Is Hotel Del Rey In Costa Rica Open

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Is Hotel Del Rey In Costa Rica Open – Tougher than the security check in Miami, the 6’3″ monkeys of the Del Rey Hotel came through the door to inspect and scan us before we entered the hotel’s bar, Key Largo. After checking in, we walked down a small path to the back entrance of the bar. Something like the dream of a monk or the dream of a horned American. Like in a wet dream where Latina girls are literally raped in a bar by oversexed, penniless girls. Entering such a place, the ego triples exponentially; eyes, smiles, winks, bodies turn to you and greet you with a thick air of sexual tension. As you imagined. , these women are not hard to get; they are prostitutes who work legally and are one of the main tourist attractions in Costa Rica.

I arrived in San Jose a week ago in the evening. Visited Arenal, Manuel Antonio and Quepas and went on typical tourist adventures: ATVs, canoe tours, white water rafting, suspension bridges, tasting the best culinary inventions from different cities, flying through the mountains in a Cessna, fighting lizards for dropped food, walking to the sounds of geckos. , meeting faraway foreigners, talking the usual banter about politics and country antagonisms, driving up and down steep mountain slopes in a low-powered 4×4 SUV, and finally getting caught by beautiful women whistling at the builder. Sounds like child’s play.

Is Hotel Del Rey In Costa Rica Open

Is Hotel Del Rey In Costa Rica Open

Upon entering Key Largo, we try not to make eye contact with the many patient women waiting an hour and $100 to be knocked off their feet; We head to a bar where a grinning grandfather embraces two twenty-something women. They sip their drinks and nod their heads in genuine excitement. We sit not far from the glee band and watch a live salsa band. On stage, two very attractive women dance in sync while singing into a microphone; Red, yellow and green lights shine on their sweaty skin, adding to the ominous atmosphere. We order two pilsners, pull out our Romeo and Juliet Robustos, light them and fill the air with thick Cuban tobacco smoke as we await the arrival of our friend Frank.

Marina Del Rey Marriott

A sixty-year-old Latin American dances to the music in front of the stage. His wet unbuttoned shirt reveals his sagging chest and stomach. He smiles like a man in a pink dress dancing salsa. Her cheeks are sunken, her jawline and high cheekbones are pronounced, her thin black hair is pulled back tightly, the loose strands at her back flowing behind her like strands of conditioner as she dramatically beats a drum to the beat. Her skirt shows her pink color as she twirls in the old man’s arms and pulls back. They dance merrily among young women who flirt with fat and older American men at tables around the dance floor.

Check out what’s available at Hotel Del Rey in San Jose, Costa Rica below. Cameras are not allowed, so pocket camera and poor camera orientation

We read about the hotel online while staying at our hostel in San Jose on the first night of our trip. One of the first things that came up during the search was: “San Jose nightlife”. After seeing Hotel Del Rey on almost every link, we headed over to satisfy our curiosity and find out why the reviews for this place are: “A must visit when in Costa Rica”, “A different experience”, “Be king for a day or a week’, ‘Better with slums’. We didn’t expect it to be so ridiculously surreal – a magical land of brutal sex. We were humiliated.

The hotel is located on a corner near the main street. It presents a clean facade in its neo-classical form, the pale pink body covering old concrete walls with white hoods above each window. Above, a red neon light flashed: Hotel Del Rey. From the outside it looks like an ordinary hotel. When we walked through the revolving glass doors, we were instantly transported.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica — Tourist Guide

We survey the area in silence. We don’t say anything to each other, but we act like we’re here. There are about thirty prostitutes in the lobby; They are resting or waiting for the next job. Trains of girls pass us, smiling and waving. We go to a less crowded part of the hotel; To the embarrassment of many stares and whistles from women in tight pants, with ample tanned breasts and wet, plump, shocking red lipstick, we played about twenty slot machines before entering the lion’s den of a bar. After pumping our coins unceremoniously into the payment machines, our rims awash with stares and caresses from erratic fingernails, we decide to grab a beer and try to time the arrival of the Viagra-induced zombie horde. That beer turned out to be a six-pack, a pack of cigarettes, three shots of Jake, and a middle-aged American named Frank. We spoke to one of the most beautiful women in the country, seeing how they sit and wait for the next meeting on stage; And we’re trying to pay attention to what he’s saying, girls are winking at our hips or putting their arms around our necks, playing with our hair and saying, “Want a date baby?” When asked what. “The girl and I are very good, don’t you think?” – Three for one, dear. We laughed with them to buy them a drink, but we didn’t really want to go with them.

“You are my first today,” she turned to me with a smile. I try not to imagine her yesterday or last week and so many sweaty, fat, horny Americans pouncing on her.

Frank talked about the girls who were staying with us that night and who he liked that night, how many times and different girls you can meet in one day, the guys and the genius owner of the hotel. My friend and I were playing it safe during the conversation, but the remnants of our broken innocence were shattered by the activities of this establishment and its patrons. But we drank it unscathed and opened up to a whole other world of sensuality. We stopped and Frank grabbed his girlfriend’s hand as he led her to the elevator and asked her to meet him after we finished our cross country walk. “I’ll spend another five days! And I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “Then if you want, come back here, get a room, and I’ll buy you more than dinner. Have fun, my friends, and I’ll be here,” he squeezed. a tall, slender “complex” redhead and ran his hands along her back.

Is Hotel Del Rey In Costa Rica Open

Although there are no official statistics based on Schifter’s research, he estimates there are 10,000 to 20,000 sex workers in the country, and 25,000 to 50,000 sex tourists visit the country each year, 80 percent of them. American citizens.

Marina Del Rey Deals & Special Offers

The grandfather went with his two daughters. The girls on stage are still singing about the night of Costa Rica. A girl/guy in a pink dress is talking to another old man, his dance reflects his shoulders. He/she adjusts his/her step and shows how to move his/her shoulders to the beat of the music. We were asked for ten dates and five drinks. About twelve different women are sitting on an empty stool next to us – this stool has a turnover rate of about ten minutes – and the women are putting their bait elsewhere and none of us respond.

We booked a room only for an overnight stay. We talked about taking a girl out for the night, but remembered the “hot girls” we saw the first night we arrived at the hotel.

– Have you seen that tall beauty? I asked my friend, standing at the top of one tree, ready to roll through the canopy to another tree. – She is a stallion!

“I know!” My friend said looking down from the 200 foot drop and turned to look at me. “I don’t know what I’m going to do when she gets back there. It’s so tempting, it’s amazing.

Catamaran Sailing Tour

In shorts and sandals, we are tourists smoking nasty and unpleasant cigars and drinking third beers. Seeing perfumed heads and bodies, white and swarthy skin, broken English, and poor Spaniards in the crowd; We’re waiting for Frank to take us on a nasty meat-smuggling carpet ride in Central America.

Through one of the tavern’s corridors, my friend turned his head carelessly and noticed Frank walking.

I turn to see a tall Colombian woman with fake breasts and an hourglass figure walking by.

Is Hotel Del Rey In Costa Rica Open

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