How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes

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How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes – Forget about uncomfortable beds, poor service or itchy bathrobes: hostel guests are likely to be put off by poor housekeeping. Whether it’s a cozy B&B or a five-star hotel, guests never expect to be greeted by dirt, hair or dust in their room, and complaints or negative feedback are understandable when this happens. And since most customers these days read online reviews before booking a hotel, this can be a real threat to your business.

It goes without saying that an effective hosting strategy should be a top priority for any host. In this guide, we’ll show you how to properly clean your bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as some tips to impress your guests. This guide:

How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes

How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes

Good cleaning is an invisible service, because guests really notice if your team does not provide the expected cleanliness. A hotel room can host hundreds of different guests each year, but you don’t want the guest to feel like their room is being taken advantage of, so it’s the cleaning staff’s job to make sure there’s no evidence of previous occupants and that every room. completely clean from top to bottom.

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The cleaning team is responsible for cleaning the guest rooms and “making” the beds on a daily basis, as well as changing soiled towels and replacing all other equipment. On the days when a room has to be prepared to receive a new guest, intensive cleaning and a complete bed change are required.

In addition to cleaning the guest rooms, some of the house managers should also be responsible for cleaning the front of house areas of the hotel, although this usually has different teams and shift patterns.

Apartment groups are usually managed by a floor manager or manager, and each floor is overseen by a different manager. They are usually responsible for scheduling shifts, checking and verifying the work of housekeepers, reordering supplies, and reporting any bugs or problems in guest rooms to the appropriate person. Laundry porters and laundry attendants also help to ensure that fresh linen and clean towels are always at hand. All of this is overseen by the General Housekeeping Manager, who works with other members of the hotel’s management team to ensure that all operations run smoothly.

If you want your guest rooms to be as clean as possible, you need an effective cleaning strategy. This means determining how many employees will be employed on each shift and creating a checklist to follow in each area to ensure cleaning standards are met.

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It is important to know how many employees are needed on duty when the hotel is at different occupancy levels. It takes about 45 minutes for the housekeeper to fully clean the room, although it may take less time if only basic turndown service is required. Assuming an employee works eight hours (and takes a 30-minute break), they can clean about 10 bedrooms per shift, depending on the size of the rooms.

By dividing the total number of occupied rooms by 10, you can calculate how many employees you need at a given time. Of course, this does not indicate the total number of cleaning staff that will be required, as staff cannot work every day without a break, and holiday or sick leave will also be required.

Knowing exactly what steps to take from the moment your employees walk into the room will make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. That’s why it can be helpful to create a laundry list for employees to follow.

How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes

We’ve put together two step-by-step hotel room and bathroom cleaning guides that you can use to create your own personalized checklist. Remember that if you have different types of rooms, you’ll need to create a different checklist for each: a honeymoon suite will probably have different cleaning requirements compared to a basic economy room, for example.

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To ensure that guests are satisfied with the sparkling five-star cleanliness of their rooms, house managers should take the following steps in each room before welcoming a new guest:

In order to keep your rooms as clean as possible, sometimes you need to go beyond the usual laundry list and even use special deep cleaning equipment. At least every three months, you must complete the following tasks:

Keep in mind that you will need to budget more time for these tasks. It’s best to try to plan a quiet period when most of the rooms are not fully booked.

Bathrooms are much more prone to the accumulation of dirt, mold, grime and hair than bedrooms, so staff must be methodical and thorough when cleaning the area. If you want to impress your guests, there should be no evidence that the bathroom has been used recently: it should be completely clean and brand new.

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To do their job well, staff will need the right cleaning and housekeeping supplies, as well as being transported from room to room. In this section, we’ll give you everything you need to equip your team.

Your team must have access to a variety of cleaning products and equipment during a shift, as well as providing linens, towels and spare supplies (such as toiletries or refreshments in the minibar). With the household cleaning cart, they can easily move everything and organize things.

Don’t forget to consider the size of the hotel as you have to consider the logistics of moving the cart. If you have a small hotel with few rooms to serve, there is no reason to invest in a large cart. Also, if the hotel has narrow corridors or limited space with the elevator, staff cannot move them from one room to another, so a smaller unit may be more appropriate.

How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes

For more tips on choosing the best cleaning products and equipment for your hotel, check out our cleaning products buying guide.

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Whether it’s a mint on the pillow, a little bath shampoo, or a fluffy towel, guests love freebies, so a few freebies always go down well. The cleaning team is responsible for replenishing these supplies as needed, so there should be enough in the basket to supply the rooms cleaned that day. Examples of additional guest products:

It is now quite common for guests to be offered a minibar and hotel beverage service so that they can get refreshments themselves. So you also need to equip the carts with:

The cart must be properly loaded in each shift room, as repeated trips to the warehouse consume valuable time. But you also don’t want the utility cart to be so overloaded with supplies that it becomes difficult or dangerous for your employees to push it. This means you have to find the right balance between having enough stock for the shift and being able to push the cart safely. The best solution is for the workers to load the carts twice in each shift: once at the beginning of the shift and once in the middle of the shift, perhaps after a break.

Ideally, refreshments and guest comforts should be stored on top of the basket, with linens, towels and toilet paper neatly folded underneath. Dirty clothes must also be kept in bags, so it is clear what is dirty and what is clean.

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No matter what kind of business you run – whether it’s a small independent shop or a large chain, there’s no reason your rooms can’t be perfect. So be sure to adopt our hotel cleaning tips and tricks to ensure impressive results and satisfied customers every time.

If you need more advice, visit our hotel advice center for a wealth of industry advice. We also have extremely useful cleaning and hotel product buying guides that give you all the information you need to choose the right products for every aspect of your business.

Enjoy your cleaning procedures with our hotel cleaning guide. These tips and tricks will ensure your guest room looks its best. Read more When a guest stays in a luxury hotel, they expect exceptionally clean accommodation. If a room doesn’t look or feel clean, it can result in a very uncomfortable hotel stay and less positive guest reviews. While cleanliness is expected in all hotels, it is crucial at higher levels.

How To Clean A Hotel Room In 20 Minutes

When you’re cooking for experienced travelers, cleaning isn’t as simple as changing the bed covers and picking up dirty towels. Specific processes that hospitality cleaning services must perform

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