How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel

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How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel – Obviously, the second most important thing is where you host your big day. In many ways, where is more important than when.

In a perfect world, you would book at least nine months to a year before your wedding. Depending on a few reasons, you may be able to get away with a little more time—or even a little last minute—but there are many reasons to wait.

How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel

How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel

If any of the following apply to you, you should book as far in advance as possible:

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Ideally, you start the tour a month or two before you actually book—unless you’re the athletic type and know it when you see it.

Once you’ve got that locked down, the rest of the planning will flow from there (especially if you book with a good on-site wedding planner who can help!)

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Your wedding is just one day in your life, but your wedding photos last forever—especially in the age of social media.

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Here are some things to ask when visiting venues to make sure you don’t waste your time.

Choosing who to invite to your wedding is a huge task and a source of stress for many couples. Booking a hotel is pretty straightforward, right? And most of the time it’s this: choose a place, choose your dates, enter payment information and voila, happy travels!

However, there are some big mistakes you can make when it comes to hotel reservations. From booking at the wrong places to forgetting to check some important information, these mistakes can make or break your trip. Read on to find out what to avoid when booking a hotel room.

How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel

I recently interviewed a front desk agent about how her hotel chain assigns rooms at check-in. Curious, I asked what method her staff used to determine who got the best rooms. She explains the phenomenon: Those who book through the hotel’s website or are hotel members often get first-class room service with good views and quiet areas. Travelers who book through online travel agencies (OTAs) like Priceline often receive “home run” rooms (she calls them “ice rooms,” or so it seems). The agent couldn’t tell me how many hotel chains do this, but she said it’s a “common practice” and that the deal is more attractive to travelers with regular check-ins.

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Solution: Hotel loyalty programs are often free to join, and membership guarantees a better location, a free night or breakfast, or helpful amenities like Wi-Fi.

If getting the best room is important for a pleasant journey, book directly through the hotel’s website. But when those low, low OTA prices can’t be beat – we know the feeling – you can always make a request for a different room type or location.

King bed or double bed? Upstairs or downstairs? A non-smoker? Thinking of water? Three red M&Ms? When booking your hotel, most booking engines allow you to make requests or add comments about your stay. However, in a nice little twist, many hotels also say that your requests are not guaranteed.

Solution: The old adage “expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed” rings true here, but it’s great when you want something fun. First, know that hotels will usually try to honor your requests. After check-in, if you find that your two beds have been turned into one or you’ve been placed in a smoking room, speak to the desk representative and politely ask for a change. Also, it’s a good idea to call the hotel before you arrive to confirm your needs, especially if something is made for medical reasons.

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For this sin of walking, I am guilty as charged. On a trip abroad several years ago, I noticed that my flight left on May 14th, so I booked a hotel starting on the night of May 14th. Rookie mistake. I was completely oblivious to the fact that my flight landed in the early hours of the 15th and was a red eye. This meant I paid for an expensive (and unpaid) room that I didn’t need.

Solution: Unlike the unfortunate writer, make sure you have your flight itinerary in hand when booking and double-check your arrival and departure dates. Also consider time zones. If you are crossing the international date line in transit, yes, your check-in dates may be different than you expected. It’s also not a bad idea to have someone check your reservation before you hit “Confirm” or “Pay” to make sure the dates you’ve chosen are correct.

Credit cards are king when booking a hotel. Credit cards not only offer rewards like airline miles, free nights, or cash bonuses, but they also offer certain guarantees that debit and cash cards don’t (like fraud protection or instant refunds for negatives).

How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel

Another tip that most travelers don’t know? Most hotels require a incidental deposit if you use a debit card to protect themselves from charges if you don’t have enough money in your account. These extra deposits add up: I once paid a $100 deposit in Las Vegas that wasn’t credited back to my account for two weeks.

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Fix: If you are smart with your money management and choose the right type of credit card, you can see many benefits while booking accommodation. NerdWallet rounds up the top credit cards with travel benefits. Also be sure to check out Tim Winship’s Miles & Points column, which runs weekly on SmarterTravel. Inside, Winship lists current credit card sales.

Travelers, beware: A misleading hotel name or location information can lead you to book an airport hotel when you think you’re getting central lodging. You’d be surprised how often travelers see a hotel name and quickly book it without checking if it’s in the right place. After all, some hotels may call themselves “close to the city center,” but a quick search will show that it’s at the airport…two hours away.

Solution: Check the email address and find the exact location of the hotel on Google Maps. Always enter the hotel address and see how far it is from popular attractions and restaurants by foot, car or public transport. Try entering the addresses and route map of some of the attractions you want to see while you’re there. You can also explore the neighborhood with Google Maps street view. If the city has too many hotels of the same chain, make sure you book yourself at a property in the same neighborhood—Hyatt Times Square and Hyatt Flushing are very different.

Back in March, Contributing Editor Ed Perkins reported on one of the biggest park budgets we’ve ever seen. At a hotel in Colorado, the $170 luxury room rate is artificially topped by a $35 cleaning fee, a $40 resort fee, a $10 pool-house fee and a $5.10 maintenance fee. you

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Fix: If you don’t want to take advantage of such services, you can contend with other fees like homework or newspaper delivery. Some, resort fees are mandatory, so you need to factor in the extra cost when booking a hotel. Hotels are expected to clearly display resort fees, but OTAs may not include vague language such as “additional fees may apply.” So call the resort before you book and ask about the resort fee.

If you’ve ever scrolled through Oyster’s photo fakeout feature, you know that hotels go to great lengths to make their properties look perfect. But upon arrival, that infinity pool is the size of a postage stamp and those linen lines can feel like sand. Take everything a hotel says about itself with a grain of salt (or sand).

Edit: Do your research. Reading user reviews is a daunting task. You want to read as many reviews as possible without being overwhelmed by information overload. You also want the reviews to be unbiased and recent. The best way to get a good picture of your resort is to choose your site wisely. TripAdvisor and Oyster (which, like us, are owned by TripAdvisor) provide a good preview of what your hotel has to offer; If you’re wondering how your room will match up to the bland and possibly photoshopped photos of the hotel, Oyster Room Photos is a great resource. Doubt the most lauded reviewers, and the converse is true: If you see that Bob Grump gives one star to every hotel he visits, feel free to question Bob Grump’s judgment.

How Far In Advance Can You Book A Disney Hotel

As most procrastinators will readily admit, waiting until the last minute to make travel arrangements can have dire consequences for your credit card balance. Hotel prices are likely to increase in the coming days

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