Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive

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Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive – 1/13A Legacy Lives On – looks at the life of former White House press secretary Eugene Allen, who served under eight US presidents and is now the inspiration for The Butler, which opens in theaters in August. Forest Whitaker stars as Cecil Gaines, inspired by Allen’s life, and an all-star cast includes Oprah Winfrey, David Oyelowo and Terrence Howard. – Britt Middleton (Photo by Kevin Clark/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

2/13 Humble Beginnings – Eugene Allen was born on July 14, 1919 in Scottsville, Virginia. After working as a waiter in several restaurants, in 1952, he worked as a house cook at the White House, washing dishes and stocking cupboards. The job pays $2,400 a year. (Photo by Kevin Clark/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive

Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive

3/13 President’s Order – Allen is finally promoted to butcher. During his 34 years in the White House, he served presidents such as Harry S. Truman, John F. Kennedy, and Jimmy Carter. Under President Ronald Regan, he was promoted to maître d’, the top of the White House butchers. Allen retired in 1986. (Photo by Kevin Clark/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

The White House Butler: Eugene Allen, A Witness To History

4/13 Facing the Troubles – He grew up in the Jim Crow era and, like many African-Americans of the time, endured the negative effects of racism and segregation. Although he worked in the White House, a shining example of social and political change, blacks were not given high positions and were assigned to kitchen assistants or guards. Gate. (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

5/13 Love at Last – He met his wife Helene on a birthday in Washington in 1942 (Oprah Winfrey played Gloria Gaines, a character based on Helene, in the film). A year later, they married and had a son, Charles. The couple were married for 65 years before Helene died in 2008. (Photo: REUTERS/Jason Reed/Landov)

6/13 In Good Company – Allen reportedly served as Sammy Davis Jr., Duke Ellington, and met Martin Luther King Jr., among many others. (Photo: National Archives/News)

7/13 President’s Perks – Over the years, his role has evolved from valet to the confidant and friend of many presidents. His experiences include golfing with President Gerald Ford, flying Air Force One, and being invited by Nancy Reagan to West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s state dinner. (Photo by Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images)

Go See The Story About Eugene Allen “the Butler”

8 / 13 Always working – After finishing his work, he was invited to attend the funeral of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, but he declined. “Someone has to be in the White House to serve everyone when they come out of the funeral,” Allen told the Washington Post in 2010. (Photo: Keystone/Getty Images)

9/13 Witness to history – Allen has worked in the White House and some of America’s revolutions, but nothing prepared him for witnessing President Obama, America’s first black president, take the oath of office. “You never dream that you’re going to dream of a moment like this,” Allen told the Washington Post of Obama’s historic election. (Photo by Dennis Brack/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

10/13 Connect with Obama – Allen received a VIP invitation from the White House for Obama’s inauguration. Allen told the Washington Post that he and his wife were happy to vote for Obama in the 2009 election. Unfortunately, Allen cast his vote for Obama, as Helene died on the evening of election day. (Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive

11/13 Humble Man – Despite his enduring presence in White House history, he “likes to think of himself as a humble butcher,” son Allen, Charles, told the Washington Post in 2010. (Photo: Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images)

Obama’s America’ , ‘obama Anak Menteng’: Movies Based On Barack Obama’s Life

12/13. The camera is calling – In 2008, the Washington Post profiled Allen, bringing his incredible life story inside the White House and the source. Although Allen was offered several national TV appearances and interviews, Allen declined and continued his quiet life after the White House. According to the Post, he eventually lived in a “simple house on Georgia Avenue NW” in Washington. (Photo: CBS/Landov)

13/13 A Forgotten Life – Allen died of kidney failure on March 31, 2010 in Washington, DC. He was ninety years old. Allen has one son, five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. (Photo by Douglas Grundy/Three Lions/Getty Images), which opens Friday, is based on the life of Eugene Allen, the White House butcher who served 34 years and eight administrations. In fact, it’s so loosely based that it’s hard to tell which parts of the story are based on Allen’s real life – with parts added for dramatic effect.

During his time in the White House, Allen quietly watched as officials made many critical decisions that affected his civil rights as a black American.

Daniels’ film substitutes the real life of Eugene Allen for the fictional Cecil Gaines, using the unique perspective of the White House butler as a starting point to explore issues of race in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. The result is more of a fictional film than a film.

Lee Daniels Talks Black History And ‘the Butler’

So Allen’s biography inspired the movie, we’ve sorted out what’s true and what’s fiction — all without spoilers.

Allen was born in Virginia in 1919, not Georgia. He came to Washington during the Great Depression. In the film, Cecil Gaines grew up on a cotton farm in Macon, where his family struggled with the white farmers who worked for them. What happened to his parents in the cotton fields was added for dramatic effect.

Allen met his wife, Helene, at a birthday party in Washington. (She was too shy to ask for his number, so he had to find it.) The couple had one son, Charles Allen. In the film, Gaines meets his wife, Gloria, at the hotel in Washington where they both worked before Gaines got his job in the White House. The Gaines family has two sons.

Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive

Allen was hired as a butcher after serving as a White House chef at a hotel restaurant.

A Legacy Lives On

A woman told Allen about a job opening at the White House in 1952. He wasn’t even looking for a job here, happily working at a country club in Washington. He didn’t start out as a butcher right away, he started out as a waiter and then was promoted to valet. He interviewed for the role with maître d’Alonzo Fields, who took an immediate liking to Allen. In the film, the White House manager, who Gaines liked working at a DC restaurant, immediately offered him a job. The character’s mare d’, Freddie Fallows, initially disliked Gaines when he arrived at the White House.

Like Gaines in the film, Allen was working in the White House kitchen the day JFK was shot and received the JFK tie as a gift from Mrs. Kennedy. After he was assassinated, he was invited to attend Kennedy’s funeral, but volunteered to stay at the White House because someone had to serve the attendees when they returned from the funeral.

Although the conflict between father and son over civil rights issues drives the film’s plot, Charles Allen is not the political activist that Gaines’ son is in the film. Charles Allen worked as an investigator for the State Department and never ran for public office.

The Reagans invited the couple to a state dinner with West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. Helene Allen was scared because married couples don’t spend time together at events like this, and she didn’t know how to talk to many college-educated people. His son asked him to talk about his high school experience.

The Butler (2013)

Both Eugene and Helene supported Barack Obama, but Helene died the day before Obama won the 2008 presidential election. The couple had been married for 65 years. Allen received a VIP invitation to Obama’s inauguration and cried while watching the ceremony. The Butler, based on the story of a White House butler by Eugene Allen, hits theaters on Friday. Not surprisingly, Allen’s life was taken with some broad creative license. Still, some of the famous stories are true. Here is a summary of Butler’s story, truth vs. fiction.

This is a wonderful story. Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, will spend eight years in the Oval Office when he leaves the White House in January 2017. But there is a black man who has spent almost four times as long – 34 years – in the White House. House. , watching eight leaders come in and out and see the country changed by its changing walls.

The life of this man, Eugene Allen, is the basis of Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which opens in theaters this weekend. This movie from 2008 inspired

Is Cecil Gaines Still Alive

“The Butler Who Served Well in This Election” is the first story that brings Allen’s story to its core: the butcher who served every president from Truman to Reagan and won the most worse.

Oprah Winfrey Talks About ‘the Butler,’ And Returning To Movies

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