the room to find a Reception Desk. A letter will be on the table directing you to the location of the videotape. Enter the door on the left side of the table to go behind the table. Check the lockbox to find the Key to Room 312. This is the room James and Mary stayed in three years ago. It’s also the room marked on the map that says “I’m waiting for you…”

Take the west (left) door at the top of the stairs Your first stop should be the Cloak Room. Before entering, check the table at the end of the room to find two boxes of Pistol Ammo.

The Cloakroom has many useful items. You can find a First Aid Kit on the counter, two boxes of Shotgun Shells on the back shelf, and two boxes of Pistol Ammo near the shotgun ammo.

Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

The most important thing in this room is the Briefcase. Use the “Fish” key to open it and receive Hotel Room Key 204.

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The Reading Room contains a Health Potion on a table and two boxes of Shotgun Shells on two bookshelves.

Exit the Reading Room and go to the West hotel room. There will be an Abstract Dad here, so get ready. Enter room 204.

Use Hotel Room Key 204 to open. On the table is an Employee Elevator Key.

Walk towards the left wall to find a large hole. This allows you to easily enter Room 202.

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Inside Room 202 is a suitcase on the floor and several photos all over the bed. Investigate the photos to find photos with a black X on them. Use the Thinner here to remove the black X and find the code on the suitcase. Use the code to open the suitcase and receive the “Cendrillon” music box.

Return to the Lobby, but stay on the second floor near the stairs. This time, take the East door in front of the hotel.

Immediately to the left is a Health Drink and a box of Rifle Shells on two tables. Go down the hall and use the Employee Elevator Key on the door marked “Private”.

Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

Enter this room and you will find two Health Drinks in the Janitor’s Cart. Look on the other wall to find a Save Square.

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Enter the elevator and the alarm will sound. Investigate the button to see the maximum allowance is a person. Walk up to the shelf near the elevator and put everything inside. You can’t bring anything or the elevator won’t work. The only thing you can save is your map.

You will now be in the Hotel Employees section. To the left of James is a bulletin board with a map of the hotel (for employees). This fills in all the missing parts of the previous map. Since you don’t have your flashlight now, you won’t be able to read your map outside of well-lit areas.

The first stop should be the Pantry. You can find it by looking for the red light above the door. Inside is a “Snow White” music box.

The next place you should stop is the office. It is the door to the right of the Elevator. Inside is a Videotape and a Can Opener in an open safe.

Copthorne Lakeview Hotel Dubai, Green Community, Dubai

The last room to check out is the Employee Lounge. On top of the fridge are two boxes of Gun Shells.

To return to the hotel guest section, take the stairs south of the laundry room down to the basement. The basement is too dark to read the map, so use the map at the top of the page to find your way.

This basement hallway will have two Mannequins, so keep an eye out. There are two rooms that you can enter from a dark hallway.

Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

Enter the Boiler Room to find a Bar Key hanging from the boiler. There is also a First Aid Box on the floor.

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Enter the kitchen to find three Health Potions on two counters. There was also an unlabeled can on one of the other counters. Use the Can Opener you took from the safe to receive the light bulb. A light bulb in a tin? Is it a Japanese thing or a video game thing?

Go to the counter to find a door outside the bar. If you try to get out of the bar, you won’t be able to find the lock. Look at the lamp bar without bulbs. Use the light bulb here to illuminate the area. Now you can use the Bar Key and exit the bar.

Go and collect the items you left on the Second Floor, in the Hotel Elevator. Watch out for the Mannequins in this first room.

Once you have recovered your items go to the Music Box. You need to use all three music boxes to solve the puzzle. If you’re having trouble figuring out which slot goes into which box, check out the Music Box Puzzles page.

The Grand Hotel A Romantic Escape

Solving the puzzle will give you the Hotel Stair Key. Get it from the music box, now we can go to the third floor. Go up the lobby stairs and exit through the West door. There is a staircase that leads immediately to the right of James to the second floor, go up and use the Hotel Stair Key on the iron door.

UFO Ending If you are looking for the UFO Ending, this is the last place to use the Blue Gem. Stand next to the window and use it to reveal the end. This must be done before watching the videotape!

Go to the television by the window. I use Videotape while standing in front of the VCR to see what’s on. After a short cut scene, James realizes what really happened to Mary, and the hotel moved to the Other Way.

Is The Lakeview Hotel Still Open

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