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Hotel Rainer – The covered entrance area is a popular feature of Ula Hell’s next expansion. She shares: “At this point, the wooden beams are bent from the attic to become the roof of this space, and the team touches the ground and moves around the roof to finally find a thematic conclusion. This place also sets the scene very well. A view of the surrounding landscape.

The color palette used in the Strata and Paramount Alma hotels has been carried over to the new addition. “Reds and greens are complementary colors that go well with the greenery of a summer landscape and provide a nice refreshing contrast to a white winter landscape,” Hale says.

Hotel Rainer

Hotel Rainer

Nine spacious rooms can accommodate five to six people. The local lanyard is left unfinished to connect the interiors with the landscape.

Nature Hotel Rainer

The architects focused on natural and local materials as much as possible, from local larks to custom-made sofas and rugs woven from local sheep’s wool by Hermann Kubaker. The furniture was mostly made and designed by Plasma Studio.

The Continuum Extension is on the left, the Paramount Alma is in the middle and the Strata Hotel is on the right. The building between Strata and Alma is the Rainer Hotel, a more traditional building renovated by Peter Turner.

Since the establishment of the hotel 50 years ago, our goal has been to provide guests with a unique and unforgettable truly unique experience. In order to do this, we believe that architecture must have a high quality and positive outlook and stand out from other design and decor trends. So architecture is one of the hallmarks of Reiner’s business, and it’s long been since we specialized in family-friendly hotels.

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