Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

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A group of urban explorers have shared the “disgusting” room they’ve never seen, inside an abandoned hotel.

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

Ashley Howell, who posts her exploits on TikTok as @ashleyurbex, posted a chilling clip on the site last month.

Mold In Air Conditioner System. Danger And The Cause For Diseases In Hotel Or Office Stock Photo

In the middle of the room are two single beds pushed together which, at first glance, appear to be covered in a fluffy duvet.

Upon closer inspection, the explorers realize that the beds are actually covered in mold, prompting them to exclaim that it “looks like it snowed here.”

They then find black and white mold all over the curtains, the ceiling and “even in the bloody photos”.

A scenic painting of a family in the countryside is distorted, with a brown layer of fungus on the surface.

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Howell, who is based in Milton Keynes, south east England, shared two other videos of the venue but did not reveal its location.

One of the clips contains the text: “Hotel and wedding venue abandoned for over 6 years! What an amazing find.”

@ashleyurbex This hotel room was full of mold 🤮 #abandoned #abandonedplaces #urbex #abandoned #urbanexploration #fyp #for you @abandonedsean ♬ original sound – Ashley Howell

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

Howell’s third video from the hotel revealed that, bizarrely, “all the electricity is working”. The explorers turned on the television and even boiled a kettle, while filming the working facilities.

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A guided tour of the abandoned building revealed guest rooms named “Rowan” and “Willow”, with another sign pointing the way to “Autumn Suites”.

Rooms have tables, chairs, beds, and side tables, plus carpeting and framed pictures hanging on the walls.

One large room with hardwood floors is filled with purple furniture stacked against the walls, while another has furniture stacked haphazardly. A four-poster bed sits in an empty room.

@ashleyurbex This hotel has been around for over 6 years!😲 #abandoned #abandonedplaces #urbex #urbanexploration #fyp #for you ♬ original sound – Ashley Howell

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In a bathroom, Howell’s group writes their names on a tiled wall, along with doodles of other urban explorers.

The “disgusting” hotel is also his most popular video to date, with 1.5 million views. TikTokers were particularly horrified by the moldy bed.

@ashleyurbex Hotel and wedding venue abandoned for over 6 years! What an amazing exploration 🔦 #abandoned #urbex #urbaneutforskning #fyp #for you ♬ Sweet Dreams (A cappella) – Holly Henry

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

Urban exploration has grown in popularity in recent years, with adventurers sharing their incredible photos on social media. However, some have warned against the hobby, citing legal or security concerns.

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This could pose a health risk to explorers, according to lobby group Asbestos Justice. The organization said: “Although this is not always the case, it can mean trespassing. As many derelict buildings are derelict and in disrepair, there are inherent dangers in urban exploration, with dangerous ground and broken glass found at sites.There may also be hidden hazards, such as asbestos.

“It is not always easy to identify materials containing asbestos and the fibers themselves can be so small that in a dark, confined room they are unlikely to be seen.”

Stock photo of a moldy room. City explorers have shared chilling footage of an abandoned hotel. dimitris_k/Getty Images Mold thrives in buildings when the conditions are right. It damages the fabric of your home and is potentially harmful to people.

Most people have seen mold growing in their homes – kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most popular places. But few people expect to find mold infestations in places like hotels.

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Mold is a fungus and a health hazard. There are different types, and some cause chronic and serious health problems.

The best protection against this danger is discovery. Don’t let a moldy hotel room ruin your vacation. Here are the signs of mold in hotel rooms and what you can do to make sure you don’t pay the price.

Mold in hotels is caused by the same issues that can cause it to grow in your own home. The main culprits are excessive humidity levels, water damage, and hot, humid areas.

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

However, hotels also have unique features not found in domestic properties, and these can also be breeding grounds for different types of mold.

Sachas. Britannia Sachas Hotel, Manchester

Cohabitation and constant changes of occupation make it more difficult to control the conditions for the development of this fungus. These hazards aggravate the situation and increase the hotel’s health risks.

Check genuine reviews carefully before booking a hotel and ask the hotel about their cleaning protocol. Look at pictures of your room and find out if the room has a fan.

Acremonium is a common type of mold in hotel systems such as cooling coils, humidifiers and drain pans. It starts out as a wet spore but turns into a fine powder that can be white, orange, gray or pink.

Alternaria is a common mold under leaky tubs, showers and sinks. This is often the result of water damage or an undetected leak. Alternaria can cause allergies and asthma.

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Some types of mold thrive in both hot and cold conditions. One of them is Cladosporium. It thrives indoors on fabrics such as upholstery, curtains and rugs. Hotels use carpeting almost everywhere in rooms and common areas, so Cladosporium may be more common than you think.

Your hotel room should be a home away from home. You don’t expect to live with mold in your home, so why would you want it in your hotel room?

Unfortunately, fungal growth is not uncommon in hotels, and the problem is that it’s not always easy or obvious to spot.

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

The high number of visitors can make it difficult to track insidious mold growth. It can show up in your home faster, and you aren’t responsible or in control of the cleanup.

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The best solution here is knowing how to identify mold so you can report it to hotel management. Here’s what to look for to spot mold damage in hotels.

The bathroom in your hotel room is one of the most prone places for mold to grow, especially since most bathrooms don’t have exterior windows or venting to the outdoors.

Spores can grow between tile joints due to constant moisture and humidity. It’s usually easy to spot, and corners or wall joints are the most likely places near drains or faucets.

Mold can be visible in a hotel bathroom, but don’t discount a musty, musty smell, even if there are no obvious signs of spore growth. There may be a hidden leak under the shower or sink, causing spores to grow and release toxins.

The First Things You Should Check For In A Hotel Room

When you enter the hotel room, it should smell pleasantly fresh and airy. Beware of the heavy smell of air fresheners as these can be used to mask a musty atmosphere.

Peeling wallpaper is a real treat, and let’s face it, who wants to live in a room with peeling paper, for whatever reason? Peeling wallpaper can be caused by water damage, which can lead to mold growth. Even if you can’t feel or see it, you know it’s there by the peeling strips of wallpaper.

If you stay in a hotel for a few days or even a few weeks, you can start having health issues from fungal spores. Symptoms may include a runny nose, sneezing, or eye or skin irritation.

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

Mild allergic reactions can affect some people, but in sensitive people like those with pre-existing respiratory problems, mold can cause asthma attacks.

Hotels: What To Do (and What Not To Do) When Your Room Is Infested With Mold

Let’s say you don’t usually suffer from breathing problems and these symptoms develop after you check into the hotel. In that case, it might be worth searching your room for a possible culprit.

Ask for a thorough inspection of the room. Ask for a change of towels and sheets. Sometimes piled laundry, especially damp towels, can develop fungal growth. Hotel laundry services usually don’t handle this issue properly.

One of the main reasons hotels struggle to control mold growth is the type of cooling system they use. Fungal spores are small and light and are easily carried around heating and cooling systems.

These can be very effective at lowering the temperature and cooling the air, but they don’t necessarily dehumidify it at the same time. Humidity is a major factor in mold growth.

Is This Black Mold And/or Dangerous? Staying At A Hotel And Need An Expert Opinion

The problem may not be visible in your room, but may be in common building systems, such as air ducts. Your health can still be affected, even if the room itself looks clean and fresh.

If you suspect or are certain that your hotel room has mold, you should immediately report it to management and ask them to move you to another room.

If the hotel manager does not support your request or moves you to another room with the same problem, protect your health and leave. You can discuss the cost later from a mold free location.

Is Mold In A Hotel Room Dangerous

Don’t let the hotel management say that some additional cleaning services will eliminate the problem in your room. About mold

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