How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

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How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic – You may not have a resort or a forest full of birds for guests to roam, but that doesn’t mean your hotel can’t be a romantic place for celebrations like anniversaries and birthdays.

Catering to couples is a great way to increase revenue for your hospitality business, and it creates endless opportunities to sell and help make memories for your guests.

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

Whether you’re looking to cash in on Valentine’s Day, host a wedding, or simply be known as a romantic getaway, here are 25 unique ways to make your home more romantic.

Ways To Make Your Hotel More Romantic (tips For Hoteliers)

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The following tips vary in cost and complexity. Some can be offered as extras to your guests; some would be better as extra money.

Whether it’s from the heart, initials for your guests, or scattered on the bed, bouquets are an inexpensive way to welcome couples who live with you on a special occasion.

You can also offer this as part of a turndown service (more on this below) to impress your guests when they return to their room after a cool and relaxing day.

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Leaving cookies or chocolates in guest rooms is always a welcome treat on Valentine’s Day, or for guests booking a romantic getaway or anniversary celebration.

Even if your guests aren’t dining with you, it pays to check their limits and preferences before they arrive. Offering vegan-friendly or gluten-free options to people who are intolerant – without being asked – will also ensure that no one feels left out without something to say as a sign of welcome.

Adding to the secret rentals, personal notes, handwritten notes or cards placed in the guest room are a great way to welcome them to your hotel, and give them a nice little memory to take home.

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

If you know why your guests are staying – for example, a birthday or anniversary – be sure to point them out and thank them, adding to the positive experience of their stay.

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Do you want to do something good? Write a message or your guests’ names directly on the glass using a glass block marker so the bag can be easily removed later.

When dog owners go to bed at night, they often spend a lot of time worrying about the well-being of their beloved pooch.

By making your hotel dog friendly, guests will no longer need a pooch to spend the night with, and can rest easy knowing their family member is safe and sound.

Dog owners often bring their own dog beds, but throwing in chew toys or a cute, dog-friendly dog ​​basket is a great way to put a smile on the owner’s face.

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Mark any rooms with features like large bathrooms, especially romantic views, or those in secluded areas of your hotel as “perfect for romantic getaways” to attract couples looking for this.

By placing guests close to each other in rooms at the end of the balcony or away from the family rooms, their occupants will not be disturbed – or, disturbed by others.

Nothing makes a romantic getaway like a glass of Champagne or Prosecco served upon arrival at your hotel.

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

How you present this will depend on your hotel’s setup: you can present it clearly in your guest’s room upon check-in; put a bottle of ice in their room before they arrive; or pair your entry with a glass of fizz in your living room.

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(Make sure you have a good non-alcoholic option for those who don’t like to drink.)

If availability is possible, consider upgrading couples booked in your smaller rooms to larger or superior rooms.

Announcing the good news on arrival not only makes your guests happy – it also gives them a great story to tell when they talk to friends and family about the amazing hospitality they received while staying with you.

A warm, friendly atmosphere can make it a great place to stay, but sometimes – especially if it’s romantic – some guests may prefer to limit their interactions with the staff.

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Self-checkouts are on the rise, largely due to the popularity of Airbnb accommodations. So it may be worth investing in a dedicated kiosk in your reception area or offering another option (for example, sending a unique door code to the guest’s verified email address on the morning of arrival) to allow us to access it. their room the way they like it.

Give your guests the ability to set the tone of their room by installing a wireless speaker that they can use using their phones.

Brands like Bose and Sonos offer compact, yet high-quality speakers that can be set up to be controlled by guests, playing music stored on them or streamed from their phones. Some can also be set with a volume cap so that any music played by guests does not disturb anyone else in your hotel.

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

Take digital detoxing to the next level by giving guests the option to turn off their cell phones during their stay.

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In-room safety deposit boxes can be turned into temporary “phone hotels” by adding a sign (perhaps emblazoned with a cute picture of a relaxing iPhone or two!) inviting guests to put their phones inside the box during their stay so you can check each one. one more thing – make sure you remind your guests on their way out not to leave their phones behind.

There’s something about a soft, white hotel robe that screams “luxury”. Even if you don’t provide robes in your rooms, it’s worth providing them – with matching slippers, if possible – for couples in your adjoining rooms to feel pampered and evoke a luxurious ‘spa’ experience.

If your guests want to buy clothes at the end of their stay, that’s fine!

For special occasions – for example, events or large celebrations – ask guests to email photos of their favorite moments, so they can be printed and placed in their room ready for arrival.

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These pictures can be neatly arranged on the dressing table, or, if time allows, even framed and hung on the wall, turning the room into a home away from home.

As an added bonus, you can also give guests a mini CD – which prints the date of their stay and information about your hotel on the back or inside – to take home and keep.

Instead of putting guests at risk of bringing candles into your hotel and causing a fire hazard, why not fill their room with unselected LED candles?

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

Glowing LED candles don’t require energy and don’t get hot, so you don’t have to worry about them being left on for too long. They also look incredibly realistic, and are a great, inexpensive way for your guests to turn their bedroom into a cozy hideaway.

Hotel Amenity Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

For guests who would rather stay in their room than socialize with others, why not give them everything they need to turn their bathroom into a luxurious entertainment space?

Offer things like toiletries, bath salts, massage oils, and wine glasses for those who want to order something smooth in their room to enjoy in the tub.

As part of a “couple’s” package, consider bringing in a therapist or two to provide in-room massages. You’ll need a place to set up folding tables, but room service is a great way to help your guests relax and feel good.

Alternatively, if you have the space, why not turn a quiet room or corner of your hotel into a lounge, inviting your Valentine’s Day guests to come down in their clothes for make-up or make-up.

Things You Can (and Can’t) Take From Your Hotel Room

If there is a specific function or activity that your hotel cannot handle, consider partnering with local businesses to offer it as a “package for two”.

This could be a special price for a three-course meal at a local restaurant, a discount on a history or ghost tour, horseback riding, kayaking, a spa treatment, or a stargazing session – no. It doesn’t matter what the event is because you can make it fun like a family and add value to your guests’ stay.

In addition to the usual in-house offerings, it is a good idea to let guests choose – for an additional fee – to have their dinner in their room instead of in the communal dining room.

How To Make A Hotel Room Romantic

Many families would be happy if they could afford it

Ways To Make Your Hotel Room Romantic

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