How To Open A Boutique Hotel

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How To Open A Boutique Hotel – The owners of Urban Passage Hotel pride themselves on running a unique hotel in Barcelona, ​​but until now they have relied on the usual online channels to rent out their rooms. Then, last winter, they heard that it had started welcoming more boutique hotels to its platform. Hoping to take advantage of its unique reach, they decided to give it a try.

The 6-room Yrban Passage was doing well, but they wanted to expand during the winter months, when visitor numbers to Spain’s second-largest city slow. They decided to list his seven different room types And it turned out to be a perfect fit

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

“We never thought it would be as important a business to us as it is now because we’ve had so many bookings in the last three months,” says Yrban front office manager Mark. In the low season we have seen sales increase a lot. “

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Currently, they only represent a small percentage of Yurban’s total bookings, but they have helped carry Yurban through this slow winter season. A group booking adds more than €15,000 to the bottom line in January 2019.

Approachability and ubiquity have helped boost bookings But Yorban also benefits from its “live as a native” ethos, which meshes with the kind of authentic experience many visitors seek.

Urban Passage Hotel is literally separated by a passage used by merchants, neighbors and visitors. A metaphor for these public space owners, another boutique hotel on the same block, the Yorban Trafalgar, also boasts an authentic Barcelona experience for its guests, serving Catalan breakfast and local artists and designers in the hotel shop.

Urban’s review is a testament to the alignment between the two brands: each returned five stars. to spend the most amazing moments in Barcelona.

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City manager Norma said the feeling was mutual. She describes the incoming visitors as “really laid-back, nice people.” They are like guests in your apartment. “

Yorban’s revenue team was able to connect seamlessly with hotel management software through an existing integration. “We can track all reservations, communicate directly with guests and process listings,” says Idoya, the hotel’s revenue manager. And we can check our market performance. “

Urban Passage hopes to expand its presence over the summer While Mark is primarily responsible for managing their inventory, it is a team effort of the staff to greet visitors and make travel recommendations. In the near future, they are looking to hire a staff member at each of their properties to focus on optimizing the guest experience.

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

“We can track all bookings, communicate directly with guests and process listings AND we can check our market performance. “

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“I think what makes the difference is the personal service we get,” says Mark. “We treat people like we’re hosting them, like it’s our home. We make recommendations that give them a real local experience. That’s what visitors are looking for, so we’re very happy with the results.”

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The best, especially the charm-filled cities of Europe, exhibit local flavor, distinctive character and a strong connection to the community.

While the pandemic may have put a damper on many travel plans over the past couple of years, things are looking a little brighter for 2022, with several new boutique hotels opening in Europe by the end of the year.

Whether you’re looking for a home away from home, a haven from the hustle and bustle of the city, or right in the middle of it all, here are some stylish new European boutiques to look out for this year.

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

From presidents and princesses to distinguished performers and professional athletes, Scotland’s legendary Gleneagles estate has played host to more than a few famous faces during its nearly 100-year run.

The New Ace Hotel Toronto Brings An Exciting Vibe To The City

So it’s perhaps no surprise that the new Gleneagle Townhouse, a small, urban offshoot coming to Edinburgh New Town this spring, is the most anticipated open space of the year.

Gleneagles’ new sister will live in a historic building in St Andrew’s Square, with 33 well-appointed rooms, proving that good taste runs in the family.

Restaurant brand Estiatorio Milos isn’t afraid to cast a wide net, with seven atmospheric, whitewashed restaurants around the world.

Luxury Greek seafood ventured into new waters this year with the opening of its first boutique hotel, Genodochio Milos.

A New Luxury Boutique Hotel Is Coming To Burgundy, France — And It Looks Just As Chic As You’d Expect

In the heart of central Athens, the 43-room property is a minimalist temple of gastronomy, overlooking the pine-clad hill of Lycabettus and the neoclassical Old Parliament.

The hoteliers behind the iconic Grand Hotel Tremezzo are opening a second property on Lake Como this year, Passalacqua.

Practically packed with Renaissance palaces, grande dame hotels and private villas, it takes a long time to stand out in a stunning destination like Lake Como.

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

In the village of Moltrascio, once on the estate of Pope Innocent XI, Paschalis comes from the Qua de Santis family, owners of the incredible Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Fashion Magazine Elle To Open Boutique Hotel In Paris, As Bulgari And Armani Expand Their Hotel Brand Extensions

Look out for romantic rose gardens, bronze-veined breccia pontifica marble bathrooms and the largest suite on Lake Como when the boutique hotel opens this spring. Fully equipped with its own music room, this suite is where Italian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini once played the piano.

Just 10 minutes from the Spanish Steps in Rome’s posh Prati district, First Roma Music is a study in neutral, light wood and clean, modern lines.

Opening this spring, the brand new property offers guests a comfortable retreat from the city’s perennial hostels.

The new hotel features 24 rooms, a beautiful cocooned spa with many floor-to-ceiling windows, an indoor pool and a rooftop bar with panoramic views of the Tiber River.

The James Hotel

But the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park ticks all the right boxes following the brand’s second foray into the English capital.

With just 50 bedrooms, the new Mandarin Oriental Mayfair promises to offer understated, discreet and intimate luxury when it opens in late summer.

The Como Group is the first international luxury hotel company to enter the corresponding Côte-d’Or wine region this year with the launch of Como Le Montrachet.

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

A true wine lover’s dream, the boutique hotel will be housed in four historic buildings in the vineyard-surrounded village of Puligny-Montrachet. So happy

Amarillo’s First Ever Boutique Hotel To Open In Spring Of 2020

A true labor of love and dedication, the beautiful ON Residence launched later this year in Thessaloniki, Greece’s exciting ‘co-capital’.

The art deco-infused property will resurrect the eponymous Olympos Naoussa restaurant, a jet-set glitterati hangout, adding more glitz and glamor to the waterfront.

A collaboration between TOR Hotel Group and Grivalia Hospitality, ON Residence comprises 60 on-trend rooms, the highlight of which are the four ON Suites, on the first two floors of a renovated 1926 building.

Located next to the sparkling Adriatic Sea in the red roof of the Istrian town of Novigrad, Palazzo Reni’s Hotel & Spa is named after a wealthy Venetian family who ran a pharmacy in Novigrad from 1857 to 1930.

Anarchitect Channels Tropical Modernism For Sri Lankan Boutique Hotel

The new property features 16 highly-designed guest rooms and suites, with elegant touches such as chevron parquet floors, modern four-poster beds and coffered ceilings.

Guests checking in this spring will also find a new fine dining restaurant, an aperitif bar with Croatian and Istrian wines.

With maximalist psychedelic wallpaper, graffiti headboards and Dracula-worthy gothic bathrooms lined with red velvet, London’s new Chateau Denmark Hotel looks downright sheltered in the best way.

How To Open A Boutique Hotel

Scheduled to open in spring 2022, the India Hotel is set among 16 buildings in London’s bustling Soho neighborhood, from its location on Denmark Street to a cluster of British icons including the Sex Pistols, The Rolling Stones and Stones. , David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix

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One of the best beaches in the world has a perfect beach for every week of the year Come on a 12 month trip to see it all. Go to the best beaches. What about boutique hotels? If you are going to open, renovate, buy or book a hotel in the future, you need to know what sets boutique hotels apart from other hotels. But it’s not always easy to tell the difference

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