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Hotel Siro – Mount Fuji Architects Studio has completed a hotel in the city of Toshima, Tokyo, connected by steel stairs leading up the facade of the building. Hotel Siro was designed in contrast to other hotels in the city where guests are often isolated from Tokyo and its dynamic urban environment. Instead, “Hotel Siro” brings the multi-layered layers of the Japanese capital directly into the building with different staircase designs used to connect each floor.

Stairs lead to exterior corridors on each level, promoting natural ventilation and gentle breezes. Every room at Hotel Siro is directly accessible from these elevated alleyways

Hotel Siro

Hotel Siro

Guest houses. Guests can open shoji screens and sliding doors to reveal the cityscape of Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district.

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“Typically, you enter a hotel from the street through the front door and arrive at a more secluded lobby where you check in,” continues Masahiro Harada.

“You ride in a box as the elevator takes you up, walk down a dimly lit corridor, open the door to your room, and walk into the narrow space in front of the bathroom before finally reaching the room where you spend the night. .the layered space is so isolated that you feel disconnected from the city of Tokyo, and I think you just need to be aware that you are staying in a specific brand of hotel. I still feel that it must be really boring for the traveler. So we want to create a hotel here where guests can experience the uniqueness of the city.”

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