How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card

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How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card – Most people think they need a credit card to make a hotel reservation. But this is often not true. Alternatively, the passenger can use a debit card or cash to secure accommodation. In rare cases, the hotel may accept bank account information instead of plastic. Finding a hotel that accepts cash or debit instead of credit takes a bit of work. However, many places will ask for your business and the transaction will take place. So don’t discount travel because of debt or out of a desire to live a money-driven life.

Use a debit card with the Visa or MasterCard logo to make your reservation. Often the hotel reservation system doesn’t even recognize that you don’t use a credit card. However, check before using this method whether the hotel charges fees for such transactions; Otherwise, you may have an unexpected debit from your checking account to pay the fee.

How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card

How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card

Call ahead to see what the hotel’s policy is regarding debit and cash reservations. Some hotels will accept a debit card but will take a full day’s refundable amount upon check-in to cover incidentals such as minibars or pay movies. Most hotels accept payment with account confirmation. Others won’t accept anything but credit cards.

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Offer the hotel manager a cash deposit covering several nights. The website advises: “Don’t pester the hotel to ask for prepayment (when you book with a credit card, there’s a 98 percent chance the hotel will take your money). People without a credit card greatly increase the hotel’s risk. Just wait.” A cash advance will go a long way in assuring management that you are responsible and can handle the responsibility of the room.

In addition to corporate establishments, explore smaller local non-chain hotels. The local hotel will be more comfortable working with cash as it is not bound by any corporate procedures. If a local is willing to vouch for you, ask the hotel manager to call them for reference. Additional community connections can boost the manager’s confidence, increasing your chances of getting the room.

Set up an online PayPal payment account to reserve the room. PayPal is an accepted payment method on many travel sites and you only need a bank account to use the service. Therefore, no credit card is required to pay for the reservation. Call the hotel in advance to find out about event fees and whether they need to be paid via PayPal.

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How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card

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How To Book A Hotel Without A Credit Card

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How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card

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How Do You Book A Hotel Without A Credit Card?

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Reader Lauren has a question about the hotel billing situation. She writes, “Two years ago, I thought I was going to start a new life in Oregon, but things didn’t go as planned. Unexpected expenses, vehicle repair, illness, housing, etc.

“Staying at a motel, the manager swiped my credit card twice this month without my knowledge or permission. The charge will only be visible for one day. The first time I told her not to do that. I may want to use another card. She did it again this month and I didn’t have enough in the account and now I’m overdrawn. Can she keep it up? “

Credit card holders must first make sure that no one can charge your card without your permission. They need to get your approval first. This is true whether you’re paying in a mobile transaction or another card-not-present online mode.

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The Federal Trade Commission advises that it is against the law “to charge people for negative options, auto-delivery or continuation programs without the people’s express consent.”

When people choose specific choices without their consent and disclosure, they are a negative option unless they opt out. For example, a business should not send periodic notices offering you goods such as books, then follow up by sending you the goods and charging you because you did not decline the offer.


How To Rent Hotel Room Without Credit Card

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