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Hotel Odeon – Odense, Denmark is known as the home of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

. For all lovers of fairy tales and literature making a pilgrimage to the hometown of this famous writer, the newly built Odeon Hotel hopes to capture your imagination.

Hotel Odeon

Hotel Odeon

Designed in collaboration with textile designer Barbara Bendis Becker from Copenhagen office Co.Designstudio, Odeon Hotel has a familiar Scandinavian feel to it, starting with the central fireplace in the lobby. “Gathering around the fire is a really Scandinavian tradition. Pernil Arlien-Sborg Henriksen, founder of CoDesignstudio, says that life and activity have always been a turning point for heat sources, and we wanted to bring that into the living room as well.

Hotel In The Heart Of Odense

Purple and brown Danish design furniture by Danish studio Holmris B8 sets the tone throughout the hotel. The floor consists of specially treated white oiled oak planks, providing a subtle cool contrast to the warm tones.

In the auditorium, elegant pendants made from custom folded lamps by Danish lighting company Le Klint cut a clean silhouette.

Highlights: Hans Christian Andersen’s new design hotel in the heart of Denmark follows Nordic tradition

Design sweep: modern folding lighting by Danish lighting company Le Klint, textiles by Barbara Bendis Becker, free and fixed furniture by Danish studio Holmris B8.

Odeon Saint Germain Paris 4* (france)

Keshia grew up in Singapore and moved to the US to attend Dartmouth College. After a post-graduation stint abroad, he took the opportunity to study at the Architectural Association’s Visiting School, where he developed an interest in door designs and architectural materials. He is particularly interested in aging design, national architecture and Asian design heritage.

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Hotel Odeon

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Hôtel Odeon St Germain, Paris 6ème

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