How To Lock Your Window

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How To Lock Your Window – Safest country out of a list of 162, Canada is not entirely without crime. In fact, the most recent statistics claim that in every 100,000 Canadian homes, 578 are victimized by burglaries each year. Of course, that’s still not much when you crunch the numbers. But what these figures prove is that the dangers are not just imagined.

Theft happens, and it’s worth preparing your home so you can make sure you, your family and your belongings are safe at all times – whether you’re home or not. One of the first steps you should take to secure your home is to harden any access point. And that includes your doors and windows.

How To Lock Your Window

How To Lock Your Window

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to increase your home’s defenses against intruders. So, how exactly do you make windows and doors break in? Here’s what you can do.

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What is the most effective way to secure home windows? Strengthen your locks naturally. Most burglars will know how to manipulate standard window locks so they can gain an entry point into your home. By adding aftermarket locks to your windows, you can add an extra layer of security to your home and make it difficult for burglars to break in easily.

Standard windows and door windows use annealed glass that can break on impact. This makes it easy for burglars to compromise, especially if they don’t know anyone’s house to hear the noise.

Changing the glass to tempered glass or Plexiglas improves your windows and doors resistance to force, cracks but otherwise preserves its shape and structure.

Most modern home security systems support door and window sensors that detect when an access point has been breached. When activated, the system can trigger noise and lights to alert you and scare away the intruder.

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Security cameras may have saved millions of homes from potential intruders, thanks to their simple purpose of monitoring everything in their view. Thieves will be easily deterred by security cameras because they threaten identification.

Install cameras so that every possible access point is monitored. In some cases, keeping the cameras within view can also help deter intruders. Simply knowing that they might get caught is enough to make them quit the job.

But remember that there are other more sophisticated burglars that will disarm a camera, especially if it’s within range. So maybe keeping them visible, yet too far away to handle, is a better way to maintain the security of your access points.

How To Lock Your Window

What makes breaking typical windows easy is the fact that all you really have to do is break them, and you’re in. But metal frames that attach to your window openings can stop a burglar in his tracks, limiting him to whatever his arms can reach.

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The only potential downside is that grills can dilute your home’s curb appeal. But don’t worry—there are custom metalworkers who can produce decorative lattice designs for your home, so you can get the best of both worlds.

The night seems to be an opportune time for burglars because it envelops them in darkness. By limiting your visibility, the night gives burglars more freedom and confidence to move, because even if you happened to spot them, you’re unlikely to identify them.

With that logic in mind, it might help to keep all your access points well lit. Lights or even just standard indoor lighting that filters brightly through a window or door can make your home look like a bad target for an opportunistic intruder.

Likewise, there are other devices on the market that can help deter thieves with light. Motion detection lights turn on when activated by movement, and the element of surprise certainly makes them more effective against burglars.

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Because a burglar triggers a motion detection light, they probably get a bit of a shock when they think they’ve been caught and that the homeowner has tracked them down. In reality, the immediate impulse would be to flee the scene.

Back then, when security systems and tempered glass were still a thing, people enhanced their homes with their landscaping. Areas under windows will be complicated with thorn bushes that will force burglars to push their way through just to get to an entry point.

Although it may not be the most sophisticated solution, there is no doubt that the simple look of your landscape can be a smart way to strengthen your home’s resistance to burglaries.

How To Lock Your Window

Plants such as bush rose, creeping juniper and plum can be perfect choices for your window security. These beautiful flowering plants can also enhance the aesthetics of your home while adding an extra layer to your overall security.

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With the technologies in home security becoming more and more sophisticated, there really is no reason for you to leave your home at risk. These inexpensive solutions certainly won’t cost you much, but they can save you a fortune.

So if you’ve been wondering how you can secure your home and sleep easy knowing you’re safe from intruders, try these suggestions to increase your property’s resistance to opportunistic burglars.

According to data published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 5,000 children are injured each year from a falling window. What is even more shocking is that over 80% of these incidents involved screen windows. Below are some great tips to help secure your home’s windows and keep your children safe.

The simplest way to prevent children from opening windows and injuring themselves is to keep open windows closed when not in use. This can be done by installing dedicated window locks, which are available for most types of window openings. If you have locks but have lost the keys to them, it is possible to replace the lock barrels so that new keys can fit them. This will prevent windows from being opened more than a few inches at most.

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These are grid-like guards that can be adjusted to almost any size and have been proven to be one of the most effective devices for keeping windows safe for children. When purchasing these guards, it is important to ask for child-proof options, as these will have smaller gaps between the bars than those designed for general safety purposes. Most government and security agencies recommend window guards over other types of security features because they are difficult for children to open but can be easily opened by adults in an emergency.

After they learn to crawl and walk, most young children become famous climbers. While this can be a good trait for them to build their strength and confidence, it can cause them quite a bit of trouble and it will be disastrous if it causes them to fall out of a window. Keeping furniture such as beds, chairs, chests, bookshelves and tables away from windows will help prevent them from being used as stepping stones to gain access to a window.

Too many children are accidentally strangled by blind cords every year. If you must use cord-operated blinds, make sure they are kept well out of the reach of a curious child, or better yet, opt for blinds or other window coverings that don’t use cords at all.

How To Lock Your Window

Whether you have children of your own or children who may visit your home, it is of utmost importance that their safety is ensured by securing your windows. If in doubt about how to do this for your style of windows, be sure to consult an expert before starting your project. Using accident precautions is the best way to ensure that your children are safe.

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Statistics have revealed that more than 80% of burglars gain access to homes through windows. While climbing through open windows is probably the easiest option in most cases, it’s not the only way these openings are used by criminals. Read on to find out how easy it is for burglars to use these convenient openings to their advantage.

Burglars who do not want to be caught in possession of lock picking tools or other devices such as crowbars or screwdrivers will usually use a brick or rock they have lying around and use it to break a window. The only disadvantage of this method for the burglar is that he or she risks being heard by neighbors when he or she breaks the glass.

In cases where burglars want to carry out their activities as quietly as possible, using a screwdriver or pry bar to force open a locked or locked window is the next most used means of gaining access to a property. In rare cases, a glass cutter can be used to enter a home as quietly as possible.

Many doors used in homes today are of low quality, making it easy for burglars to enter a home through them. Over 50% of burglars mention that front doors take care of that

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