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Hotel Polito Ischia – In Panza, a small town in Forio, there is the Hotel Polito, and in Lacco Ameno there is a residence of the same name. Two structures for one purpose: to offer rest and tranquility to its guests without denying the privilege of a location close to the city center.

Polito Residence is made up of 16 apartments, just 50 meters from the main street of Lacco Ameno. All are built to the latest standards to ensure safety and functionality. They are divided into three types:

Hotel Polito Ischia

Hotel Polito Ischia

Isole, from the names of the islands that make up the Campania archipelago, has six accommodations with five beds each. They have an equipped kitchen with oven, washing machine, complete linen, bathroom and walk-in shower, small terrace or balcony, free winter heating, bedroom with double bed and living room.

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Municipality, six six-bed apartments known by the names of the towns of Ischia. They are equipped like the previous ones, but have an extra bedroom.

Dependent, four five-bed apartments surrounded by greenery and a little further away from the buildings that make up the first two types. They are equipped with all the amenities of Isola and the towns.

On the other hand, Hotel Polito has 18 rooms, some of them with a wonderful view of the sea over the Sant’Angelo area. All are equipped with private bedding and amenities; the bed and breakfast treatment can easily be combined with the option of half-board at the open-air restaurant Whether you are staying at the hotel or in the residence, your holiday in Ischia at the Polito hotel complex will definitely be unforgettable. Hotel Polito is located in Forio d’Ischia, in a central area and well connected to Sant’Angelo; Polito’s residence, on the other hand, is located in Lacco Ameno: the latter has 16 apartments divided into 3 groups, islands, towns and annexes, all located just 20 meters from the main street of Lacco Ameno, and 50 meters from the sea.

There are 18 rooms in the hotel, and they are equipped with all comforts, almost all balconies of different sizes, which overlook Sant’Angelo; instead, the apartments are equipped with a bathroom with a shower cabin, a kitchen with an oven and equipment, linen, a balcony or a small terrace; the hotel rooms, on the other hand, are equipped with a bathroom with a walk-in shower, a separate balcony and all sorts of necessary facilities to make the guests completely comfortable.

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Bed and breakfast is the standard treatment for hotel guests, but for those who want to take advantage of half-board, there is a restaurant outside the structure available to customers.

A TV room, bar, small solarium and parking are also available to customers on the property.

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Hotel Polito Ischia

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