How To Secure Hotel Room Door

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How To Secure Hotel Room Door – It’s no secret that your hotel room security isn’t great, and getting into your room is almost child’s play for criminals. It is also estimated that 60-70% of hotel thefts are caused by hotel employees. There are many access tools available to the public to quickly bypass physical security checks, some of which are specifically designed to break into hotel rooms (details below). Even the safes provided by hotels are not safe. Physical control overrides due to design flaws, master PINs that never change (and are available online), master keys, master key cards, and social engineering, they’re also pretty easy to use.

In this post, you’ll learn some common and basic methods that criminals (including staff) use to gain access to your room and/or safe, as well as some quick and easy options to help better protect yourself and your belongings. are in the room or outside.

How To Secure Hotel Room Door

How To Secure Hotel Room Door

First, let’s quickly go through the three (3) most common “security locks” in hotel rooms, all of which are easily bypassed:

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A piece of tape and a rubber band can go around them or a little brute force can get through it. Security chains are almost a thing of the past and are being replaced by hotel security locks called “square bar” locks.

Surrounded by plastic wrap, or more accurately a Do Not Disturb sign. There’s even a video of someone walking it around with a paper menu.

The “Square Bar Lock” or “Hotel Security Latch” is designed to prevent guests from opening their doors the way you can use a “U” bar lock. While these are good at preventing doors from opening, they can be bypassed with something as simple as a headphone cord.

The “Safety Latch Opener” is also an inexpensive tool that quickly opens these swing arm safety latches from the outside.

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Fortunately, there are several ways to greatly reduce the chances of an unauthorized person entering your hotel room. The only downside to using many of these tools and techniques is that you have to be inside to use them.

A cheaper alternative to Travelers Security Lock is Addalock. I use this lock regularly. The only downside is that it is equipped with one bolt-on counter plate for locks. It still holds the door shut and works very well, although the door won’t close properly if it’s not a single latch.

This lock is also easy to install and quick to remove without having to tighten or loosen screws.

How To Secure Hotel Room Door

Many hotels use lever handles on room doors, so the “under the door” tool is very successful. Here’s a video of Tim unlocking his hotel room with one of the tools:

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For a super quick fix, roll up a hand towel and place it behind the lever handle. This temporarily prevents “under the door” tool attacks by closing the physical gap behind the lever handle and preventing the tool from falling behind the handle. It also works whether you are in the room or not. Make sure the towel fits snugly between the end of the lever handle and the door when you do this. Here’s a picture of my room at DEF CON 26 using a hand towel.

This is an area where you can be creative. In this video I show that even if there is something between the handle and the door, it should be closed. I removed the foam lining from the inside of a cheaper laptop bag, which rolls well and attaches easily to the handle. At first it moves easily. However, when I place it more evenly, it doesn’t slide or fall off.

There is also something big enough to cover the gap in the door. I recommend using gaffer’s tape to attach it as it’s not messy and is a strong material.

If you can secure the lock to the latch so that it doesn’t turn, it will help prevent the door from swinging open. I would like to point out that there are many different lock configurations that will automatically open the briefcase for you when you turn the doorknob to leave the room. This means that if someone uses the Under Door tool against your hotel room, it will still open it even if the latch is closed. So it is useful to attach a blunt turner to the dead bolt to increase its security.

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I found a great, inexpensive option that you can quickly implement while you’re in your room.

This tool prevents the thumbwheel from rotating and prevents the valve from unlocking. It is very small and light, so traveling with it is not a problem. This is what I use on every trip. And installation and removal is also quick and easy. Another positive is that it can be installed without opening the door, which you have to do with the aforementioned rolling door lock.

In the following video you can see that I push with my hand much more than what is possible with the tool under the door and the product still works as expected.

How To Secure Hotel Room Door

Most hotels are switching to electronic key cards. Unfortunately, there are electronic bypass attacks, as described in this article, where researchers have been able to create a digital “master key” among other types of attacks.

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There are also standard access card cloning attacks, which are not as easy with NFC-based access cards, but are still possible. This article explains more.

The fresh air can be amazing, especially when you stay in a nice hotel overlooking the beach. It’s wonderful to walk into a room with a balcony and a sliding glass door. Unfortunately, people often leave these doors open or forget to lock them before leaving.

Being able to climb a few floors won’t stop a very determined criminal, especially if he’s your neighbor. You don’t always have to be a parkour genius to climb from room to room outside.

After presenting at a private event, the former detective said that he had worked on several sexual crime cases where intruders broke into hotel rooms by forcing open sliding glass doors. He recommended that you have something like a stick to prevent the door from being forced open even if the latch is bypassed. Since a rod or similar isn’t always available, I looked for some more reliable, travel-sized options to follow his advice.

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The only downside here is the size of the tool. If you plan to travel with it, you must store it in your checked baggage. However, you have the option of offering another possible base station in your room. Call the hotel before your trip and find out if your room has a sliding door.

Some rooms have doors that allow you to open your room to the next room if you happen to be with friends or family. This is a useful feature, but it’s another potential point of intrusion. A quick fix for this is to install a travel lock as mentioned earlier. These doors often only have a latch, so it’s not effective because it doesn’t have a handle to put it in the right position.

This will help reduce the chance of your neighbor seeing you through the camera through the physical opening under the door.

How To Secure Hotel Room Door

The use of a mechanical key is not so common anymore, but in older hotels, cabins and especially abroad they can still be used. The choice of master key and lock allows unwanted visitors to enter.

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One option you have is to physically block the keyway while you are away. This can be easily done using the “Motel Keys” defined by Sparrow.

These are based on a trick used by traveling salesmen to deny access to their motel rooms. Often traveling with goods and cash is an easy target for theft. Criminals often had duplicate keys or picked the motel’s lock while the clerk was on duty. The motel keys were the solution to removing the lock and making the room more secure… Note we said safer. Motel keys come in two parts, the first being a tile that can be inserted into the lock, rendering it inoperable. The other is a slide that can bend the balls, allowing the lock to be removed to get the lock working again. The simple and efficient Motel series consists of standard Schlage, Weiser, Kwickset and Yale keys.

While not a perfect solution, it is a deterrent and can slow down an unskilled, motivated attacker.

Sometimes, a

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