How To Set Up A Hotel Room For Valentine’s Day

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How To Set Up A Hotel Room For Valentine’s Day – There is a certain feeling when you check into a cool hotel and enter your room for the first time. It’s that feeling of running and jumping on the bed that makes you feel like a kid again. Like relaxing and exciting at the same time. Something about hotel rooms evokes these strange, frightening emotions in people, so it’s no surprise that so many people would love to capture that feeling in their budos. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me for advice on decorating their bedroom and when I ask them how they want it to feel, on 9/10 they reply, “I want it to feel like a nice hotel.” So guess what? I also like my space to feel like a luxury hotel and I want to feel like running and jumping on my bed every time I walk in the door. So today we’re going to learn how to transform your bedroom from glitzy to hotel status (yes, even if it’s a rental).

You may remember my studio apartment: a cool 500 square foot layout that really resembles a hotel, but there is one BIG difference between my apartment (and many rental spaces in general) and hotel rooms: rented apartments and some newer homes can easily feel harsh . white box. If you have a white box case, it’s hard to get rid of it.

How To Set Up A Hotel Room For Valentine’s Day

How To Set Up A Hotel Room For Valentine's Day

Here’s what we’ve worked with for reference (and if you want more “before” photos of the space, click here).

Hotel Room Room Setup Stock Image. Image Of Industry, Indoor

My goal is to get out of this white box feeling, but HOW? How do these hotels pull off this luxury magic trick?? Sure, art above the bed would help, but it wouldn’t change the snow-white vibe. Paint is another great option, but I’m really afraid of the walls getting dark (or even too bright) because I want them to be light and bright, and I don’t want the space to feel MUCH smaller. So, how do we make it less formal and more homey without painting or wallpapering the whole space??? I asked Emily what we should do to make it more like a hotel rather than a white box rental, and we put together a great list of things that make hotels so special (and some of them are VERY EASY to add to your bedroom). /studio apartment). Let’s start studying this case.

NUMBER ONE, which we have noticed in hotels and regular bedrooms are often not standard beds. They immediately give your eye where to go and help the room feel less cluttered. Having a shape other than square helps a lot when you’re trying to get your bedside table, bedside lighting, and bed to work together and not be boring. They add flow and a “designer” element that is often overlooked in most standard bedrooms (important when you have nothing but a small, white and boxy space to work with). It makes perfect sense for your bed to be the focal point of the room, as it is the largest item and will always take up the most space.

How good is this bed from one of our favorite design firms Chzon???? Every hotel they touch turns to gold. Not a joke. Now, if you don’t believe me about the statement bed, let’s show you something else… shall we??

Well, sure, many hotels have spectacular beds, but many also have spectacular walls. So step one: create an interesting bed (here’s the post we did about the options you can buy), then step two (which is optional) add an interesting wall that draws your attention to the bed wall for even more impact. Here is an example:

How To Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

We love the wood slatted wall here (who doesn’t?!) and the white water cumbria does it GOOD. It goes great with their scandi-minimalist vibe and overall gives your look somewhere to go without adding too much contrast. Many hotels also use wallpaper to achieve the look of the wall, but you have to be careful not to create TOO much contrast with the rest of the walls if you choose to wallpaper just one wall. Let me show you what I mean:

See how in this hotel in the photo only one wall was aligned, but the other walls used a dark complementary color so the transition was visually smooth? It’s also a great hack if you want a more expensive wallpaper, so financially you can only rock one wall.

Then for this hotel they have a beautiful bed against a short wall of wallpaper. So cool and honestly very doable.

How To Set Up A Hotel Room For Valentine's Day

Many hotels make the wall of the bed the main focus by adding texture, architectural details, or wallpaper. Accent walls are hard to nail down, but I love how all these hotels have handled it. The key is to have some contrast, but not too much so that the room doesn’t seem smaller.

Hotel Room Room Setup Stock Photos

Another tip for hotel room design is that hotels keep symmetry in their nightstands and lighting. It’s pleasing to the eye, and the design makes you feel comfortable as there are fewer visual surprises (but that doesn’t mean it’s boring!). Not to mention, it retains a super high-end vibe. Now let’s look at some beautiful photos to prove my point:

This is a VERY nice, symmetrical room, if I may say so. Plus, it’s Hackney House fabric! See what I mean by not being boring. This room is colorful and textured, but the clean symmetry of the bed, nightstands, and lamps doesn’t make it feel overwhelming. Your eyes know what to expect.

Ace Hotel does such a good job of making you feel comfortable and at ease. Also, note this headband on the bench. Commune Design guys… crazy.

While the thought of wall-to-wall carpeting might give you chills, I couldn’t write a post about hotel design without mentioning A LOT of them. This is just proof that carpeting can be done, and it can be done WELL. If you don’t have carpet (like I do!) or if you don’t want carpet in your bedroom (totally understandable), then I highly recommend adding a comfortable carpet under your bed to create a hotel feel. Also consider getting a bold or colorful rug, as it will add pattern but won’t catch your eye, so it won’t feel overwhelming (that’s Emily’s farmhouse rule, by the way).

Hotel Room Decoration Service

Making the space COMFORTABLE is important, and here are three things to consider if you’re looking for a hotel feel. 1. linens and sheets (mine are by Annie Selke and I can’t recommend them) 2. have comfortable soft seats that people will enjoy sitting around 3. GOOD MATTRESS. I don’t know about you, but if you’ve ever tried a great hotel mattress, it’s like you’ve been transported to another heavenly dimension. Therefore, if it’s time to get a new mattress, it will most likely change the way you feel about your room and sleep. We are big fans of Tuft & Needle if you need to start somewhere.

Hotels almost always have window treatment options. They will either have two sets of curtains (one sheer and one blackout) or one set of blinds and blackout curtains. This gives you more options for lighting as well as privacy. In addition, the importance of blackout curtains for sleeping should not be underestimated. I have a very large window for awkwardly sized curtains and was always embarrassed and afraid to custom make curtains until I found Wovn Home which makes the process SO EASY. If you’re looking for stunning window decorations that will be delivered straight to your door (without anyone having to come to your house), check out Wovn Home. We love ours very much.

Hotels are known for having more lamps, stairs and overhead lighting. It’s not uncommon to have both a bedside lamp and a reading light…and that’s something I DEFINITELY want to include in my space. We don’t have built-in lighting in our apartment (as most hotels do), so finding lots of different lighting options throughout the space is critical to everyday life and comfort.

How To Set Up A Hotel Room For Valentine's Day

Design by Pauline D’Hoop, Michel Deloye and Delphine Sauvage | image of Eva Campestrini | via Hotel Monte Cristo

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In addition, the lighting used in hotels is conventional lighting, such as a two-handled sconce or something sculpted that emits a warm, soft glow. Don’t forget how important it is to find interesting lighting that you like to make the room really stand out and feel designed. This is a great place to add some personality, especially when you’re working with a small space.

When working with multiple lights (especially if you don’t have built-in lighting), it’s helpful to think about your light sources.

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