How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room

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How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room – Steaming the hotel bathroom before smoking really works. But the famous toilet flushing method? Little.

The five of us burst into a one bedroom hotel room after 22 straight hours on our way to Sasquatch! Music Festival. You might be able to connect the following dots: College boys traveling the streets of the country for music festivals also want to smoke more weed.

How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room

How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room

But when we were young, weed was still illegal, and our first plan – to try smoking in the car and then into the hotel – fell by the wayside when a beautiful family pulled into the parking lot next to us and panicked . .

Sandman Hotel Cranbrook

So we decided it should happen in a hotel room. After some quick access we realized we weren’t the first stoners to try it. Great rockers have been doing this for decades, and of course there’s some rockin’ science to back it up. This is actually a change on the message board that we read at the time:

Theoretically, if you smoke weed in a steam room, the odor molecules of the weed will “stick” to the vapor and disappear.

Like the old man in the YMCA sauna, we entered the steam room and walked around the plate. We may be very tall, but in our hearts it works! Perfect crime.

Or one? We never stop to wonder if we are actually lowering our neighbors without realizing it. So, feeling guilty, I asked the physicist to find out. And of course, using water vapor to mask weed smoke is a bit more complicated than “sticky” molecules. Hey, sounds smart at the time.

Can I Smoke Marijuana In My Hotel Room?

In the pedestrian world, it’s common knowledge that to master the smell of grass, you should at least steam your bathroom.

But why? Theories range from the idea that the air vapor is heavier and pushes the smoke out, while others claim it is some kind of chemical reaction between the smoke particles and the vapor. It turns out it’s a bit of both.

The physicist who suggested the pseudonym “Mark” explains that at the most basic level, you’re trying to “reduce emissions as little as possible.” On the other hand, you are trying to prevent the weed smoke from doing what the gas does: filling the space they occupy.

How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room

“Normally, warm smoke rises from the colder, thicker air as it diffuses and mixes until it is evenly concentrated throughout the room,” explains Mark. “You would think that the smoke would disappear faster with the high temperature of the steam room, but the diffusion would also be prevented by a slightly higher pressure in a well-sealed bathroom.”

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Therefore, he says, the main effect of moisture on the emission of weed smoke will be due to “absorption of water vapor by smoke particles”.

“Unlike conventional uniform gases, smoke is made up of thousands of different compounds. Because some of these compounds are soluble in water, the smoke particles will absorb water and even coagulate into larger and heavier particles. Because smoke particles are now larger and heavier, they are also slower .

@amandabynes Never learned how to smoke 2 in a hotel room? Bathroom + hottest shower ever = Steam 10 years make nevr catch on — Pennywise the clown (@PennyWiseIT_) July 19, 2013

This reduces the number of particles, he continued. “When you also consider that the low pressure in the shower caused by the waterfall will tend to draw air and smoke towards the low pressure, I think to prevent the spread of smoke.” strong water vapor caused by the shower is reliable.”

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In short, steam slightly increases the pressure in your closed bathroom, and a low-pressure system builds up around the water that falls from the shower head itself. Your heavier weed smoke particles will effectively be drawn toward the shower’s lower pressure instead of filling your bathroom, hotel room, hotel auditorium, and police-filled room nearby.

If you smoke in the bathroom with hot water, will the bathroom still smell like grass? #HELP — Princess horizon (@horizon_miller) June 10, 2012

As the physicist explains: “The principle is that the waterfall is accelerated by gravity, but to maintain a faster flow rate, the cross-sectional area of ​​the waterfall decreases. This coincides with a decrease in water pressure to preserve energy conservation and is known as the Venturi effect.

How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room

Mark says he’s not sure how the fumes are different from the fumes from the dishes. But the difference “in what kind of smoke you’re dealing with can be related to how the tobacco or weed is heated,” he says.

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“It appears to have fewer and simpler chemical compounds than in vape water … [So] the vapors from the vapor may have fewer larger particles as a result of the combustion of hydrocarbons while burning tobacco. Or weed.”

“It doesn’t count as a sin if you smoke weed in the shower, God thinks it’s just steam” – My new book “Funny Ways to Deceive God” – Meat (@KingMeat_) December 13, 2012

Some marble engineers will argue that you should blow smoke into a toilet bowl and pour it down. Strong steam will push the smoke down into the grass and the vacuum cleaner will draw the smog into the facilities unseen or smelled by the good Christian family throughout the hall.

Mark says the math on this is a bit shaky. “The fluid dynamics are difficult and counterproductive, and we are dealing with an interface between smoke and water.”

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“If you imagine the surface of the toilet as a piston and the bathroom as a closed tank, it is only a decrease in the air pressure in the container to move the piston out of the container (down), because if the volume of the container changes, but the number of air molecules (And smoke) the same,” he explained.

“Because the bathroom is technically not a closed system, the air will replace the displaced volume, but when the water returns, the situation will return to its original state, except when the smoke has disappeared.”

It usually doesn’t work. Smoke spreads too quickly into the room and the pressure change after a shot is negligible. You do not achieve the Venturi effect after a normal spray.

How To Get Away With Smoking In Hotel Room

To really hammer home points for science, Mark continues. “Most toilets use a siphon to flush water when the level rises fast enough to create a seal at the top of a “U” shaped pipe. To the intake air and the siphon is broken, which is the reason for the loud noise.

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Physicists add that the causes of siphoning are complex. “It relates to the intermolecular force in the water, and at this point the remaining water continues to fill the toilet, while the conservation of angular momentum forces the water into the vortex.”

“When the water level drops below the siphon, the void is replaced by the surrounding air, and when the siphon is damaged, some air can be trapped in the bubble between the siphon water and the replacement water… But the answer may lie. In certain variables and will need controlled experiments to to decide. I feel like I’ll have to build some larger reservoirs on different toilets for the experiment, and even the answers may vary from ineffective (slow latrines). ) to ‘maybe’ effective (blown directly into the toilet at high flow ).My problem is that the range can be 0-0.1%.

“This can cause some suction from the Venturi effect caused by the fast-flowing water,” he says. “Another side effect of high-flow toilets is that their turbulent flow of water can cause a mixture of liquid gases where some molecules will dissolve and larger particles will dissolve.”

Through trial and error, some stonemasons seem to have concluded that blowing smoke into the toilet doesn’t work. Some people recommend taking a three-foot hose to pump the cloud into the toilet bend.

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Physicists laugh, “It looks good.” “There’s history too!” During a hotel fire in the 1980s, William H. Holmes developed a toilet that allows you to breathe fresh air in the event of a fire. Therefore, if you have a handy tube, it might work.

With the running water theory out of the way, we return to the steam room. Remember that you want to keep the smoke in a small area, and to do that you need to close the cracks at the bottom of the door. And according to stoner engineers, the best way to do this is to close the bathroom door with one

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