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How To Open Up A Hotel – Employees Ana Quesada Left and Sylvia Tapia wash windows and do general cleaning to prepare future guest rooms at the Cedar House Sport Hotel in Truckee, California, Thursday, May 7, 2020. The hotel has been closed since March 16. Because of the coronavirus. Tourism-dependent cities and districts are strategizing how to prepare for the influx of out-of-towners once the restrictions on infectious diseases are lifted. (Gary Coronado / Los Angeles Times / TNS) Gary Coronado / TNS

As California progresses through the state reopening plan, many are set to begin receiving their first guests in early March. And Californians who have been stuck in shelters for three months are looking for outings and vacations, if only for a few nights.

How To Open Up A Hotel

How To Open Up A Hotel

Hotels in several provinces, such as San Diego, Napa and El Dorado, are set to open for outsiders on June 12, with limited stays for key workers. But the threat of COVID-19 has cast a shadow over the booming tourism and hospitality industry.

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For the foreseeable future, visitors should expect the hotel to function differently from what they did before the outbreak and subsequent statewide closures. To help travelers keen on organizing the Chronicle, discuss with hotel industry insiders what to expect at hotels and other accommodations this summer.

A: It depends on which phase of California’s four-step reopening plan takes effect in the county where you plan to live. The state Department of Public Health is allowing hotels to reopen on June 12 in the provinces that meet the health criteria of some infectious diseases.

In the Greater Bay Area, Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz and Monterey are all set to reopen hotels for travelers on June 12.

In San Francisco, which is adopting a conservative approach to reopening, hotel managers do not expect to receive the green light until mid-August, said Kevin Carroll, President and CEO of the San Francisco Hotel Board. No. Until then, the city will be open only to major business travelers, isolated people who can not stay in their homes, and people who care for vulnerable people in the area.

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A: Until an effective vaccine is discovered and implemented on a large scale, it is not 100% safe to keep it public. That said, the hotel will reopen only for vacation travel after both state and district health agencies considered public health risks low enough for safe operation.

A: California hotels are now required to meet certain standards and follow the best practices outlined by the California Association of Industry and Company Policies. The California Department of Public Health has released a 15-page report detailing what hotels and accommodation should follow to keep their guests safe during their stay. These include checking both staff and guests for symptoms of illness and providing masks to guests who arrive without them.

The California Hotel and Guesthouse Association has released safety standards. These include touch-free registration, providing key and guest information in pre-packaged envelopes, and notifying guests of their right to cancel their booking if they show symptoms. Of COVID-19.

How To Open Up A Hotel

Many hotels are taking additional steps to limit the spread of the disease. Marriott Hotels announced in April that it would add hospital-level electrolytic-controlled disinfectants to each room for use in its hotels.

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“While cleanliness has always been a top priority for hoteliers, guests can generally expect more visibility,” said association spokesman AJ Rossito.

A photo not yet provided by Marriott shows an employee using electronic spray technology to disinfect a hotel room. Hotel companies are coming up with new hygiene standards inspired by those set by the CDC. (Marriott via The New York Times) – Only for use with NYT Slugged Lodging Outlook by Elaine Glusack for May 17, 2020 – All other uses are prohibited. – Marie Otter; Marriott / The New York Times

A: There is no single hygiene standard. However, if the object can be touched, it should be replaced or disinfected between occupants, Carroll said. Hotels are expected to be transparent and provide details about their hygiene standards.

“It goes both ways,” Carroll said. “Guests will expect to know what hotels are doing and you will see more hotels actively providing information about their standards.”

Asian Women Are Staying In A Hotel Room After Wake Up On Morning. Open The Curtain In The Room Looking To Outside View.vintage Tone.

State guidelines require hotels to provide extra time for housewives without losing wages to adequately clean and disinfect rooms. All dirty towels and towels should be removed from the room after use in a sealed bag.

The state also recommends that hotels and other accommodations establish a 24-72-hour waiting period between the time a guest leaves and then enters a room.

A: It is no longer a day of self-serve continental breakfast buffet. It is unlikely that travel magazines and newspapers will be kept on the coffee table for guests to browse while waiting in the hotel lobby.

How To Open Up A Hotel

Elevator principles will be set by each hotel, but state guidelines require regular hygiene, limit the number of people entering the elevator and ensure that passengers wear face masks when using the inside.

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“It’s a new way of looking at everything,” Carroll said. “Each hotel needs to find innovative ways to ensure that their guest experience remains relevant to their brand.”

Many hotels will continue to serve breakfast and coffee, but food and beverages will be served by hotel staff or pre-packaged for guests to pick up and drop off.

General areas and reception areas will be reorganized to facilitate social isolation. Touch-free hand sanitizer will be prominent in high-traffic areas. The convention center and banquet hall will remain closed until all accommodation restrictions have been lifted.

Swimming pools can be open to the public, but unfortunately saunas, steam rooms and hot tubs are not subject to state guidelines. According to state and federal guidelines, transmission of Kovid 19 virus into water is not a concern if chlorine or bromine levels are maintained in the tank.

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“It was devastating for our hotel (in San Francisco),” Carroll said. “We moved from an 85 percent occupancy rate to a single number during this epidemic.”

Nationwide occupancy rates fell to 22.7 percent for the first week of April, down 70 percent from the same week last year, according to data provided by Visit California, the state’s tourism division. Occupancy rates improved in the last week of May but remained 44 percent lower than last year.

Hotels play an important role in the health of many local economies around California. Tourism generates hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity in the state every year, and many cities and counties rely on revenue from temporary accommodation taxes paid by hotels and help finance basic municipal services.

How To Open Up A Hotel

Napa is projected to lose 45% in hotel tax revenue, according to the California magazine Napa. San Francisco could lose about $ 200 million going toward city services. All told, the city hall in the state could lose $ 1.5 billion generated by the hotel tax.

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“Once the restrictions are lifted, this will be the best time to travel, as many hotels will offer great deals to travelers,” Rossito said.

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San Francisco Cultural Podcast hosted by Peter Hartlaub. Listen and subscribe to your favorite apps. Click on the player below for the latest episodes. Some San Francisco Hotels Will Be Open to Health Care and Homeless Workers During the Kovid-19 Crisis

Hotels in San Francisco, most of which are temporarily closed or on vacation with less than 10 percent occupancy, may resume operations soon.

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At a news conference Wednesday, San Francisco city officials said they had signed contracts with at least six hotels to provide 479 rooms where some of the city’s health care workers and homeless people could rest during the outbreak.

The city will sign three more hotels this weekend, bringing the total number of rooms to 2,555, said Trent Rohrer, chief executive of the city’s human services agency. Roerr said these rooms should act as “throttles” for local hospitals for those who test positive or are showing symptoms of COVID-19 but are not sick enough to stay in the hospital. From them or separate from them.

As of Wednesday, 123 of those hotel rooms had been occupied, according to Roerr, who said the city had decided not to name participating hotels for privacy reasons.

How To Open Up A Hotel

“The terms and duration of the contract vary from hotel to hotel,” Roerr explains, “each contract is negotiated individually between the city and the hotel owner. The city will not show the agreed rate because we are Dozens more are being discussed with the hotel. “

Open Door With Sign Please Make Up Room On Handle At Hotel :: Stock Photography Agency :: Pixel Shot Studio

Rooms are available for health care workers who are concerned about the potential for infection in the family or family members, as well as for those who have tested positive for the virus and need isolation.

Among the urban homeless, the most vulnerable (60+ with basic health conditions) and those who can take care of themselves are provided with rooms but do not have to have rooms.

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