How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas

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How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas – My favorite part of Christmas at home is putting up the tree, hanging wreaths on the door and arranging cozy Christmas decorations around the house. But in recent years I have been enjoying Christmas trips. While I wouldn’t trade a tropical Christmas vacation for anything, it was a challenge to maintain the Christmas spirit and make Christmas morning in the hotel room as magical for the kids in my family as it was at home.

If your Christmas plans take you or your entire family away from home for the holidays, you may find you need a little inspiration to bring some Christmas cheer to your hotel room.

How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas

How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas

I’ve learned some easy and affordable ways to make your hotel room feel just as Christmassy as my living room. Read on for six strategies to decorate your hotel room for Christmas.

Love Your Hotel Room? Take A Piece Of It Home

Many popular Christmas decorations are lightweight and durable, so it pays to have some space in your luggage. Small decorations placed around your hotel room can make a big difference. For example, you can easily pack a small crown and a pair of stockings into the corner of any suitcase.

Many families have special handmade, personalized or inherited Christmas stockings. If that’s you, packing the family stockings for hotel room Christmas decorations is a must. The stockings fold flat (you can even vacuum pack them!) and their presence will be a significant focal point of your hotel’s Christmas morning! You can easily hang stockings from the dresser drawer by simply inserting them and closing the drawer tightly. Or you can use small door hangers to display stockings on the TV unit. This keeps the stockings front and center, helping to give the whole room a cozier feel.

The wreath looks great on the front door of your hotel room and is a welcome sight when you return “home” for the festivities. Or you can hang a wreath on the closet door if you want to keep all your decorations inside the hotel room. Carry a hook above the door to mount the wreath without damaging the hotel door or walls.

A wreath on the door is a sign that you’re home for Christmas, so I definitely recommend packing a wreath and hook for your hotel room door.

Christmas Decorating Essentials For Holiday Travel

Amazon even has fabric wreaths (easy to pack! Just tape and hang on command hook) or inflatable wreaths.

Speaking of inflatables, blow up Christmas trees allow you to wrap up and enjoy a Christmas tree no matter where you wake up on Christmas morning! From a yurt in the Atacama Desert to a floating island on Lake Titicaca, an inflatable Christmas tree makes traditional American Christmas morning easy.

Skip the heavy, fan-powered garden inflatables and opt for an older pool float-style inflatable tree—it’s so much easier to pack! Check out my favorite inflatable Christmas tree (5 feet tall!) on Amazon.

How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas

Other small but meaningful decorations that can fit in your suitcase include a small nativity scene, an advent calendar or Christmas cards from friends and family. All of these are likely to be the focal point of your cheerful decorations at home, and their small, packable size also makes them a perfect addition to your hotel decor.

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Every family has special foods unique to their family traditions. If you will be spending Christmas on a cruise ship, in a hotel room, or outside the United States in a hostel or Airbnb, you may not have access to these foods. Help your family find comfort in Christmas food traditions by packing your own special meals (or the ingredients to make them!) if possible. Cooking a meal in a hotel room can be challenging, but it is doable!

(or hook up to an alarm clock on your nightstand) can make it easy to play Christmas music to keep you in the holiday spirit. Put on your favorite Christmas pajamas or an ugly sweater to get into the Christmas spirit!

There are many things in a typical hotel room that can help you find cozy Christmas decorations. Clothes hangers can become decorative hangers and fluffy white towels can be transformed into a snowy landscape of a Christmas village or nativity scene. Get creative with the things you find in your hotel room to make Christmas morning in the hotel room magical for your youngest travelers.

Sterile hotel rooms don’t always provide us with many materials to work with, so consider bringing some simple craft supplies from home. If you and your children will be staying in a hotel room for Christmas, you can help your children make decorations at home to take home. Alternatively, you can pack red and green construction paper, scissors and masking tape to help your children make room decorations once you arrive.

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If you cannot bring or make enough decorations to make your hotel room ready for Christmas, you can ask the hotel staff for help.

Many hotels dedicate themselves to decorating the lobby and common areas of the hotel for the Christmas season. Chances are they have other decorations available to rent to help you turn your room into a Christmas wonderland. These cutting-edge decorations can help adults and children alike get excited about celebrating the season!

In response to a request, you may even find that hotel staff want to join in the fun of creating a festive atmosphere in the room!

How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas

🎄TIP: Hotel employees are often very busy during Christmas. Instead of sending your request to them at check-in, plan ahead. Online bookings often include a “special requests” section. To upgrade your Christmas decorated hotel room for free, enter this message: “I’m there

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Stay for Christmas My four-year-old son is sad that I stayed in a hotel for Christmas. If possible, please provide some Christmas decorations in the room to help us make Maisy’s Christmas morning special!

Easy to pack or pre-order for hotel delivery, twinkling lights are an easy way to make a hotel room cozy and bright; Wherever you hang these colorful lights, they will instantly look like Christmas.

Christmas lights are one of those decorations that take a space from “standard” to “festive” in minutes! It’s amazing what a difference a string of Christmas lights can make. They are fairly easy to pack and you can hang them on any piece of furniture in your hotel room.

🎄Tip: Use wardrobe hangers to hang lights in your hotel room for the full Christmas effect! (Do not hang anything on the fire protection system!)

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To give your hotel room a Christmas feel, you can also use the lighting available in the hotel room to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Avoid using bright lights; instead, opt for bedside and table lamps to create a warm glow in the room. Along with strings of Christmas lights and hot cocoa, this low-atmosphere lighting has a warm winter quality.

You can get easy and beautiful outdoor Christmas decorations depending on where you are staying for the holidays. While this can be a challenge in a cruise ship cabin, you can get creative! For example, pine cones from nearby forests or sea shells from a nearby beach are excellent natural Christmas decorations.

If you can’t fit a Christmas tree in your hotel room, look around for evergreen branches. Gather a few branches and place them in a vase or tall glass – it’s a little makeshift Christmas tree! If you are not in a place with pine trees, use any of the local flora to make a small tree in a vase.

How To Decorate A Hotel Room For Christmas

🎄Tip: Be creative! Once you find something to use as a Christmas tree in your hotel room, you can decorate as a group or as a family. Folding paper napkins into paper stars, twisting paper towels into a garland and using bottle caps from the minibar for decorations can create a cozy Christmas at home.

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If you’re decorating your hotel room for Christmas, chances are you’re planning to take a lot of Christmas morning photos right in your hotel room. If so, try to imagine where the photos will be taken

For example, if you know your family will be opening Christmas presents near the corner sofa, focus most of your decorating efforts on that side of the room. Make sure the area is well lit with warm light. Try to focus strong contrasting colors and decorations in this area as well, so that they really stand out in the photos.

You may not remember exactly how you decorated your hotel room while you were away for Christmas, but the photos will stay with you and your family for years to come. So take a moment to think about the photos you will be taking and focus your most valuable decorations on this part of the hotel room.

Staying in a hotel for Christmas doesn’t mean you have to give up the cozy atmosphere of the festively decorated space! Traveling at Christmas is something many families enjoy

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