How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe

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How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe – It’s almost inevitable that today’s traveler will carry a lot of expensive Dumbo-sized gear. When my kids were teenagers, my own family of five (two adults and three teenagers) would usually visit Walt Disney World with 5 iPhones, two computers, an iPad, a multi-lens DSLR camera, and two or three pocket digital cameras and wallets. filled with cash, credit cards and the like. That’s a lot of expensive stuff to keep in a hotel room. One way many guests deal with this is by storing some of their gear in the hotel safe.

There are significant differences between resorts or even between different room configurations within the same resort. However, the vast majority of Disney World hotel safes are located either inside or next to a cabinet, usually built into the wall. Some safes in Deluxe Resort Rooms or 1, 2, and 3 bedroom Disney Vacation Club Villas are located on a fixed post in the closet.

How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe

How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe

Walt Disney World safes have combined access with instructions printed on the front of the door. You usually choose your own four-digit code and then use it to access your stuff.

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Art of Animation wall safe. Inside are an iPad and an iPhone. The depth is somewhat misleading as the thickness of the door extends into this space.

No While the housekeeper enters your room to clean, she does not have access to the contents of the safe.

This varies greatly by resort and room type. In general, the newer the resort and the larger the room, the larger your safe will be. The smallest safes (found in many resort value rooms) have an interior area of ​​about 7″ x 10″ x 2″. Many mid-range resort rooms have safes that measure roughly 14″ x 9″ x 3″. The largest safes are in the larger DVC villas, measuring approximately 14″ x 14″ x 6 inside.

With small safes, you can really only hold what one reader called “trip killers”: things that would be a complete and utter disaster if lost (money and papers to eat with and get home with). Even the smallest Disney World safe can hold passports and cash, an iPad, a phone, and maybe even a pocket camera if you balance it all right. she

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You can slip a small netbook in, but once you do, not much else fits (other than paper like passports). The larger Deluxe/Villa safes fit most laptops and some DSLR cameras.

My attempt to get a 13″ MacBook Air into a safe in Port Orleans Riverside. The laptop didn’t fit and got pretty much stuck instead. I spent several minutes trying to extract it in a panic. DO NOT attempt this alone.

My first suggestion is to bring less stuff. I’m not talking, but if you’re really worried about losing something, your first line of defense is not to bring it. This is certainly true for something like expensive jewelry, which you probably won’t need at Disney World. I’ve also learned to be easy on my wallet when travelling. When I’m home, my wallet contains millions of credit cards, grocery cards, membership cards, etc. When I go to Walt Disney World, all I have with me is my ID, a debit card, a health insurance card, and a few more major credit cards. Everything else stays at home.

How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe

Another strategy is to keep valuables in your possession. You can take a bag or backpack with you on every ride at Walt Disney World. The parks also have lockers for guests. However, both options bring a number of additional concerns.

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Each Disney resort has a large hotel safe. You can bring your belongings to reception and they will keep them in the safe for you. It works similar to a safe deposit box in a bank. There are no fees for this.

If you have a suitcase or bag that you need to store, the Bell Services hotel desk may store it in a locked area.

Many travelers use things like laptop locks, laptop alarms, and puncture-proof locked suitcases. You can find many options for products like these on Amazon or at stockists like

A while ago, I spoke to an Adventures by Disney tour guide who visits hotels around the world about how she keeps her belongings safe when traveling. She told me she never uses hotel safes and instead keeps a lot of electronics in a locked case in her room. She had never seen a theft before. Other guests who joined the conversation added that they usually keep their electronics in the trunk under dirty clothes. (Repeller for dirty underwear. :-))

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I’m lazy and I usually forget to stow my gear at Disney hotels. I’ve left cameras and laptops outside at Disney hotels dozens of times and never found anything inappropriate. Maybe I’m just a trusting soul, but I’m comfortable leaving my stuff in my room.

I have tracking software (Find My Phone via iCloud) installed on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. If they disappeared, I could use them to track them down. I also make copies of any cards I carry (ID, tickets, credit cards, etc.) to facilitate replacement if lost or stolen. When I travel abroad, I make several copies of my family’s passports and keep them in different places.

I also have name/phone tags on all my cameras. But that’s more because I rarely leave them in Walt Disney World restaurants. They were always quick to bring them back to me when that happened. There are many online retailers that sell cheap permanent stickers.

How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe

In the past I have photographed the contents of the suitcase, both clothes and other things. This can facilitate the exchange if something is missing from the hotel or in a situation such as lost luggage on the flight.

How To Keep Valuables Safe In Hotels

I also make sure my room is securely locked when I leave. Some Disney hotel rooms require an extra pull to ensure the lock is fully engaged.

The only time I’d ever lost something in a Disney hotel room was when the housekeeper accidentally took my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal and sent it to the Grand Floridian’s laundry while she was changing the sheets. If you’re a parent of a “lovely” child, you’ll understand when I say I’d rather lose my wallet than that special stuffed bunny. An item to be stored does not necessarily have to have a monetary value.

This can easily happen to anyone. When I’ve used the hotel safe, I usually write a big note and put it right outside the room door so I can see it before I leave. Another trick is to leave something in the safe you can’t leave without, like your car keys or shoes, to force a reminder.

What is your philosophy regarding hotel safes? Do you use them at Disney World? At other holiday destinations? Do you have another preferred method of storing valuables? Let us know in the comments below.

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Erin Foster is a founding member of the Walt Disney World Moms Panel (now PlanDisney), a regular contributor and co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line. She has been to WDW, DL, DL Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Aulani, DVC Vero Beach and DVC Hilton Head. She is a DCL Platinum Cruiser and a 10 Adventures by Disney Cruises Veteran. Erin lives near New York City, where she often indulges in her other obsession – Broadway theater. When traveling, limit the number of valuables you carry to reduce the loss you may suffer if you are unlucky. from pickpocketing or being robbed. However, leaving such items in your hotel room is not without potential risks. From the occasional rogue employee to hotel room thieves to theft by anyone you bring into your hotel room, there are a number of potential liability risks when storing valuables in your hotel room.

Store jewelry or small valuables in your hotel room safe. Lockers vary in size and operation – do not try to squeeze in an item that is too big for the safe, and if you are unsure how to lock the safe, check with your hotel’s front desk staff. Always put cash and gems and metals in this box.

Take luggage that is equipped with a key or combination lock and lock valuables in it. This provides protection for larger items that will not fit in the security box.

How To Open A Challenger Hotel Safe

Keep luggage closed and out of sight without locks. Leaving your luggage unzipped or open on the bed or floor invites tampering. repacking

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