In Ground Pools Las Vegas

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In Ground Pools Las Vegas – Well, despite the world’s best efforts, we’ve finally come to summer. The problem is, locked indoors due to Covid-19, we can’t enjoy the summer favorites we usually love.

Installing a swimming pool offers a way to cool off from the summer heat without leaving your property. The only question that remains is whether you should build the pool yourself or hire pool contractors.

In Ground Pools Las Vegas

In Ground Pools Las Vegas

We’ve put together this guide to help you find the best option for you. So let’s get started!

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If you want, you can dig a big hole in your garden and turn it into a swimming pool with a little effort. So instead of asking this question, you should ask yourself another one.

Once you’ve sat down and thought about what it takes to build a swimming pool yourself, you may decide that DIY is more difficult than it’s worth. Although you may want to DIY your pool to save money, it will cost you more in the long run (we’ll show you how below).

For this reason, it’s often not a good idea to DIY your pool. You should stick with professional pool contractors.

When you hire professional pool contractors, you can get the pool of your dreams without having to do the heavy lifting yourself. But being able to relax isn’t the only reason you should work with a professional.

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Before installing a swimming pool in your backyard, you must apply for and obtain the appropriate permits and obtain the necessary inspections. If you go DIY, you’ll have to do this process yourself, which can be complicated and messy.

It’s also easy to make mistakes when trying to do it yourself. If this happens, you will have to re-apply, which will slow down the process.

If you hire a professional, your contractor will take care of this step for you. This means you don’t have to struggle with pages of paperwork.

In Ground Pools Las Vegas

Pool technicians know how to build swimming pools. It may seem obvious, but they have the knowledge and experience to install your pool much faster than you can.

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Depending on the specifics of your pool, you could be swimming in your pool within a few weeks.

You can’t build a pool with a shovel and a pack of cement. It takes a lot of specific tools and materials to build a waterproof pool.

This means that you have to buy the right materials and tools yourself. You will need to hire an excavator to dig the hole for you.

Even if you buy all the right materials, building a swimming pool can be a complicated process. It’s easy to make a mistake. If this happens, you will need to purchase replacement parts or hire a professional to fix your mistakes.

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After all, if your pool has a leak or some other problem, you may still need to call a professional. This means you pay DIY fees and professional fees, which can make the DIY course more expensive in the long run.

A swimming pool is more than water. You need a pool deck and some basic landscaping around it. Pool contractors can add plants, grass, paths, and anything else you want to see near your pool.

They can also fence around your pool. If you have young children or pets, this is a great addition. Otherwise, you risk the safety of your family.

In Ground Pools Las Vegas

Depending on where you live, your city’s building codes may require you to work with a professional contractor when installing a swimming pool on your property. This may not apply to all cities, but it’s an important thing to check when considering DIY your pool.

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In most cases, it is best to hire in-house pool contractors when installing a swimming pool in your backyard. But you shouldn’t just hire the first pool contractor you come across.

Spend some time researching options in your area and reading reviews. This will ensure you get the best services at the best price.

And remember, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. After all, you get what you pay for, which can mean poor service.

Not sure where to find pool contractors in the Las Vegas, Nevada area? We have what you need! By scheduling a free consultation, an experienced representative will come to your home to begin the first stage of evaluating your future team. Enter your details below and we will contact you to schedule your free consultation.

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The owners of Desert Springs Landscaping, LLC, a full-service residential and commercial landscaping company, have been making dreams come true for over 20 years. Our company of professionals offers a wide range of landscaping services in Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Summerlin, North Las Vegas and Southern Nevada. Desert Springs Landscaping offers architects, design professionals, full-service renovations and other Las Vegas landscaping and Las Vegas pool services. We are dedicated professionals who can handle any job, from a small home project to a large commercial project. We can consult, design, build and perform the Las Vegas landscaping maintenance you need to keep your property in pristine condition. Call us at 702.436.8080 or email us directly at

Desert Springs Pools and Spas is not your typical Las Vegas swimming pool contractor. We are financially secure, locally owned and franchise operated. Desert Springs offers a complete package including pool design, landscaping, patio covers, outdoor kitchens and fire pits. We design it, finance it, oversee it, and build your dream yard on time. All costs are covered up front and guaranteed by our no-fault price guarantee. Desert Springs never compromises on quality, but we win your business at reasonable prices.

We are not only Las Vegas’ first swimming pool company, but also the first builders of custom outdoor kitchens and barbecues. We can build and customize an outdoor kitchen or built-in barbecue island to suit any budget and make your Las Vegas outdoor grilling ideas a reality. Using the latest 3D rendering technology, we can take you on a virtual tour of your custom outdoor kitchen | Barbecue island design. Call today and bring the outdoor kitchen and barbecue island of your dreams to life.

In Ground Pools Las Vegas

Desert Springs Builders, Inc., dba Oasis Springs Builders, specializes in custom patio covers, balconies and gazebos that are built to fit your home. All finishes – roof tiles, stucco texture, paint colors and schemes, and similar architectural details – match your home as if it were built by the original home builder. If you are interested, we also offer several alumout options.

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Desert Springs Renovations offers many quality services throughout Southern Nevada. We have grown tremendously over the past two decades and continue to do so not only as a company, but also as community partners. Our experience and long list of satisfied customers gives you and your family peace of mind knowing the job will be done right the first time. Our high level of dedication and attention to detail means we can guarantee every job. We have been an industry leader for over twenty years and continue to elevate the definition of pool renovation. So whether you are looking to renovate your garden paradise or an upscale retail complex, know that we have the experience to meet all your needs. We are now an exclusive dealer of Marquis Spas. For high-end spas, hot tubs and hot tubs and backyard barbecue islands, come visit our showroom.

Talk to a professional to better understand your options. Enter your details below and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Desert Springs Pools and Spas is not your typical Las Vegas swimming pool contractor. We are financially secure, locally owned and operated. Desert Springs offers a complete package. We design it, finance it, oversee it, and build your dream yard on time. We cover all costs with you in advance and guarantee this with our no-fault price guarantee.

Desert Springs Pools & Spas opened in February 1994. We built 70 ponds that year, not bad, but we were just getting started. In 1997, we were doing over 300 pools a year. That was enough to make us the third largest swimming pool builder in Nevada. In 2004, we were building 900 pools a year.

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Fast forward to today – we are now the largest and most respected builder in the Las Vegas Valley. In addition to our new design center and showroom at Valley View & Blue Diamond, you can tour four full-size outdoor pool decks, landscaping, patio covers, barbecue grills, fire pits or one of your backyard needs. under a roof. We have also added a complete pool maintenance section,

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