How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

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What is the biggest pain point when traveling? Traffic on the go? Flights delayed at the airport? Rainy days on a beach vacation?

How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

Sometimes it’s your fault. You are procrastinating. Or you may be walking to a place during busy times. Whatever the reason, it’s annoying when you try to book a hotel room and get a “no room” booking message.

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But you don’t have to give up and move on. There’s still a chance you can get a hotel room if the resort is sold out. With these tricks and tips from hotel managers and travel experts (and a little luck), you can get that room of your dreams!

If you keep trying, you may be rewarded with a nice hotel room. Photo credit: Cathy Bennett Kopf

Are you like me? I take leave on the second day the calendar is released in my office. That’s how I spend most of my free time. By extending my weekend break for 3 days, I was able to extend my vacation. My co-workers complain behind my back, but that’s my profit as a great employer.

And I know to book flight tickets at least 3 months in advance to receive the best deals on air tickets. Where I often fail to plan my vacation is with hotel rooms. For some reason, I often delay booking.

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It’s not a big deal when I go to a place like New York or Los Angeles where there are many big hotels. But when I arrived at a secluded place where there was only one resort to stay at, I was very disappointed to find that it had no rooms. More than once, I found myself sitting on the floor because of it.

Sound familiar? Then read on to see how I can book a hotel that has sold out in the past so you can avoid future booking failures.

The last time I was faced with a situation of being sold, I booked a trip with my family to California for Christmas. We – a group of 7 – had planned to attend the Rose Bowl parade and game in Pasadena on New Year’s Eve and wanted to extend our stay with a few days spent exploring the vineyards of Temecula.

How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

After doing my research, I had a list of three vineyard properties that fit our needs – great rooms, a pool and on-site dining. Then I tried to book the hotel of my first choice. There are no available rooms. It happened again with the second and third hotel. Aaaargh!!

Kari’s Law Makes It Faster And Easier To Call 911 From A Hotel Or Office — Alertus Technologies

If you get an “unavailable” message when trying to book your hotel online, it’s time to go to Old School and pick up the phone.

Family travel writer Sarah Pittard says, “I do this all the time… I call the hotel directly — not 1-800 — and explain why we want to stay, and so on. we can get a room 85% of the time. Ask for the manager, not the booker.”

Sarah also advises that most hotels have waiting lists. “Ask them to write down your name, phone number and email even if they are full. Look for a hotel that has a 24-hour cancellation policy and keep calling the hotel of your choice until you can cancel both.”

That’s what I did in Temecula. At first, I was afraid that the manager of South Coast Winery and Resort would put me in the “Top 10 Harm” category, but she was delighted to hear from me and very sad about it all. room. .

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Meanwhile, I booked a room at the nearby Ponte Vineyard Inn. It seemed like a great option to us, except that the new pool was still under construction.

I contacted Pierre-Alex Maillard, General Manager of the Serafina Beach Hotel in San Juan, for some advice. He also recommends calling or emailing the hotel directly. “This is the best way to determine actual availability and there may be special rates or amenities offered for direct bookings.”

Pierre-Alex notes that you have a better chance of getting a room due to a last-minute cancellation at a hotel chain than at a resort. Flash sales are another way to get room at desired properties; Pierre-Alex recommends Industry Leader Executive Know-how.

How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

A good surprise! When all you want is a room and you finally have a great bedroom with a great view! Credit card: Dana Zucker

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“Location is a premium thing,” says Dana Zucker, a luxury traveler. For example, “If you’re a Hilton Diamond Member, you can always check-in at any of their properties around the world up to 48 hours before your arrival date,” says Dana. “We’ve never had a problem checking in with Hilton at check-in when the online message said the hotel was fully booked.”

Nasreen Stump, a frequent traveler, says it’s worth noting that “days of unusual demand” are often excluded. “If it’s a graduation weekend, the Olympics or some other working time, the warranty won’t apply.”

Maintaining status in many loyalty programs increases your chances of finding your room. Dana notes that it’s now easier to combine Starwood, Marriott, and Ritz Carlton into one rewards program, Marriott Bonvoy. Credit card transaction services such as American Express Platinum and private banking programs are also an option.

“Keep your phone number handy,” says Dana. “Looks like they can do magic.” One of the best: cabins in Alaska when cruise season is sold out.

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Open Hotel Alert is an app that helps you find rooms in a sold-out hotel. Photo credit: Cathy Bennett Kopf

If you don’t have time to constantly call and check availability, register your interest at the free website, Open Hotel Alert.

Just enter your travel dates and a list of hotels in the area pops up – both available and sold out. Select a hotel that interests you, enter your preferred contact method (text message, email, or both) and Open Hotel Alerts will contact you if there is a room available at that hotel.

How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

Free service associated with; the company receives a commission if you book through the booking site.

Hotel Digital Room Service System

Another way to take advantage of the internet is through a simple Google search. Enter your hotel name and Google will display different booking platforms like Priceline, Expedia or These booking platforms may have one or two rooms available even if the hotel website doesn’t show availability.

If your efforts are unsuccessful, Hotel Tonight will be able to find the last hotel in the area even if it’s not your first, second or third choice.

If you’ve been calling the hotel manager regularly to get on the “top 10 telephonic killers” list, show the status of your hotel, run around with a premium credit card and add your name to any waitlist, here are some more debates. to maintain this desired room:

And when all else fails, try looking sad. Nasreen said, “I had to show up at the registration desk, ask about cancellations and look at the sad activity.”

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We ended up staying at the Ponte Vineyard Inn because there were never rooms at the South Beach Winery and Resort. And it was good. It’s better.

The weather was cooler than we thought, so we didn’t even miss the pool. The rooms were perfect for our family and the vineyard views couldn’t be beat. Save up to 35% when you stay 3 nights or more. Plus, RSVP Rewards members save an extra 5%!

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How To Call A Hotel Room Directly

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