How To Start Janitorial Business

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How To Start Janitorial Business – If you enjoy cleaning and keeping things tidy, a great home business that you can start is a cleaning services business. While janitorial services usually clean households, janitorial services clean commercial buildings such as businesses, hospitals, schools, retail stores, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and even parking lots. Your “normal business hours” begin when the employees and workers of the commercial facility you clean finish their work and go home.

Many commercial and office cleaning companies expand their cleaning services to other areas as their business grows. This includes:

How To Start Janitorial Business

How To Start Janitorial Business

The cleaning business is not glamorous and may seem “mundane”, but it has proven to be a successful business for those who have a strong vision and are willing to work hard.

Cleaning Industry Statistics

The housekeeping and cleaning business was hit hard by the 2009 recession, particularly by real estate bankruptcies. When the real estate market went into a deep recession, the cleaning business experienced a reduction in cleaning contracts (both in terms of cleaning volume and frequency). In addition, rising vacancies have reduced cleaning activity and hurt profits.

Despite the recession, the cleaning and janitorial business was valued at approximately $78 billion in 2012. As long as commercial space is available, demand for housekeeping and cleaning services will remain strong. Places like shopping malls, medical buildings, industrial complexes and office buildings require cleaning and maintenance of their facilities. The cleaning business has benefited from corporate downsizing and increased business reliance on outsourcing cleaning services. Contracting with private companies to perform this service has also been the best option for many companies given the high turnover rate of employees in this business. After all, it is probably not easy to find someone who thinks that pushing a broom for the rest of his life is the best career.

According to the book “101 Best Businesses to Start”, the potential income for this business in the first year can be $40,000. The turnaround time on the business can be fast, and you can achieve profitability within three to six months of operation.

Cleaning business start-up costs can be as low as $5,000 or less. You can also start a part-time home business with just a car and minimal equipment, assuming you do all the housekeeping and marketing yourself.

Easy Tips For How To Promote Your Cleaning Business

Starting a home business gives you the advantage of keeping your expenses low until you build up some accounts and attract a client base. This allows you to offer lower prices as part of your initial business strategy. Working from home allows you to work flexible hours, mostly part-time, or to work more hours.

If working from home isn’t an option, choose a location that allows your customers to visit you. Lease or rent a space with enough parking space to store equipment and supplies efficiently and safely. Your office doesn’t have to be extravagant or luxuriously furnished; Having a space that allows you to run your business cost-effectively should be a priority. You may also want to think about the potential of your office space to accommodate your growing business.

Experts recommend having at least $50,000 in capital to successfully start this business. If you initially plan to hire employees, you will need heavy equipment, marketing, and most importantly, payroll. For ideas on how and where to get the capital you need to start a cleaning business, read How to Raise Funds to Start a Business.

How To Start Janitorial Business

Cash flow is critical, so be aware that most contractors bill at the end of the month and you’ll need resources to cover the weekly payroll.

Starting A Cleaning Business Checklists (2022)

Like any other business, there are different steps involved in starting a business. You need to decide on and register your business name. Obtain appropriate business registration and licenses by visiting your local county or city hall to find out what their requirements are for starting a business. If you want to work from home, check the zoning guidelines that govern your area to see if you are allowed to start this home business. Read the article Common Questions to Ask When Starting a Business. We use cookies to do great things. By using our site, you accept our cookie policy Cookie settings

This article was co-authored by Raymond Chiu. Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations at, a residential and commercial cleaning service in New York City that provides affordable home and office cleaning services. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Baruch College.

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Are you thinking of starting a cleaning business? Whether you want to work in people’s homes or on a commercial level, cleaning services have a lot of potential. Starting a cleaning business is like starting any small business; You need a clear business plan and a good marketing strategy to help you succeed.

Janitorial Business Names Ideas And Suggestions

This article was co-authored by Raymond Chiu. Raymond Chiu is the Director of Operations at, a residential and commercial cleaning service in New York City that provides affordable home and office cleaning services. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Baruch College. This article has been viewed 315,134 times.

To start your cleaning business, start by deciding what cleaning services you want to offer. Next, choose a business name and pricing structure for the services you want to offer. Then buy the equipment you need, such as floor cleaners, trash bags, industrial vacuums, and cleaning supplies. Finally, set up an accounting system to generate invoices and track what customers owe for services rendered. Read on for tips on marketing your new business! Many people are attracted to the idea of ​​starting their own commercial cleaning business. Perhaps this is because they have relatively low initial costs, do not require special skills or take a long time to get up and running.

If you want to get into the cleaning business, you may be wondering what kind of cleaning equipment you need. To get you started on your checklist, we’ve put together an overview of some of the most common cleaning supplies you might need.

How To Start Janitorial Business

To organize the list, we’ve divided it into three categories: tools that you use repeatedly for your current cleaning tasks; stocks, which are products that require regular replenishment; and equipment, which are heavy and durable goods.

Time Tracking & Scheduling Software For Janitorial Services

These are the items that you and your cleaning staff take with you to each job for daily use on your daily cleaning jobs. These include:

Here you will find products to use as part of your daily cleaning routine. Therefore, you should keep a large amount of them on hand or buy them often.

You may want to consider purchasing green cleaning products, as this can be a very attractive option for some consumers.

The items listed above are items that you will use and buy again and again. Now let’s take a look at the items on our cleaning service equipment list that will provide years of service.

Cleaning Business Tips For Boosting Revenue & Growth

Carts and Carts: To carry all the tools and supplies needed to do a great cleaning job, your staff will need sturdy carts designed specifically for this purpose.

Vacuum: You’ll want to find an industrial-grade vacuum because you’ll be using it a lot more than you would in a typical home. Look for a vacuum cleaner with a high HEPA rating to help reduce airborne dust particles.

Steam cleaners for carpets: Carpets that are walked on every day will eventually need a deeper cleaning, even if they are vacuumed regularly. You need a high-quality steam cleaner for this task.

How To Start Janitorial Business

Transportation: An important question is whether your employees will need to drive themselves and the necessary cleaning supplies to and from your customers’ premises. If not, vans will need to be purchased to transport the crews. Of course, this may not be a requirement in the first place, but it is something to think about in your future.

How To Market Your Cleaning Business (15 Steps)

Of course, if you choose to purchase a commercial cleaning business franchise, you will have access to a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge, not to mention the combined purchasing power of all franchisees. Contact us today and become a partner! Do you want to start a cleaning business? Read on for this no-nonsense guide to turning your dream into a squeaky-clean reality.

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