How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

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How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room – Smoking is strictly prohibited in hotel rooms and there are stiff fines for those caught. Gone are the days when people could smoke indoors at will, as can be seen in old movies and even video documentaries of people in government offices, meetings, and medical clinics. But now that the generation is more health conscious than ever before, smoking isn’t as trendy as it used to be. Due to the decrease in the number of smokers, it is not so difficult to regulate the consumption of tobacco in closed and public spaces. Of course, many people still manage to secretly hide this habit. Are they easily detected? How do hotels know if you smoke in the room?

Hotel management has methods to detect someone smoking in hotel rooms. So how do hotels know if you smoke in the room? Start from the most obvious to the most complex with the help of tools and technology.

How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

How do hotels know you smoke even when no one is in the room? As for a more sophisticated method of detecting cigarette smoke in hotel rooms, this sensor, called the FreshAir Sensor, not only detects nicotine, cigarettes, and marijuana, but also alerts management to a smoking incident in a hotel room. . This smoke detection technology is connected to the cloud, hence the ability to alert hotel owners. This is how hotels know if you smoke in the room.

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Joe BelBruno and Jack O’Toole developed this revolutionary product designed to reduce smoking. The founders of these companies understand that smoking is a health hazard not only for smokers but also for non-smokers. BelBruno, a professor and expert in sensor technology, and O’Toole, a traveling businessman who hops from one hotel to another, are a perfect business couple.

Many hotels use this sensor. The device is mounted on the wall with another version that can be fixed to the ceiling. Since it is cloud-based, attempts to unplug it from the wall would also alert hotel management and system owners. So this neat little anti-smoking thing is tamper proof.

However, if the sensor detects more than three smoke events, it must be replaced with a new one. This is so that the device remains sensitive and sharp when detecting cigarettes or marijuana in the room. The founders are sure that replacing and installing the sensors is quite easy.

The interesting thing about the sensor is that it has no seams. Taking full advantage of its cloud-based technology, the sensor also alerts the guest’s credit card company that they’ve smoked; therefore, once activity is detected, it cannot be denied. The founders have also developed this feature to help hotels where guests refuse to smoke, resulting in non-payment of fines.

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The creative duo behind this device also understands that hotel fines for smokers are unlikely to turn a profit. Very smoking room in need of a major renovation. A typical fine of $200 is the direct cost of deep cleaning services. Imagine the additional cost to the hotel cleaning budget.

Now that we know how hotels know if you’re smoking in a room, what procedures do they follow when smoking is detected? They usually follow these protocols:

These procedures and protocols are closely and strictly followed by the hotel management so that the guest is treated with suspicion. Before fining a guest, due process must be followed so that the hotel is accurate in its detection. On the contrary, the advantage of installing a FreshAir sensor is that it relieves the hotel of the burden of proving that there is smoking on their property. With technology, the detection rate of how hotels know you are smoking in the room is getting higher and more accurate. Learn more about hotel policies. Choice Hotels recently announced that 1,800 Comfort Inns and Comfort Suites in the US and Canada will report. Going 100% smoke-free starting this year, making it one of the biggest brands to say no to smoking.

How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

Wyndham Hotel Group’s full-service and lifestyle brands, including Dolce Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Grand, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Wyndham Garden and TRYP by Wyndham, are smoke-free in North America.

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Two of Hilton’s newest brands, Canopy and Tru, will have brand-wide smoke-free policies. The first Canopy hotel opened in Iceland last year and the first Tru has yet to open.

These regulations apply mainly to traditional and electronic cigarettes, which have become a problem for the hotel industry in recent years. The rules extend beyond the living room to public spaces like the lobby.

Javier Rosenberg, president of the Americas for the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, which includes the Radisson brand, says: “Over the years, hotels have had to adapt their smoking policies to the same standards as bars, restaurants and buildings. of offices.

Even smokers ask for non-smoking rooms these days, hoteliers say. Anne Smith, Choice’s vice president of brand strategy, says it’s a boon for hotels, which have additional costs to clean and maintain smoking rooms, as well as the annual cost of replacing items damaged by smoke and cigarette burns. .

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Joyce says the option of a smoking lounge once made sense, but no longer.

“The old-school thinking was that (hotels) would house some of their guests,” she says. “But when you talk to smokers, they don’t even want smoking rooms.”

The move to ban smoking coincides with efforts by many hotel companies to help travelers, especially road warriors, stay healthy on the road. In Comfort’s case, the smoking ban made her “Relaxed. establish. Let’s go.” application that focuses on health and fitness.

How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

Hoteliers must pay extra for the staff, time, and supplies needed to remove cigarette odor from rooms. Housewives usually have to use deodorant chemicals as well as time consuming methods like cleaning HVAC filters. Rooms often need to be removed from inventory to accommodate cleaning times, costing the hotel more money. There is also liability insurance.

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Last year, the Department of Transportation clarified its rules by expressly banning e-cigarettes on commercial flights to or from the United States.

Recognizing the need for further investigation, the DOT noted that studies have shown that e-cigarette aerosol may contain harmful chemicals.

As a result, airlines have banned e-cigarettes on flights. The hotel industry is doing the same by treating e-cigarettes like regular cigarettes.

“We found that many people’s perception of smoking is the same, whether it’s a cigarette or an e-cigarette,” says Kate Ashton, senior vice president of full-service brands at Wyndham Hotel Group. “Once you smoke in a public place, other people are exposed to whatever you’re blowing into the air.”

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Many states, including California and Wyndham’s home state of New Jersey, have banned the use of e-cigarette devices in indoor public places.

“In the United States, smoke-free environments are not only widely accepted, they have become an expectation,” says Ashton. “Going smoke-free in rooms creates a significantly healthier environment for guests to sleep and relax, as well as creating a cleaner room and extending the life of items like bedding, rugs and drapes.”

Most InterContinental Hotels Group brands in the US and Canada offer a completely smoke-free environment. The company recently expanded its no-smoking policy to include smoking in any form, including e-cigarettes.

How Do Hotels Know You Smoked In The Room

All Marriott International and Starwood Hotels and Resorts properties in the United States and Canada must be smoke-free. Marriott recently acquired Starwood.

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Hotels in other regions still allow smoking due to cultural norms, though Choice’s Joyce notes that “Europe is catching up.”

For smokers who are in dire need of a cigarette, many hotels have designated areas for them to smoke outside.

“We haven’t received any negative feedback from guests about not smoking,” says Rosenberg. “In fact, even our guests who smoke understand this new policy, and in turn, we provide designated smoking areas outside of the hotel.” It’s not easy to get a surprise refund for smoking in a hotel, even if you don’t smoke. Like Kelsey Russell. Or a strong consumer advocate. But it can be done. That is how.

The Kelsey case is another story that illustrates a disturbing trend developing in the hotel franchising industry. Increasingly, we’re getting complaints from guests who say these brand-name properties have hit them with a series of post-scandal charges that shock them, without including evidence. But, as you’ll see in this case, even when a hotel provides “evidence,” it can raise more questions than answers.

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“My mom and I took a cross-country road trip with my two-year-old son during Hurricane Florence,” Kelsey recalled. “A few days after we checked out, I saw an additional $200 in my bank account! When I called the manager, he told me it was money for cigarettes.”

Kelsey told the manager that neither she nor her mother smoked and that no one else was in her room. The manager did not want to think that someone at the hotel had made a mistake. So Kelsey asked

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