Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

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Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms – In this article I will look at whether it is safe to use coffee makers for hotel rooms and give some ideas and tips on the best way to do it.

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Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

In general, coffee makers in hotel rooms can pose a health risk because they are often not cleaned properly and, by the nature of their design, they can easily accumulate.

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Bacteria and other harmful microbes. However, you can reduce your risk by using cleaning methods (discussed below).

You might have thought that running boiling water through these coffee makers would virtually eliminate the risk of bacteria or other undesirable elements.

First, Keurig coffee makers don’t actually boil water. The maximum temperature reaches 192°F, well below the 212°F required for boiling (at sea level). This is due to the optimal brewing temperature for coffee (sometimes lower than the optimal temperature for tea).

The good news is that you don’t actually need boiling water to remove many harmful substances, according to Business Insider.

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The bad news is that you need a high temperature for a long time to get rid of these harmful substances, and coffee makers may not be able to provide that.

Coffee machine deposits are a dark, moist environment that allows mold to grow. In addition, sometimes they are hidden in a damp drawer or closet near the hotel safe, which makes the situation even worse.

The 2011 NSF International Home Germs Study found that coffee pots in the home have more germs than bathroom faucet handles and toilet seats!

Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

These microbes include staphylococcus, coliforms, yeast, and mold. In particular, yeast was found in 50% of coffee deposits in coffee makers!

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Do you think the average home coffee maker is cleaner or dirtier than a hotel one?

Keep in mind that hoteliers often don’t spend much time (or at all) deep cleaning coffee pots. They may even forget to clean the cups, which is one of the reasons why you might want to bring your own disposable cups or glasses when traveling.

I’m sure you don’t want your coffee pot to be as clean as your kitchen and think it’s a breeding ground for all kinds of germs.

Another interesting aspect of the study is that none of the volunteers ranked the coffee maker in the top 10 when asked about places where the most germs appear.

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So there’s a real disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to how dirty these coffee pots can be.

Not to raise the fear meter, but to be tired of using coffee pots elsewhere. If you want to drink your morning coffee during a continental breakfast, you might want to think twice about grabbing the handle of your coffee pot without wiping it.

Coffee grounds are known to be a breeding ground for carrying viruses, so try to be a little more careful when picking up your coffee.

Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

Rather than risk drinking mold and bacteria, a safer way to drink coffee or tea during a hotel stay is to properly clean the kettle first.

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These coffee makers can come in different shapes, so the exact cleaning mode will vary depending on the type of model you are using.

Cleaning should remove the calcium and lime scale build-up, which is not toxic but can affect the performance of the machine. But scrubbing can also kill mold, algae, and bacteria.

To clean, first make a mixture of equal parts water and white vinegar. Then run it through the machine.

Once the cup is full, pour out the mixture and then use another batch and repeat the process until you have completely emptied the mixture.

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After that, run the water cycle to rinse the car again. You may need to do several water cycles to get rid of the vinegar taste.

Some people like to wait about 30 minutes between rinsing and rinsing, but I don’t know if you should wait that long.

The process of passing vinegar and water through the coffee pot (cleaning) should be done once every two months for optimal cleaning.

Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

However, as you may have guessed, there are hotels that can take more than a few months to cycle. And some hotels and motels can go years without doing this, leading to a significant build-up of bacteria.

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In addition to the water and vinegar mixture, you may also want to clean areas of the car.

According to Chuck Gerba, professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona, one of the dirtiest parts of a coffee maker is the part of the machine where people place the plastic bag.

So, if you have Lysol wipes, you may want to clean all “high touch” areas.

If it’s a more complex coffee maker with multiple components, you might consider taking everything apart and washing each part thoroughly. It can be a lot of work, but if you’re interested in seeing how it works, check out this video.

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Tip: It’s important to note that ice cubes, which are usually found next to coffee pots, can also be problematic. If you’re thinking of using one of these, you’ll want to clean it thoroughly.

Personally, I don’t like traveling with white vinegar and going through the cleaning process that would eliminate the risk of exposure to anything that might be in the hotel coffee maker.

My solution is to simply buy a travel kettle. You can find them in different forms.

Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

Many travelers like to travel with collapsible kettles. They flatten like a pancake and can easily fit in your luggage without worrying about breaking glass or taking up too much space.

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They are usually made of silicone and come with a stainless steel heating plate and lid. When flattened, they are only about 2 inches tall and about 5 inches wide.

In general, I would try to avoid buying a glass travel kettle because of the risk of breaking it. If you go this route, try keeping it in your carry-on so you can track how it handles.

Tip: If you can’t clean your coffee maker and you don’t have a travel kettle, you can always call the front desk and ask if you can borrow one. It’s unpredictable, but some hotels will be happy to lend you a hotel room during your stay.

Based on available data, coffee maker reservoirs can be a breeding ground for all types of microbes, including yeast and mold. In some cases, it is better to boil toilet water. Granted, this may be overkill, but I recommend avoiding using coffee makers in hotel rooms. Try to find a portable kettle that you can take with you and avoid whatever is hiding in the coffee pot.

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Is Coffee Free In Hotel Rooms

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