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Hotel Per Coppie Lombardia – Looking for a unique experience for him? Here you will find 13 unique hotels worthy of a trip in themselves, unique places perfect for a romantic weekend or to celebrate a special day. They are spread all over Italy, from north to south, and there is something for every taste: you can sleep in a lamp, in a bubble, in a cave, in a trullo, in a monastery .. and anyone who has more, posts Again! But let’s check them together.

The first “hotel” I want to tell you about is the last one I stayed at, and it’s called Selucente. This beautiful glamping site is located at an altitude of 1000 meters in the village of Alpicella, in the upper part of the Tanaro valley, on the border between Piedmont, Liguria and France. Established in the summer of 2021 in Lucente, you can spend the night at StarBOX or GlamBOX, both immersed in meadows, oaks and chestnuts overlooking the valley and the mountains. StarBOX is a wooden house with an open roof to look at the stars (outdoor bathroom, in a restored church), and GlamBOX is a wooden house inspired by the barns of the Ligurian Alps, with a pull-out bed . . be able to see a starry sky or sunrise (see cover). From July 2022, the second StarBOX will be installed and another 5-person house will be ready. There is no doubt that you can switch off here and relax in a warm bath, perfect for enjoying the sunset over an aperitif with delicious local products. Fabio and Tiziana’s hospitality is amazing and you will never want to leave.

Hotel Per Coppie Lombardia

Hotel Per Coppie Lombardia

The restaurant at this hotel is definitely one of the most charming restaurants I have ever dined at! The hotel (and restaurant) is actually in the historic center of Polignano a Mare in Puglia, above the sea, the famous Grotta Palazzose. The newly renovated hotel has 15 suites hanging over the sea, with the luxury of a 5-star hotel. The floor is blue to recreate the effect of the water, some suites are have a terrace (with a jacuzzi overlooking the sea), some have a fireplace…very nice rooms! The temptation would be strong, but I already said that jumping into the sea from a balcony or window is prohibited (even more than fishing! haha). You have to be content (so to speak) with the view of the ocean once you wake up and be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves. Pas mal du tout!

Hotel Con Spa Per Adulti Per Garantire Un Relax Esclusivo

Who hasn’t dreamed of sleeping in a tree house? This beautiful bed and breakfast in Lazio Maremma has, in addition to “classic” rooms and apartments, 2 beautiful luxury wooden houses. The Black Cabin is the largest tree house in Europe (87 square meters!), has the most beautiful surroundings, and is hidden by a huge grove of 200-year-old maritime pine .The house is 7 meters high and has a beautiful view of the hills and lavender fields. The blue suite is small (44 m2), but not too beautiful and protected by centuries-old oak. Pearl: From July 25th to August 10th every year, visitors can also witness the cutting and harvesting of lavender.

Are you a fan of winter sports? This is a special place for you! We are talking about a single room, born from the ashes of the old cable car house of Albino Selvino near Bergamo, where only two people can stay and only one night. The room is on 2 floors, downstairs you leave your luggage and have breakfast, upstairs a bed with a water mattress (and floor heating). The walls and skylight are glass, so you can have a wonderful view of the stars and the surrounding mountains. Next to the cottage there is a heated swimming pool (33°C in summer and 30°C in winter) for the exclusive use of guests. Where are you? Don’t worry, it’s only a few meters from the cottage!! I think it’s perfect for a romantic winter night (maybe it’s not snowing outside), how about you?

We always stop in Lombardy and stay close to Bergamo to find another place for a romantic holiday. Exphera offers two types of experiences: the love bubble and the health bubble. For the first time, in addition to the clear sleeping area under the stars, there is also a Finnish sauna, a hydromassage bath, a relaxation platform with a fireplace and a dressing room with a bathtub. In addition to Romantic services, the Wellness bubble also includes an infrared sauna, a Turkish bath, a 4D massage chair, an emotional shower and a two-room chalet with a fireplace. This is a beautiful spa for two, perfect for a romantic night in Lombardy. If you want, you can also complete the experience by adding a candlelit dinner, roses, a picnic basket or a cake for two.

Now there are many hotels on the rocks of Matera, but this new 5-star hotel (opened in 2018) stands out above all for its excellent SPA. The hotel has 35 rooms and suites, in tufa walls, with an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, 500 of which occupy the health center. The latter is an interesting place to say the least, located deep in the heart of the building, restoring the underground rooms from the ninth century. There is a pool with an infinity edge, emotional showers and a section of sunbeds found in an ergonomic “tufa” style. There is no shortage of massage rooms for singles and couples, Turkish baths, saunas, beauty salons and recreational areas. The presence of windows, patios and terraces allow you to enjoy a unique view of the rocks.

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Among the most unique hotels in Italy, Starlight Room 360 could not be missed! It is a mobile room made of spruce and glass walls, which can rotate itself 360 ° to ensure a good view at any time and to follow the movement of the stars. Starlight Room 360 is located near the town of Cima Gallina, above Cortina d’Ampezzo, and from here guests can admire one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world: the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site of UNESCO. From this amazing place, look up at the stars and you can touch the sky with your finger! A perfect place for nature and star lovers like me!

Sleeping on top of a lighthouse is another big dream of mine, and I hope to get rid of this desire sooner or later, maybe right at the beautiful lighthouse of Capo Spartivento, which dominates the area of the same name, a protected natural area of ​​Sardinia. . The rooms of this 5-star hotel are located within the traffic light (fully functional) and the first traffic light shelter. Inside the lighthouse there are 4 suites and a beautiful tea room with a fireplace, as well as a beautiful terrace; the neighboring building has the same number of apartments and one of 2 infinity pools. The building that once housed the lighthouse workers is today effectively the only residential camp in Italy designed to accommodate. As a testament to its historical importance, the building still has models of machine guns from the American flying machine, which is a deep legacy of World War II. Luxury and privacy are experts that ensure a personalized experience that suits every need.

One of the most unique hotels in Italy is the Art Hotel Atelier, a few meters from the sea in Castel di Tusa, a village near Cefalù. Specially designed for art lovers, this hotel can spend a night in a museum and sleep in a work of art. The architect of this unique reality is Antonio Presti, former curator of Fiumara d’Arte (the largest sculpture garden in Europe), who commissioned artists from all over the world to create 20 rooms in 40 of Atelier sul Mare. create unique jobs. Being in one of these rooms means experiencing a new state of mind, enjoying all the feelings that art and creativity can offer.

Hotel Per Coppie Lombardia

Yes, among the most special residences in Italy there is also an ancient monastery! In fact, the NH Collection Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi is one of the symbols of the Amalfi Coast because of its history and its beautiful view. In fact, this hotel is located in the former 13th-century Capuchin monastery, which was later converted into a five-star hotel. It almost “sticks” to the cliff, and all the rooms have a postcard view of the famous Amalfi Coast. The landscaped pool is a real delight, and for relaxation there are also two quiet reading rooms, one of which overlooks the sea, as well as an early-century convent. 13 years old with its own soul. If you are looking for peace and relaxation in a unique place, you are in the right place!

Hotel Romantici In Italia Per Un Weekend Di Coppia

Now we move to Puglia for Trulli 1859, a unique place in the countryside of Cisterino (but a few kilometers from the sea). As the name suggests, 4 apartments are available inside

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