How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

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How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts – I usually don’t like going into people’s houses, but I like cleaning. I feel a sense of accomplishment. So I thought I would rather start a commercial cleaning business.How do I get a commercial cleaning contract?

Good news! Many of Chris Mondragon’s strategies are perfect for businesses looking for a way to win cleaning contracts. Read his story here.

How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

Chris doesn’t use “contracts,” but he’s mastered the concept of ordering ongoing work on an Airbnb property, Queen Bee Cleaning, in which he earned over $1.5 million in one year.

Websites For Bidding Commercial Cleaning Contracts

We explain commercial cleaning contracts so that you can understand what a commercial cleaning contract is, the steps to prepare a cleaning contract, and how to ensure customer satisfaction for your commercial cleaning company.

Important: You’ll also learn all the exciting details about his new course, The 7- Number Cleaning Business Blueprint. This groundbreaking course is the best way to learn the “insider secrets” to ensuring a continuous stream of cleaning contracts from quality customers.

A commercial cleaning contract is a legal document that outlines the obligations of a cleaning company and a client. This can also be considered a contract term.

The client must sign a contract before any work is completed. Simply include your signature on the template and add the date before sending it to your client.The contract should include:

How To Bid For A Cleaning Contract

To ensure the template is legally valid, you should have an attorney create the template. Still, I recommend digging a little deeper into contracts and adding Alliant Insurance Requirements in Contract: A Procedure Manual to your reading list.

His standard $1 million per case and his $2 million for lifetime general liability are no longer a bargain. At least he should double. If you work for a large company, expect to need other insurance as well. Check Tuft’s Vendor Requirements for more stringent requirements that you may meet.

You need to decide what kind of cleaning service you will provide. This means choosing which facilities to work with, where your clients are located, creating a price list for your cleaning services, and preparing a commercial contract template.

How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

You will need to decide what type of commercial business you will serve. The bidding process he divided into seven categories.

Cleaning Service: Fill Out & Sign Online

If you already have a commercial cleaning business like customized machines, continue to dive into different types of businesses.

I want to narrow down the number of stores and undertake cleaning. When you first start your commercial cleaning service, you may not have employees and you need to secure a non-extensive cleaning contract.

Most cleaners recommend that he stay no more than 30 minutes by car so he can handle more customers in a day.

Create price lists that can be submitted to other companies. Doing so will help you look professional and make it easier to estimate how much to charge.For a list of prices you can use for your own cleaning services, check out our Queen Bee Cleaning Services Pricing Guide blog.

Commercial Cleaning Contract Bidding Tips

You’ll want to hire a lawyer to help draft a template that will hold up in court. No one wants to take a client to court for failing to pay, but business owners and property managers sometimes refuse to pay. The contract makes it enforceable.

Try LawDepot for easy service contracts in your country. We offer a one-time, continuous, unlimited subscription for a small monthly fee.

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How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

Keep an eye on the types of commercial cleaning contracts available in your area. Research your competitors, develop your marketing strategy, and be prepared to join industry associations. Let’s see how each of these can help you land a cleaning contract.

Janitorial Services Proposal Templates

Understanding what your competitors are doing is essential to getting the best clients for your business. Check your website and social media for:

People want to know that what you have to say will work. How do you know if they don’t know you?

The image below shows that 286 people liked Queen Bee’s service enough to review it on his Google. That’s a pretty good testimony!

This is just building a digital ecosystem. The bigger it is, the more likely people are to see your company.

Minto Council Awards Contract For Janitorial Services

Trade associations are a great way to network with other professionals in your industry. We also provide valuable resources and information to help you advance your career.

The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International (ARCSI) and the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) are professional associations in the cleaning sector.

Requesting a quote, confirming an order, and paying for cleaning services is easy for you. Whether clients prefer online, in-person, or phone-based services, companies need to make it easy for new clients to get quotes, book services, and make payments.

How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

Businesses need to make it easy for customers to get quotes when they are online. Queen Bee Cleaning Service provides a good example of how to get an estimate online. See screenshot below (not complete page). This is for residential use, but you can easily create a similar platform for commercial cleaning.

Winning Tips On Landing Big Office Cleaning Contracts As A Janitor

Focus on their concerns and needs first. Once you have that in mind, share your price list and walk around with them to determine what services they need and what other services you recommend.Be sure to give them a personal quote before you go. Please put it out.

You can do this from your phone, but taking your iPad with you allows your customers to see what you’re doing, which adds a level of professionalism and transparency.

Her two differentiators in my cleaning business are an online ordering system that allows customers to order without speaking to anyone, and phone service that lasts longer than most cleaning companies. This makes it easy for customers to book.

You can hire a call center to help you answer the phone. Chris recommends outsourcing to an overseas company to reduce costs.

How To Acquire Commercial Cleaning Contracts And Customers

Selling over the phone may require a different sales process than selling online or in person. For example, you may want to get contact information early in the call, but Chris collects the information online last. Chris says in a course he’s building:

If the caller is clearly angry and intentionally hangs up in frustration, don’t call back. This will probably only irritate them further. If the line is down or connected, call us back immediately.

Most companies have more to do than people. We make working with companies as easy as possible by offering a subscription payment model and using open contracts.

How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

If a cleaning company offers these conditions, it can make your life and that of your customers easier.The advantages of this model are:

Start Bidding For Federal, State & Government Cleaning Contracts

Your marketing initiative should lead to many leads for potential cleaning deals. Once you have found your prospects, it is imperative that you sign a contract and book a commercial cleaning job.

Sometimes people think that the easiest achievements aren’t worth looking for because everyone is fighting for them. But let’s be real here — sometimes people think you need an elusive and complicated answer, so they avoid obvious things like looking for:

If the pain does not change much more than the pain of change, change will occur. – Tony Robbins

Office managers, realtors, and others who need cleaning services are unlikely to look for a new office cleaning company unless their current office cleaning company has problems.

How To Bid On Coronavirus Cleaning (covid 19) Jobs

Make it easy for your ideal customer to verify that they meet the requirements to liquidate their account. They want to see this:

Each company bidding may have different requirements for vendors and contractors. If a company needs higher insurance, we are open to increasing the level of coverage. Usually no more than that and the cost should be included in the customer’s quoted price.

Hand out price lists to prospective customers when they are touring their property. That way, when you ask a question and generate a quote, it will also generate a quote.

How To Bid On Janitorial Contracts

Do not offer new customer discounts lower than you would like to offer for all service relationships. Prospects often want to negotiate, and it’s an easy way to develop negotiation tactics.

How Using Janitorial Bid Software Wins More Contracts

Once you have booked a job, ensure that you fulfill the termination of your business contract. Providing good office cleaning services often provides more opportunities for commercial cleaning contract customers. Always be prepared to do your best work.

Be sure to bring a cleaning checklist with all the tasks required for the job. Check each task to make sure the services provided match your game plan. This ensures that the work is done according to the terms of the contract.

Taking pictures of each room before and after cleaning will help you to check the degree of completion.

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