Ipoh Hotel Murah

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Ipoh is located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Full of Malay and Chinese culture. and attracts countless tourists throughout the year. The town is surrounded by the Kinta River. It has an eye-catching appearance with Chinese mansions and colonial buildings. The state capital of Perak is undoubtedly a foodie paradise. Soak in the beauty of the surrounding limestone hills and greenery during your stay at this budget hotel in Ipoh.

Ipoh Hotel Murah

Ipoh Hotel Murah

You can explore Ipoh’s ancient history or enjoy amazing street photos. Ipoh is a city where artists were inspired by the presence of God at the Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple. The famous cave temple located in Gunung Rapa is an inspiring work of art and It is considered the largest cave temple in the country. The temple is set amid beautiful landscapes and gardens surrounding a pond. It consists of numerous Buddha images and other deities scattered in caves among the limestone rocks. Be sure to visit the path behind the main altar that leads to the turtle pond with five species of turtles. Locals believe that releasing turtles into the pond will bring good results. Definitely worth a shot, right? Not enough in the cave? Head to the KeK Lok Tong Cave Temple, which sits majestically on 12 acres of beautiful land. With nearly a century of pilgrimage history The temple is located in a large cave with an interesting limestone structure. KeK Lok Tong Cave Temple will give you a beautiful view. beautiful architecture and many Buddha images in the center of the temple and statues of gods in the Chinese pantheon Then climb the hill and see Kelly’s Castle, built by William Kelly Smith. He wanted his home in Malaysia to feel like his home in Scotland. Relive the history of Kelly Castle with its 17th-century plaster ceilings and high-quality royal furniture. and a Victorian-style garden adorned with beautiful roses. The ruins of this massive fortress are nestled in the midst of lush greenery. It has a mysterious aura and is believed to be haunted by many secret rooms, corridors and underground tunnels. The fort is now a tourist attraction in Ipoh. Visit a haunted 17th century castle and tell us if you’ve seen the ghost of William Kelly Smith in his white suit and hat.

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Why not escape to space with a visit to the Geology Museum in Ipoho? Founded in 1957, the museum has over six hundred minerals. Over 150 stone samples and over two hundred gems are on display. Immerse yourself in the country’s geological heritage as you explore this 343 m² museum spanning 7 different zones. which includes dinosaur fossils Amazing display of crystals and minerals. and numerous murals showing geological formations.

Look no further for the best hotels in Ipoh. Thanks to our wide selection of hotels. OYO in Ipoh is located close to Sunway City, Ulu Bernam, Jalan Leong Boon Swee, Kampung Baru Pasir Pinji as well as great Ipoh hotels near the city. With rooms specially designed for couples, business travelers and backpackers. You are guaranteed to relax! These budget hotels are ideal if you and your partner want to escape to a beautiful city with more comforts than these more expensive luxury hotels. With OYO, you get services such as air conditioning, hot springs, TV, uninterruptible power supply, and 1 bathroom With a wide selection of hotels for tourists and locals in Ipoh. You will definitely like it here. Relax and change in the holy city of Ipoh with your favorite partner OYO.Pernah tak anda impikan sebuah sebuah yang menarik, tidak mandoos danrare? Biasa kalau bercuti, mesti sebab nak shopping, melavat tempat history, cari makan yang sedap. -sedap dan apa lagi?

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One of the things that you can do to make your holiday in Ipoh interesting is exploring Tempurung Cave and Gunung Lang Recreational Park. keindahan alam semula jadi.

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Hotel Seri Malaysia Ipoh is strategically located next to Ipoh Turf Club, di tengah Bandaraya Ipoh Ini memudahkan pengunjung melawat ke tempat-tempat menarik yang lain. satisfied with facilities such as kolam renang, bilik seminars and cafes

Sun Inns Hotel Sunway City Ipoh is located about 1 km from amusement park air yang di Ipoh iiat Lost World Of Tambun, pusat business Sunwat City Ipoh and Sunway College Ipoh Untuk ke bandar Utama Ipoh pula hanya mengmbil masa 15 min perasahan sahaja dengan menggunakan. pacuan empat roda.

Menyediakan lebih dari 5 pilihan jenis bilik sama ada dengan tingkap atau tanpa tingkap, dilangkapi dengan pengawa dingin, Televisen, tuala mandi dan line-line kemudaha utama. One of the budget hotels in Ipoh that is affordable but can provide convenience. Comfortable for visitors

Ipoh Hotel Murah

Located in Bandar Colonial Ipoh, Hotel Shang offers a host of facilities for its guests. It offers simple rooms and furniture. With a reasonable price for a location facing Temparuk Street for a location facing Tempauk Street for those staying at this hotel seperti Town Hall Ipoh.

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Felda Residence Hot Springs, Sungkai Felda Residence Hot Springs, Felda Sungai Klah, 35600, Sungkai, Perak

Ana House A-5-1, King Height Apartment, Jalan Meru Impiana, Taman Meru Impiana, 30020 Ipoh, Perak Muslims Only Parking Pool Non-Smoking 6 Guests 2 Bedrooms

Hotel Seri Malaysia Ipoh 10406, Jalan Sturrock, Off Jalan Tambun, 30350 Ipoh, Perak Wireless internet, parking, pool suitable for events.

Mesti onda rasa tidak sabar untuk kekep sikkei samakan Ipoh Bukan? Quickly select the days you want for your vacation. and select the appropriate date for your stay. If you are lucky with the number of people and want to stay in a homestay We have many options for you!

Hotel Bajet @ Meru Raya, Ipoh

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